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2005-11-14 00:00英语角

  121. On the one hand, it is indisputable that boarding schools are exerting a growing important effect, especially in last few years.一方面,寄宿学校正在发挥越来越重要的作用,尤其是最近几年,这是无可争辩的。

  122. Students attend a boarding school would cultivate their independence as apart from their parents.离开父母上寄宿学校的学生将会培养他们的独立性。

  123. What's more, living in school can save them a great deal of time on the way between home and school everyday, so they would be able to concentrate more time and energy on their academic work.而且,生活在学校里能节省大量每天往返于学校和家的路上的时间,这会使他们有更多的时间和精力放在学习上。

  124. On the other hand, the contribution of day schools can't be ignored.另一方面,日制学校的贡献是不能忽视的。

  125. Due to high tuition fee, most of ordinary families cannot afford to send their children to boarding schools.因为较高的学费,大部分普通家庭支付不起他们的孩子上寄宿学校的费用。

  126. Since it is unnecessary to consider student's routine life, day school can lay stress on teaching instead of other aspects, such as management of dormitory and cafeteria.由于无需考虑学生的日常生活,日制学校可以将重点放在教学上而不是放在像宿舍和食堂管理这些方面。

  127. Furthermore, students living in their own home would have access to a comfortable life and have more opportunities to communicate with their parents, which have beneficial impact on development of their personal character.而且,学生生活在自己家中,有舒适的生活,并有更多机会和父母交流,这对他们个性的培养是有利的。

  128. From what has been discussed above, we may safely draw the conclusion that both of day schools and boarding schools are important to train young students for our society.通过以上讨论,我们可以得出结论,寄宿学校和日制学校对我们社会培养年轻学生都是重要的。

  129. There is much discussion over science and technology. One of the questions under debate is whether traditional technology and methods are bound to die out when a country begins to develop modern science and technology.关于科学技术存在许多争论,其中一个问题是当国家发展现代科学技术时,传统的技术方法是否可能会消亡?

  130. As for me, the declining of traditional technology and methods is not a bad thing; it is the natural result of progress of society.我认为,传统技术方法的消亡不一定是坏事,这是社会进步的自然结果。

  131. In the first place, some aspects of the traditional technology and methods are harmful and hampering the development of modern technology science.首先,传统技术方法有些部分是有害的,并且会阻碍现代科技的发展。

  132. Although modern science and technology have proved that such methods are absurd, there are still millions of people use such methods in many remote places nowadays.尽管现代科学技术已经证明了这些方法是愚昧的,然而在许多偏僻的地方,仍有成千上万的人们在使用这些方法。

  133. In the second place, many values of traditional technology are out of date and should be replaced by modern science.第二点,许多传统技术方法已经过时,应被现代科技所取代。

  134. Although many people tend to live under the illusion that traditional technology and methods are still playing extremely important role in people's life, an increasing evidences show that it is less useful than many people think.尽管许多人保持着传统观念,认为传统技术方法在人们生活中仍发挥着重要作用,但是越来越多的证据显示它并没有人们想象的有用。

  135. From what has been discussed above, I firmly believe that time will prove that traditional technology and methods would die out with the development of modern science and technology. The maintenance of the traditional technology and methods is futile.通过以上讨论,我坚定地相信时间会证明传统技术方法将会随着现代技术的发展而消亡,坚持传统技术方法是徒劳的。

  136. At the time when technology means ever more harmful carbon in the air we breathe, we need these forests now more than ever.当技术的发展意味着我们会吸入更多有害气体时,我们比任何时候更需要森林。

  137. Nothing is more important than to receive education.没有比接受教育更重要的事。

  138. We cannot emphasize the importance of protecting our eyes too much.我们再怎么强调保护眼睛的重要性也不为过。

  139. There is no denying that the qualities of our living have gone from bad to worse.无可否认,我们的生活品质已经每况愈下。

  140. It is universally acknowledged that trees are indispensable to us.全世界都知道树木对我们是不可或缺的。

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