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  Dear Sir or Madam:

  I'm very glad to avail myself of the chance to recommend myself to you. My name is Thomas. I' m studying in the Chinese Department in Northwest Normal University, majoring in the Chinese language and literature. I' m getting along with my studies quite well, obtaining three "Top Students" awards in my major. I am also an honest, industrious and progressive person, which makes me very popular in and out of my class. Accordingly, I have quite a few friends in and out of the college.

  Then, why do I choose to attend your college? I think there are three main reasons for this. First, your college enjoys a very good reputation. Second, your college offers the first-class teaching facilities and a very good studying atmosphere, which is of primary importance to the academic study. Third, your college provides the promising students with opportunities of all-round development. Therefore, I am applying for the admittance to your university.

  Thank you for reading my letter. I' m looking forward to your kind and early reply.

  Best wishes,

  your sincerely,


  二、A Letter of Thanks一封感谢信(这封信采用齐头式)

  Dear Mark:

  Tom and I both to thank you for the many kindness you showed Jim when he visited your campus last week .He has returned full of enthusiasm for Hill College. Having been raised in the shadow of a large university, he found the close contact between students and faculty at Hill particularly exciting.

  Your were right on target to arrange an interview with Dr. Johnson of the Chemistry Department and to have a student take Jim to a soccer game. Seeing the well-equipped laboratories and the spirit of the athletes confirmed his belief that he has chosen the right school.

  If you will be in our area in the coming months, do give us a call. We would enjoy having you come for dinner and an evening of catching up. Give Ellen our regards.



  Tom and Kate

  三、A Letter of Complaint 一封投诉信

  Dear Manager:

  Much to my regret, I write this to place a complaint against your bad delivery service in your company.

  The Samsung tape recorder model number JB/4703 which I ordered from your company on Nov. 1, arrived yesterday. The serial number of the machine is 4703-0641. I am sorry to report that the recorder has been badly damaged. There was no unusual damage to the packing case, but when I opened it, I found that the lid of the recorder had been cracked and that the front surface of the machine had been scratched.

  Since there was such damage to the goods, I decided to file a complaint against the delivery service. Would you please let me know whether I should return the recorder to you for a replacement or if you have an authorized service representative here to which I should takeit ? I will hold onto this recorder until I hear from you .

  Sincerely yours,

  Li Ming


  Dear Jane,

  We have four tickets for a famous film shown at Guangming Cinema, The Longest Day, Friday, the ninth. Will you join us? We'll be looking for you at eight sharp Friday night in front of the cinema, so don't disappoint us!

  Warmest regards.



  1、因迟复来信致歉Because of answering one' s letter late

  Dear David:

  I am afraid that you will think me unpardonably negligent in not having answered your letter dated 7, December sooner, but when I have told you the reason, I trust you will be convinced that the neglect was excusable. When your letter arrived, I was just in Hong Kong. As my family could not forward it to me during my absence, it has been, therefore, lying on my desk until the moment when I took it up. Now the first thing I have to hasten to do is to write to you these few lines to express my deep regret.

  I enjoyed many pleasant sights during my trip. I shall be pleased to give you an account to of them when I see you next.

  Sincerely yours,


  2、因未能及时还书致歉Unable to return borrowed book on time

  Dear Kate:

  Excuse me for my long delaying in returning to you your "Robinson Crusoe" which I read through with great interest. I had finished reading the book and was about to return it when my cousin came to see me. Never having seen the book, She was so interested in it that I had to retain it longer. However, I hope that in view of the additional delight thus afforded by your book, you will overlook my negligence in not returning it sooner.

  Thanking you again for the loan.

  Sincerely yours,


  3、因遗失借书致歉Because of losing a borrowed book

  Dear Frank:

  I am terribly sorry to tell you that I have lost the valuable book you were so kind to lend me last week. I read it everyday and intended to finish it next month. Last night when I came to my room, it was nowhere to be found. I will try to recover it as soon as possible. If I fail to find it, I will get a new book for you.

  But I am afraid it can never take the place of the old one. Old books are like old friends. Once lost, they can never be replaced. They are connected with cherished associations which the new ones can never have. And for this irrecoverable loss, I am to blame. I was so careless with my things. This is a warning to me to be more careful in the future.

  Yours truly,


  4、因未能践约赴宴致歉Unable to keep one' s promise

  Dear Miss Nancy,

  Much to my regret I was unable to keep my promise to attend your birthday party last Saturday, owing to the fact that my little son was suddenly taken ill early that day.

  Hoping to see you soon.

  Truly yours,


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