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  Section I Listening Comprehension

  (25 minutes)


  This section is designed to test your ability to understand spoken English. You will hear a selection of recorded materials and you must answer the questions that accompany them. There are two parts in this section, Part A and Part B.

  Remember, while you are doing the test, you should first put down your answers in your test booklet. At the end of the listening comprehension section, you will have 3 minutes to transfer your answers from your test booklet onto your ANSWER SHEET I.

  If you have any questions, you may raise your hand NOW as you will not be allowed to speak once the test has started.

  Now look at Part A in your test booklet.

  Part A

  You will hear 10 short dialogues. For each dialogue, there is one question and four possible answers. Choose the correct answer-A, B, C or D, and mark it in your test booklet. You will have 15seconds to answer the question and you will hear each dialogue ONLY ONCE.


  You will hear:

  W: Could you please tell me if the Beijing flight will be arriving on time?

  M: Yes, Madam. It should be arriving in about ten minutes.

  You will read:

  Who do you think the woman is talking to?

  [A] A bus conductor.

  [B]A clerk at the airport.

  [ C] A taxi driver.

  [D]A clerk at the station.

  From the dialogue, we know that only a clerk at the airport is most likely to know

  the arrival time of a flight, so you should choose answer [ B ] and mark it in your test


  Sample Answer: [A] [B] [C] [D] Now look at question 1.

  1. What does the woman say about the book?

  [A] She thinks it' s too difficult.

  [ B] She thinks it ' s very interesting.

  [C] She hasn't quite decided what she thinks.

  [ D] She hasn' t actually read it yet.

  2. What does the woman mean?

  [A] She has totaled up the figures correctly already.

  [B] She hopes the man will do the calculations as soon as possible.

  [C] Tomorrow will be too late to submit the figures.

  [D] They should finish the calculations tomorrow.

  3. What does the woman say about Tom?

  [A] He got off the bus at the wrong stop. [ B] He has a good reason to be angry.

  [C] He isn't careful with his belongings. [D] He doesn't have an extra umbrella.

  4. What does the professor mean?

  [A] She has another meeting all day.

  [ B ] She feels the grade is all right.

  [ C ] She thinks it would be wrong to change the grade.

  [D] She can meet with the student that afternoon.

  5. What does the woman suggest the man to do?

  [ A] Finish the first half of the project right away.

  [B] Make an effort to reach a compromise.

  [ C ] Have the teacher review the project.

  [D] Meet his partner in the middle of the town.

  6. Where will the man probably go?

  [A] To a real estate agency. [B] To a car rental agency.

  [C] To a computer store. [D] To a videocassette store.

  7. What does the man mean?

  [A] They always agreed on the same points.

  [B] They both arrived at the same moment.

  [C] He met with Amanda five more times.

  [D] He took Amanda to both plays.

  8. What does the man mean?

  [ A] Paul will go out of his way to help.

  [B] Paul passes by the dry cleaner's anyway.

  [C] Paul picks out the right clothes.

  [D] Paul makes himself right at home.

  9. What did the man do?

  [A] Ate all the food. [B] Cleaned the kitchen.

  [ C ] Fixed the refrigerator. [ D ] Left the groceries out.

  10. What does the woman imply that Katherine should be doing?

  [A] Studying microbiology for a year. [B] Teaching biology.

  [C] Taking a nap. [D] Taking a different course.

  Part B

  You are going to hear three conversations. Before listening to each conversation, you will have 5 seconds to read each of the questions which accompany it. After listening, you will have time to answer each question by choosing A, B, C or D. You will hear each passage or conversation ONLY ONCE.

  Mark your answers in your test booklet.

  Questions 11-13 are based on the following conversation. You now have 15 seconds to read the questions II -13.

  11. According to the conversation, what is one problem with arm exercises?

  [ A] They don' t get rid of flabby arm.

  [B] They can damage arm muscles.

  [ C] They aren't' t acceptable to most people.

  [ D] They can raise one' s blood pressure.

  12. According to the conversation, what are the experts now recommending?

  [A] Exercising the entire body.

  [B] Having your blood pressure taken daily.

  [ C ] Losing weight prior to exercising.

  [D] Weighing in before each exercise session.

  13. Which of the following exercises is suggested?

  [A] Wearing arm weights while you are swimming.

  [ B] Jogging vigorously in one place for a long time.

  [ C ] Using bicycles that require you to use both your arms and legs.

  [D] Walking slowly while swinging your arms back and forth.

  You now have 30 seconds to check your answers to questions 11 -13.

  Questions 14 - 19 are based on the following conversation. You now have 30 seconds to read the questions 14 -19.

  14. Why does the woman want David to sign up for the course?

  [ A] He needs to take one more course in order to finish his credit requirements.

  [B] He plays an instrument the group needs.

  [ C ] She thinks taking the course would improve his grades in general.

  [D] She thinks he's the best musician at the college.

  15. Why is David not sure that he wants to sign up?

  [A] He doesn't have an instrument of his own.

  [ B] He doesn't like to play in small groups.

  [C] He doesn't think he can play well enough.

  [ D] He isn't sure whether he has enough free time.

  16. How often will the group meet?

  [A] Once a week. [B] Twice a week.

  [C] Every other day. [D] Every evening.

  17. What instrument does the director of the group play in the city of orchestra?

  [A] Cello. [B] Viola.

  [C] Violin. [D] Bass.

  18. What is the level of the musical proficiency of the most group members?

  [A] Beginning. [B] Intermediate.

  [C] Advanced. [D] Professional.

  19. What will David do this evening?

  [A] Try to find his music books.

  [B] Look for a new instrument.

  [ C ] Start taking lessons from a professional.

  [D] Practice his instrument.

  You now have 60 seconds to check your answers to questions 14 - 19.

  Questions 20 - 25 are based on the following conversation. You now have 30 seconds to read the questions 20 -25.

  20. To what student body office does the man want to be elected?

  [ A ] Senator. [ B ] Treasurer.

  [C] Secretary. [D] President.

  21. Who is the woman?

  [A] A camp counselor. [B] A candidate.

  [ C ] A radio announcer. [D] A campaign manager.

  22. Where will they put the posters?

  [A] In the hallways. [B] In the man's room.

  [C] In the cafeteria. [D] In the radio station.

  23. When is the radio broadcast scheduled?

  [A] In the morning. [B] During lunch.

  [C] In the afternoon. [D] During dinner.

  24. What will the man do tonight?

  [A] Make posters. [B] Write a speech.

  [C] Answer questions. [D] Study for chemistry.

  25. What will they do after chemistry class?

  [ A] Compare their lecture notes. [ B] Review the man' s talk.

  [C] Prepare questions to ask candidates. [D] Vote in the school election.

  You now have 60 seconds to check your answers to questions 20 -25.

  Now you have 3 minutes to transfer your answers from your test booklet to the ANSWER SHEET 1.

  That is the end of the listening comprehension section.


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