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  Part III   Vocabulary

  41. A word processor is much better than a typewriter in that it enables you to enter and _______your text more easily

  A) register                                 B) edit

  C) propose                                 D) discharge

  42. We don't know why so many people in that region like to wear dresses of such ______colors

  A) low                                    B) humble

  C) mild                                    D) dull

  43. The news has just ______ that the president is going to visit China next month

  A) come down                            B) come  up

  C) come out                              D) come about

  44. The ______ that exists among nations could certainly be lessened if misunderstanding and mistrust were removed

  A) tension                                B) strain

  C) stress                                 D) intensity

  45. The other day, Mum and I went to St. James's Hospital, and they did lots and lots of tests on me, most of them _____ and frightening.

  A) cheerful                               B) horrible

  C) hostile                                 D) friendly

  46. In the Mediterranean seaweed is so abundant and so easily harvested that it is never of great _____

  A) fare                                  B) payment

  C) worth                                 D) expense

  47. The writer was so ______ in her work that she didn't notice him enter the room

  A) absorbed                               B) abandoned

  C) focused                                D) centered

  48. Actually , information technology can ______ the gap between the poor and the rich .

  A) link                                   B) break

  C) ally                                    D) bridge

  49. Some research workers completely ______ all those facts as though they never existed .

  A) ignore                                  B) leave

  C) refuse                                   D) miss

  50. Computer power now allows automatic searches of fingerprint files to match a print at a crime ______.

  A) stage                                     B) scene

  C) location                                   D) occasion

  51. The most basic reason why dialects should be preserved is that language helps to ______ a culture

  A) retain                                   B) relate

  C) remark                                  D) review

  52. Companies are struggling to find the right _______between supply and demand, but it is no easy task

  A) equation                                B) formula

  C) balance                                  D) pattern

  53. Mass advertising helped to _______ the emphasis from the production of goods to their consumption

  A) vary                                  B) shift

  C) lay                                    D) moderate

  54. Because of his excellent administration, people lived in peace and _____ and all previously neglected matters were taken care of .

  A) conviction                              B) contest

  C) consent                                D) content

  55. I know you've got a smooth tongue , so don't talk me ______ buying it

  A) away                                 B) down

  C) out                                  D) into

  56. Showing some sense of humor can be a(n) _______ way to deal with some stressful situation

  A) effective                              B) efficient

  C) favorable                              D) favorite

  57. The situation described in the report ______ terrible, but it may not happen

  A) inclines                               B) maintains

  C) sounds                                D) remains

  58. The company is trying every means to ______ the wholesale price of its products

  A) pull down                             B) put down

  C) set down                              D) bring down

  59. The mayor ______ the police officer a medal of honor for his heroic deed in rescuing the earthquake victims

  A) rewarded                             B) awarded

  C) credited                              D) prized

  60. The native Canadians lived in _______ with nature, for they respected nature as a provider of life

  A) coordination                          B)   acquaintance

  C) contact                              D)   harmony

  61. Many people are asking whether traditional research universities in fact have any future _______.

  A) at all                              B) so far

  C) in all                               D) on end

  62. I was impressed _______ the efficiency of the work done in the company

  A) in                                 B) about

  C) with                               D) for

  63. Now in Britain  , wines take up four times as much ______ in the storehouse as both beer and spirits

  A) block                              B) land

  C) patch                              D) space

  64. His hand shook a little as he _______ the key in the lock

  A) squeezed                          B) inserted

  C) stuffed                            D) pierced

  65. For professional athletes , _______ to the Olympics means that they have a chance to enter the history books

  A) access                              B) attachment

  C) appeal                              D) approach

  66 In the long _________ , the new information technologies may fundamentally alter out way of

  A) view                                B) distance

  C) jump                                D) run

  67. All the arrangements should be completed _______ your departure .

  A) prior to                               B) superior to

  C) contrary to                            D) parallel to

  68. We need to create education standards that prepare our next generation who will be _______ with an even more competitive market

  A) tackled                               B) encountered

  C) dealt                                 D) confronted

  69. In the late seventies , the amount of fixed assets required to produce one vehicle in Japan was ______ equivalent to that in the United States

  A) rudely                                B) roughly

  C) readily                                D) coarsely

  70. Many people believe we are heading for environmental disaster ______ we radically change way we  live

  A) but                                      B) although

  C) unless                                    D) lest

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