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  Part I Listening Comprehension

  Section A

  1. D) Dr. Holden is the best person for the chairmanship.

  2. A) They will keep in touch during the summer vacation.

  3. B) Peaches are not at their best now.

  4. C) They work on the assignment together.

  5. A) She admires Jean's straightforwardness.

  6. A) He liked writing when he was a child.

  7. D) He does not study hard enough.

  8. C) It will be very difficult for them to find John.

  9. A) Its rapid growth is beneficial to the world.

  10. B) Most students can't afford to live in the new apartments.

  Section B

  11. C) The need for greater cultural diversity in the school curriculum.

  12. D) He believed the speaker was a foreigner.

  13. A) The US population doesn't consist of white European descendants only.

  14. A) By making laws.

  15. B) It should be raised quickly by hand.

  16. D) It should be carried high up in the air.

  17. C) There are precise regulations and customs to be followed.

  18. C) Truancy.

  19. D) Students with good attendance records.

  20. B) Rewarding schools that have decreased the destruction.

  Part II Reading Comprehension

  Passage One

  21. D) To discourage people from insisting on having grandchildren.

  22. B) draw attention to the troubles and difficulties grandchildren may cause.

  23. A) they find it hard to resist the carrot-and-stick approach of their parents

  24. A) her parents kept pressuring her to have a child.

  25. C) It is troublesome but rewarding

  Passage Two

  26. D) People can fully enjoy individual freedom.

  27. A) the more diligent one is, the bigger his returns.

  28. C) became wealthy after starting life very poor.

  29. B) Americans wish to succeed in every aspect of life.

  30. D) What Americans strive after often contradicts their beliefs.

  Passage Three

  31. B) Quick economic returns

  32. C) obtain funding from the government

  33. A) They think they work in an environment hostile to the free pursuit of knowledge.

  34. D) they could be influenced by their association with the project concerned.

  35. B) People would not believe scientists even when they tell the truth.

  Passage Four

  36. D) the globalization of the economy

  37. B) Information technology has removed the restrictions of time and space in business transactions.

  38. C) it should not overlook the importance of information, services, support, and distribution.

  39. A) can eliminate an entire business segment.

  40. D) businesses have to meet individual customers' specific needs in order to succeed.

  Part III Vocabulary

  41. C) absurd 42. B) designated 43.D) flushed 44. C) abolished 45. B) out of stock 46. C) luminous 47. A) comply 48. D) erase 49. C) scrutiny 50. A) ascribed 51. B) decent 52. C) finite 53. C) defy 54. A) suppress 55. D) rectify 56. C) irritated 57. D) handicap 58. B) impose 59. D) stimulus 60. D) cherish 61. B) vacant 62. A) tucked 63. B) obscure 64. A) by analogy with 65. D) culminated in 66. A) in relation to 67. C) ambiguous 68. D) abnormal 69. C) recession 70. B) drowned

  Part IV Error Correction

  1. in first paragraph > in the first paragraph

  2. ultimate > ultimately

  3. acceptance > unacceptance / rejection

  4. end > ending

  5. upon > for

  6. will pick up > will not pick up

  7. listing > list

  8. Keep up > Keep

  9. taking > taken

  10. find > found

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