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See You at Page One!

2005-07-13 20:21

  “Joy to the World” and “ Romantic Mike” are chatting in the “Book Lovers” chat room.

  Joy : OK, I have to run. Talk to you later.

  Mike: Do you really have to go? Chatting with you is so fun!

  Joy : I have a reading group at 7:30 p.m.

  Mike: Listen, Joy. I know we haven't met yet, but I just want to tell you something.

  Joy : Tell me on Saturday at Page One Bookstore, 11:00 a.m.-don’t be late!

  Mike: How will I know who you are? We never exchanged pictures.

  Joy : Just go to the general fiction1 section and look for my favorite thriller.2

  Mike: Your favorite thriller? Wait, what was it? It had something to do with a jury,3 right?

  Joy : Don't worry! Just be there! Mike is in the general fiction section at Page one Bookstore.

  Mike: Here’s her favorite book, The Last Juror. Hey, what's this? Mike finds a note inside the book.

  Mike: “You passed the first test. Now go to the performing arts shelf and find my favorite color.” Your favorite color? Let’s see……pink? Purple? Mike goes to the information desk.

  Mike: Can you tell me where the performing arts shelf is?

  Clerk: Sure, let me show you on this map. It's in the art and design section. Mike goes to the art and design section. He picks up a book.

  Mike: All Music Guide to the Blues. Her favorite color is blue! Joy walks up to Mike.

  Joy: You passed the first two tests, “Romantic Mike”! I'm Joy.

  Mike: Hi Joy! Your tests were fun, but why are you being so mysterious?

  Joy: I just wanted to see if you were really as romantic as your name sounds.

  Mike: I am! And it’s certainly a “joy” to finally meet you.

  “Joy to the World(欢欣裘伊)”和 “Romantic Mike(浪漫迈可)”在网络“爱书人”聊天室谈天。

  裘伊:OK,我必须离线了,以后再聊。 迈可:你真的必须离开吗?跟你聊天真的很有趣呢! 裘伊:我晚上七点半还得参加读书会。 迈可:等会儿,裘伊。我知道我们还没有见过面,但我只想告诉你一件事。 裘伊:周六早上十一点到Page One书店再说吧,可别迟到喔! 迈可:我怎么认得出你呢?我们又没有交换过照片。 裘伊:你只要到一般小说区找出我最爱看的惊悚小说就行了。

  迈可:你最爱看的惊悚小说?等等,是哪一本?内容是不是跟陪审团有关? 裘伊:别担心!只要人到了就好。 迈可在Page One书店的一般小说区。

  迈可:这就是她最爱看的书《最后的陪审员》。嘿,这是什么东西? 迈可在书中找到一张纸条。 迈可:“你已通过第一关。现在请到表演艺术书架找出我最喜欢的颜色。”你最喜欢的颜色?让我想想……粉红色?紫色?


  迈可:你可以告诉我表演艺术书架在哪儿吗? 店员:当然可以,请看这张地图。就在艺术与设计区。 迈可走到艺术与设计区。他拿起一本书。 迈可:《蓝调音乐完全指南》,她最喜欢的颜色是蓝色!

  裘伊走向迈可。 裘伊:浪漫迈可,你已通过两关测试了!我是裘伊。 迈可:嗨,裘伊!你的测试是挺好玩的,但你为什么要这么神秘呢? 裘伊:我只是想要试试看你是否真的像你的名字一样“浪漫”。 迈可:我的确很浪漫呢!终于见到你,真令我“欢欣”不已。

  1. fiction n. literature that is about imaginary people, places, or events (虚构的)小说 This book is a work of fiction, so the events it describes never happened. 这是一本虚构的小说,所以书中描写的事件从未发生过。

  2. thriller n. an exciting movie or book 惊悚片(小说) This novel is a real thriller; I won't put it down until I’ve finished reading it! 这真是本不折不扣的惊险小说;我一定会一口气读完它。

  3. jury n. a group that decides whether sb. is guilty of a crime 陪审团(juror则是陪审员) The nine members of the jury agreed that Mr. Kramer had killed his wife.陪审团的九位成员一致认为克拉玛先生杀了妻子。

  对话: have sth. to do with 与……有关 A: Hey! The chocolate cake I made is missing! B: I bet Rita had something to do with it. She loves cake. A: 唉!我做的巧克力蛋糕不见了! B: 我猜这和丽塔脱不了关系,因为她很爱吃蛋糕。

  Mike and Joy are still talking in front of the performing arts shelf.

