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速配日记(中英对照) (2)

2005-12-27 00:00British Council

The diary of a speed dater

Part II


    Previously in our speed dater's diary…

    Harry had signed up for his first speed dating event. He completed the personal profile which included a meaningful statement about himself and spent days in the run-up to the ‘big day’ agonising over what he was going to say.

    Arrival and welcome

    By the day of the event, I was no closer to perfecting my life story in 90 seconds. I decided instead to ad lib and try not to lie too obviously. I settled on smart-casual attire (let’s not even go there) and arrived fashionably early. I was greeted at the door by a girl who obviously had no need to attend these events herself and presented me with a numbered badge to write my name on, a checklist and a pen. The checklist had space for numbers, names, ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘friend’ tick boxes and a rather small space for making comments. I wrote my name on my badge, focused on a space at the bar, and walked into the middle of the group. It was time to be sociable.



    Setting the scene

    Looking around the room, I saw 22 numbered tables with a chair on either side. This meant that I would be talking to 22 like-minded professional women in their twenties, all with interesting lives and stories to tell. I started to feel more relaxed and enthusiastic and looked around the bar for someone to talk to. An invisible wall had appeared between the two gender groups; as though nobody dared to talk to the opposite sex until permission was given. It reminded me of break times at primary school.



    Tips from the veterans

    I considered crossing this invisible boundary, but thought it might be taboo to talk to the girls at this stage of the evening so I began to make small talk with the other guys at the bar. They appeared to be speed dating veterans and had lots of advice. Top tip number one seemed to be, ‘Always ask if they have come on their own … if they are there with friends they will compare notes and you need to make sure you don’t get caught out with inconsistencies‘. I started to feel that it was some complex interrogation process designed to prove once and for all that I was incapable of holding down a serious relationship.



    Here goes

    Before I could ask for more tips, the event organisers decided to wait for no more latecomers. They explained the rules, and the girls went to the table with their numbers. Someone blew a whistle - I moved to the table of my first ‘date’…

    Find out next month what the girls thought of our intrepid speed dater.


    我还没来得及获得更多的忠告,就听到组织者宣布活动正式开始,不再等迟到的。他们解释了规则,女士们分别根据号码入座。 一声哨响后,我朝着我的第一位“约会对象”走去。



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