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    Shennongjia is situated in Fangxian County, in western Hubei Province, covering an area of 3,250 square kilometers. Over 1000 meters above sea level on an average, it has six peaks measuring 3,000 meters above sea level, known as "The Roof Of Central China". Where virgin forest, one of famous China's Green Treasure Houses, is located. Here discovered are more than 2000 species of wild plants, out of which over 30 belong to world's rarity or China's specialty, and 500 species of wild animals, comprising over 20 rare and precious types listed under the state protection.

    No.1 Peak in Central China

    It's the main peak of Shennongjia, 3053 meters above sea level, towering face to face with the nearby Minfen Peak, of 3105 meters above sea level. Lofty and majestic, it glistens with the sun in one moment, but another moment gets lost in clouds and mist. From the top down, the Peak is covered, in three circumscribing tiers, with forests of firs, bamboo and cypresses. Stretching far and wide, the firs, with a trunk as tall as 40 meters, and of a circumference as long as four men's arms extended and linked, stand straight and upright with dense branches and foliage the sun light can hardly penetrate. The ground inside the forest, is dotted with azaleas of various colors-pink, dark violet, crystal etc. The primeval forest looks fantastic. Climbing to the top of the lofty Peak, one enjoys a very pleasant view of the surrounding luxuriantly green mountains and ridges.

    Hongping "Picture Gallery"

    The 30 miles long valley is flanked by numerous craggy and perilous peaks, and gifted with 3 waterfalls, 5 pools, 6 caves, 7 springs and streams, 8 cliffs, 9 boulders, plus 4 bridges. In spring, all flowers burst into bloom. The waters are gurgling all the year round. "Every step is a picture", as some one acclaims. The Tianjing Cave (The Cave Of Skylight) is endowed with a light shaft, through which the blue sky and drifting clouds over-head, can be glimpsed. Within the Cave, there's another karats cave with a spring splashing down.

    Reflections upon the Valley Lake

    The lake, 15 km. long and 200 meters wide, is embraced at its two banks by the craggy cliffs overgrown with lush woods. Its smooth surface mirrors the peaks, trees and clouds, with the reflections merging into one with the waters, and looking as though fish swam among the trees in the lake, while birds flew amidst billowy water clouds.

    Area of Concentration of White Animals

    In the area close to the summit of the Mountain, exist a great variety of white animals such as white bears, white deer, white rats, white snakes, white monkeys. Places like this are few and far between in China as well as in the rest of the world.


    1. Shennongjia 神农架

    2. No.1 Peak in Central China 华中第一峰

    3. Hongping Picture Gallery 红坪画廊

    4. Reflections upon the Valley Lake 峡湖倒影

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