  Mike: Besides thrillers and blues music, what else do you like? Joy: I love psychology! Let me show you my favorite book by Freud. (Mike and Joy walk to the humanities1 section. Joy hands Mike the book The Interpretation of Dreams.)

  Mike: Hey! This is one of my favorite books, too! Did you actually read the whole thing? Joy: Of course! And I keep a “dream journal” where I write down all the dreams I have each night. Mike: That's a good idea. But if you really want to understand your subconscious, you have to read Freud’s other books as well. So what have you learned about yourself so far? Joy: Hmm……that I'll never have insomnia again. Mike: Why’s that? Joy: Because I look forward to the exciting dreams I have every night. Mike: You mean you were dreaming about me before we even met? Mike and Joy walk towards the exit. Joy : Mike, it was great meeting you. But I have to go. Mike: Now? So soon? I mean, we just met, didn't we? Can you at least give me your phone number? J oy: It was nice, wasn’t it? Just remember, “In little time a host of joys to bind,3 and keep our souls in one eternal4 pant.” Joy waves goodbye and walks away. Mike: What was that all about? Host of joys? Souls in one eternal pant? Mike goes to the information desk.

  Mike: Are you familiar with poetry? Clerk: I love poetry. Mike: Do you know the line “In little time a host of joys to bind”?

  Clerk: I think that's from “To John Hamilton Reynolds,” by John Keats. Try our literature section over there. Mike finds a book of Keats’ poems on the poetry shelf. Mike: Hey, here's another note! People say that drinking from this magical lake will give you eternal youth.

  Dear Mike, Nice going! You passed the third test. Call me tomorrow ;-) at 0922-934-56X And what does the X stand for? It's the same as the month I was born.Remember? Joy


  迈可:除了惊悚小说和蓝调音乐,你还喜欢什么呢? 裘伊:我喜欢心理学!弗洛依德写的一本书是我的最爱,我带你去看。 迈可和裘伊走到人文学科区,裘伊把《梦的解析》递给迈可看。 迈可:哇!这也是我最喜欢的书之一呢!你真的读完整本书了吗? 裘伊:当然啰!而且我还写下“梦的日记”,把我每晚做的梦都写在上面。 迈可:那倒是个不错的主意。不过你若真的要了解自己的潜意识,弗洛依德的其他书籍也是必读的。那么你目前对自己有多少了解呢? 裘伊:嗯……我想自己再也不会失眠了。 迈可:为什么? 裘伊:因为我每晚都可期待有个好梦。 迈可:你是说即使我们还没见面前,你就梦到我啰? 迈可和裘伊往出口的方向走。

  裘伊:迈可,真高兴见到你,可是我必须走了。 迈可:现在吗?这么快就要走?我是说,我们不是才刚见面吗?可不可以至少把你的电话号码留给我? 裘伊:相识真好,不是吗?只要记得:“刹那间无限的欢欣凝聚一方,将我们的灵魂存在一场不朽的悸动中。” 裘伊挥手道别离开。  迈可:她究竟在说些什么?无限的欢欣?灵魂存在一场不朽的悸动中?

  迈可走到询问台。 迈可:你对诗熟不熟呢? 店员:我很喜欢诗啊。 迈可:那你知不知道这句:“刹那间无限的欢欣凝聚一方”? 店员:我想这是出自济慈的诗《致约翰。汉密尔顿。雷诺兹》。去那边的文学区找找看吧。 迈可在诗集书架上找到一本《济慈诗选》。 迈可:嘿,又看到另一张纸条了! 亲爱的迈可: 你真行!你已通过第三关考验了。明天打电话给我。我的电话号码是0922-934-56X.至于X代表什么呢?就是我出生的月份啰,还记得吗?裘伊

  1. humanities n. pl. subjects like literature, philosophy, and history 人文学科 My brother enjoys studying the humanities, but I prefer the sciences. 我哥哥喜欢研读人文学科,但我比较喜欢研读科学。

  2. journal n. a daily record of what one does, thinks, etc. 日记;日志 In her journal, Shannon wrote about her secret crush on Jeremy. 夏侬在日记里写下她对杰若米的暗恋。

  3. bind v. to bring people together; to tie 凝聚;连系 Marriage vows are supposed to bind two people together forever. 婚姻的誓言就是要将两人永远连系在一起。

  4. eternal adj. lasting forever 永恒的 听说喝了这神奇的湖水将让你青春永驻。

  对话:look forward to 期待 A: When are you going on your vacation to Hawaii? B: Next week. I'm really looking forward to it. A: 你何时会去夏威夷度假呢? B: 下星期。我实在很期待呢。

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