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  Part I   Listening Comprehension

  1 D The tools the man borrowed from the woman are missing .

  2 C Hand in the ring to the security office .

  3 B Buy her own computer

  4 D The man advises his daughter to think carefully before making her decision .

  5 A The cinema is some distance away from where they are .

  6 A He's been to Seattle many times .

  7 C Manager and office worker .

  8 B She thinks the lecture might be informative

  9 C A college campus

  10 D The man is unwilling to take a look at the houses for sale

  11 D Electricity

  12 A  Air traffic conditions

  13 B Carry little luggage

  14 C At a county fair

  15 A Avoid eating any food

  16 B Behind his back

  17 B Eating from the outside toward the middle

  18 A Beauty

  19 C It was thought a blood vessel in that finger led directly to the heart

  20 B The two people can have time to decide if they are a good match

  Part II  Reading Comprehension

  21 C It will help reduce the nation's oil imports

  22 A believes that drilling for oil in ANWR will produce high yields

  23 B it can do little to solve U.S. energy problems

  24 C Don't be too optimistic

  25 A remains a controversial issue

  26 B The words people use can influence their behavior

  27 D treat their rivals as enemies

  28 D He wet his gloves by rubbing them across his T-shirt

  29 A deliberately throw the ball at anyone illegally blocking their way

  30 c changing the attitude of players on the sports field

  31 B the claims made by products are often unclear or deceiving

  32 D still do not know the exact impact of different products on the environment

  33 C examine claims made by products against ISO standards

  34 B Consumers find it difficult to tell the true from the false

  35 A make product labeling satisfy ISO requirements

  36 B protect it from irresponsible development

  37 A the population in the Pocono area is growing

  38 C Cooperation with the local residents and business leaders

  39 D The setting up of a local Nature Conservancy branch in the Pocono area

  40 D a research report

  Part III   Vocabulary

  41 B edit     42 D dull    43 C come out    44 A tension    45 B horrible

  46 C worth  47 A absorbed  48 D bridge  49 A ignore  50 B scene

  51 A retain  52 C balance  53 B shift  54 D content  55 D into

  56 A effective  57 C sounds  58 D bring down  59 B awarded  60 D harmony

  61 A at all  62 C with  63 D space  64 B inserted  65 A access

  66 D run  67 A prior to  68 D confronted  69 B roughly  70 C unless

  Part IV      Short Answer Questions

  S1. Both of them are in common with sportsmanship

  S2. a sportsman

  S3. To obey the law.

  S4. qualified

  S5. A game hog.

  S6. moving

  S7. To wet their hands.

  S8. They should know the identity of the target.

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