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  Part Ⅲ Vocabulary(20 minutes)

  Directions: There are 30 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A),B),C)and D). Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centre.

  31. WTO is regarded by some countries as an access to foreign markets rather than as a      for opening up the home market.

  A) commerce   B) committee    C) commitment   D) commission

  32. We should recognize that every company and every person is part of a long      of customers and suppliers.

  A) pool      B) line         C) stream        D) chain

  33. Today the small town is better      against flood than it was 20 years ago.

  A) protected     B) prevented     C) preserved   D) prepared

  34. Did you mean I should keep the receipt? Im afraid I have      .

  A) run it over      B) torn it up      C) taken it apart  D) shaken it off

  35. Unlike photocopies of books, the digital copies are virtually      in quality to the original.

  A) similar          B) identical      C) resembling   D) alike

  36. The price of fresh vegetables      according to the weather.

  A) fluctuates     B) increases     C) soars     D) maintains

  37. Your proposal looks good       ,but I am not convinced it can be put into effect.

  A) on paper         B) at sight       C) under cover    D) in bulk

  38. The government that refuses to meet the needs of its people must bear the      .

  A) results      B) outcomes     C) effects     D) consequences

  39. The elderly people in this country are entitled to      a special heating allowance from the government when they pass the age of sixty.

  A) claim      B) declare       C) inquire        D) apply

  40. The snow has been      steadily for hours and the ground is completely covered.

  A) showering     B) dropping      C) descending    D) falling

  41. The hostess went to great      to make the child comfortable and feel at home.

  A) efforts      B) lengths        C) heights  D) details

  42. You said the post office is on this block, can you be a bit more      ?

  A) particular        B) specific        C) abstract     D) especial

  43. His composition was so confusing that I could hardly make any      of it whatsoever.

  A) meaning         B) message        C) information D) sense

  44. I am afraid that you have to alter your      views in light of the tragic news that has just arrived.

  A) optimistic       B) distressing       C) indifferent   D) pessimistic

  45. As the saying goes, reading without reflecting is like eating without       .

  A) chewing         B) tasting          C) digesting     D) releasing

  46. All of us did quite a good job but the teacher only      him out for praise.

  A) yelled       B) singled          C) selected     D) pulled

  47. Without a sure supply of water, farming in that area remains at the       of the weather.

  A) disposal         B) risk             C) cost  D) mercy

  48. Industrial communities should be close enough to crowded centers but      enough to reduce potential dangers.

  A) advanced     B) reliable          C) distant  D) sophisticated

  49. She had a guilty      about not telling the police what had actually happened.

  A) consciousness    B) conscience       C) consequence  D) confusion

  50. There is a beautiful      of pine forest near my country house.

  A) extension     B) length           C) spell     D) stretch

  51. We've      all our time and effort in this plan, and we don't want it to fail.

  A) invested         B) exhausted        C) devoted     D) assigned

  52. The workers      demands were,they only asked for a small raise in their wages.

  A) general         B) moderate        C) partial  D) numerous

  53. You should know      to spend all your money on those impractical fancy goods.

  A) other than     B) rather than       C) more than D) better than

  54. Everybody seemed to have known about his scandal, only his wife was kept in the      .

  A) dark      B) ignorance        C) shade   D) shadow

  55. All students in the class      a loud laugh when the professor told them a joke.

  A) let up      B) let down         C) let off  D) let out

  56. It can be safely      that there is no living beings on that planet.

  A) resumed         B) assessed          C) assumed D) assured

  57. There are certain      when you have to interrupt people who are in the middle of doing something.

  A) chances         B) situations         C) occasions   D) opportunities

  58. Mother      into the room and kissed her sleeping baby.

  A) crept      B) staggered         C) rushed   D) marched

  59. The building started with a steel      which was later filled in with bricks and concrete.

  A) institution   B) terminal          C) sightseeing   D) framework

  60. This book does not have an      structure. Some parts are even contradictory .

  A) integrated     B) informed          C) intensive  D) inward

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