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  From the cartoon we can see that_____.

  We can see from the cartoon that_____.

  As is indicated in the cartoon, _____.

  2. 引出暗含主题句

  We can deduce from these two vivid drawings that_____.

  What has been describe in the cartoon carries great implications for our life, esp. how to_____.

  What it illustrates is a common phenomenon in today‘s society, and it conveys the symbolic meaning of_____.

  3. 引出漫画人画图目的句

  What is the purpose of the drawer of this cartoon? In the first place,_____. In the second place,_____.

  4. 引出原因句

  There are quite a few possible reasons suggested here. To begin with,_____. In the second place,_____.


  There are some possible reasons for this tendency. To begin with,_____. In the second place,_____. Finally,_____.

  What caused the effect? There are at least two possible reasons. To begin with,_____. In the second place,_____.

  5. 引出对策句

  It is, therefore, necessary that efforts should be made to cope with the problem as early as possible.

  We should take immediate measures, for if the present situation continues as before, serious outcome will come up.

  As far as I am concerned, my suggestions as to ___are as follows.

  6. 过渡句

  It is clear that ___plays a important role in our life and work.

  There may be some other reasons responsible for ___, but I think what has been mentioned above is generally acceptable.

  This is my point of view as to how to___, and I am sure that my ideas are both sound and reasonable.

  7. 举例子

  A case in point is my neighbor, who_____.

  I‘d like to quote a further example here.

  According to a recent survey made by professor Wang, head of social department in Peking University, 90% of the people across the country are suffering from the problem.

  Another survey also shows that the trend is turning from bad to worse.

  8. 结论句

  Only in this way can we_____.

  9. 列举意义的短语

  In the first place, ___. In the second place, ___. Last but not the least, ___.

  To begin with, ___. Furthermore, ___. The most important of all, ___.

  On the one hand, ___.On the other hand, ___.In addition, ___.

  For one thing, ___. For another, ___. What‘s more, ___.

  First of all, ___. In the second place, ___. Conversely, ____.


  1.This is , says Luban, a desk. ( 简单句中加上插入语 )

  2. To a certain extent, you can be a good teacher. ( 简单句前面加上程度状语 )

  3. Rather than decreasing, the population in China is increasing. ( 简单句前面加上分词短语 )

  4. With skilled workers, we could accomplish the task within the deadline; without proficient workers, we should have to

  give up half way. ( 排比句型增加句子可读性 )

  5. A case in point is my neighbor, who lost both legs in a traffic accident. ( 举例子方法 )

  6. According to a recent survey made by professor Wang, head of social department in Peking University, 90% of the people across the country are suffering from the problem. ( 举例子方法 )

  7. With the rapid advances in the standard of living of the Chinese people in recent years, air conditioners have joined other household electrical appliances as items. ( 举例子方法 )

  8.___is usually the first to be considered, but it is not the most important. The most important aspect of the phenomenon has much to do with___. It is in this area that ___find themselves having to face many confusing and conflicting feelings. ( 经典原因段 )

  9. Basically, what we see in this picture/really matters is a bird lamenting the fact that its home has been destroyed. ( 主语从句描述现象 )

  10. There is no denying that automobiles are indications of civilization, progress and development; nevertheless, automobiles cause the serious problem of air pollution. ( 名词性从句引出观点 )

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