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  Part Ⅳ Short Answer Questions(15 minutes)

  Direction:In this part there is a short passage with 8 questions or incomplete statements. Read the passage carefully. Then answer the questions or complete the statements in the fewest possible words. Write your answers in the spaces provided on the right of the page.

  What are the marks of an educated man?

  The first of these is correctness and precision in the use of the mother tongue. When one hears English well spoken, with pure diction, correct pronunciation, and an almost unconscious choice of the right word, he recognizes it at once. How much easier he finds it to imitate English of the other sort!

  A second and indispensable trait of the educated man is refined and gentle manners, which are themselves the expression of fixed habits of thought and action. When manners are superficial, artificial, and forced, no matter what their form, they are bad manners. When, however, they are the natural expression of fixed habits of thought and action, and when they reveal a refined and cultivated nature, they are good manners. There are certain things that gentlemen do not do, and they do not do them simply because they are bad manners. The gentleman instinctively knows the difference between those things which he may and should do and those things which he may not and should not do.

  A third trait of the educated man is the power and habit of reflection. Human beings for the most part live wholly on the surface or far beyond the present moment and that part of the future which is quickly to follow it. They do not read those works of prose and poetry which have become classic because they reveal power and habit of reflection and induce that power and habit in others. When one reflects long enough to ask the question how, he is on the way to knowing something about science. When he reflects long enough to ask the question why, he may, if he persists, even become a philosopher.

  A fourth trait of the educated man is the power of growth. He continues to grow and develop from birth to his dying day. His interests expand, his contacts multiply, his knowledge increases, and his reflection becomes deeper and wider. It would appear to be true that not many human beings, even those who have had a school and college education, continue to grow after they are twenty-four or twenty-five years of age. By that time it is usual to settle down to life on a level of more or less contented intellectual interest and activity. The whole present-day movement for adult education is a systematic and definite attempt to keep human beings growing long after they have left school and college, and, therefore, to help educate them.

  A fifth trait of the educated man is his possession of efficiency, or the power to do. The mere visionary dreamer, however charming or however wise, lacks something which an education requires. The power to do may be exercised in any one of a thousand ways, but when it clearly shows itself, that is evidence that the period of discipline of study and of companionship with parents and teachers has not been in vain.

  S1. An educated man should use his  S1   correctly and precisely.

  S2. According to the author, manners are the natural expression of  S2   .

  S3. The educated man know the difference betweenS3(1)andS3(2).

  S4. Most human beings live a   S4   life or far beyond the present and the near future.

  S5. The author says that when a person persists in reflecting so as to ask the question how, he may at last become a   S5   .

  S6. What is the aim of present-day adult education?

  S7. According to the author, the mere visionary dreamer lacksS7.

  S8. What is the main topic of the passage?

  Part Ⅴ Writing(30 minutes)

  Directions:for this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a letter of application. You should write no less than 120 words and base your composition on the outline below:

  1. 渴求工作的愿望

  2. 技能和经历

  3. 联系方式

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