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  Questions 1-7

  . Read these sentences and the three company plans below.

  . Which company does each sentence describe?

  . For each sentence mark one letter(A ,B or C)on your Answer Sheet.


  To combine its operations in different parts of the world will save a lot of money for the company.

  Answer: B

  1. The company has businesses in four continents of the world.

  2. The company has appointed a new manager in charge of medicines.

  3. New automobiles will be developed in its program centers.

  4. A reform is being carried out in its organizations.

  5. Goods for hair protection makes a lot of money for the company.

  6. It tries to be more ready to meet the needs of the customers.

  7. The company is made up of fourteen subcompanies all over the world.

  A . FORD

  To save up to $ 3 billion a year, Ford is merging its manufacturing, sales, and product development operations in North America and Europe-and eventually in Lation America and Asia. And in a move toward a more horizontal organization the company is setting up five program centers with worldwide responsibility in develop new cars and trucks.

  B. IBM

  Big Blue is reorganizing its marketing and sales operations into 14 worldwide industry groups ,such as banking ,retail ,and insurance. In moving away from an organization based on geography, IBM hopes to eliminate turf wars and make itself more responsive to customers.

  C. BMS

  Bristol-Meyers Squibb is revamping its consumer business by appointing a new chief responsible for its worldwide consumer medicines business such as Bufferin and Excedrin. The

  11, 400 million U. S. dollars drug company also has formed a new unit with worldwide

  responsibility for its Clairol and other hair-care products.


  Questions 8-12

  . Read this proposal about the CPT Word Processor.

  . Choose the best sentence from the list A-I to fill each of the blanks.

  . For each blank ( 8 -12) mark one letter(A -I)on your Answer Sheet.

  . De not mark any letter twice.

  . One answer has been given as an example.

  15 June 1993

  Ms. Martha Weston

  Word Processing Supervisor

  ABC Company

  Post Office Box 1072

  28 King's Street London

  Dear Ms. Weston.

  Performance of the Cpt Equipment

  I'm Pleased to tell you about our experience with the CPT Word Processor as you requested recently…… ……example …… …… I assume you have looked at several machines and have narrowed down your choices. Here are my observations.

  An approach to adopting word processors

  Eighteen months ago we adopted CPT equipment on limited scale with the idea in mind that we could gradually get rid of electric typewriters as we became familiar with the word processor. …… 8 ……The stations are actually in pairs so each pair can share a common printer…… 9……

  We use the equipment as dedicated word processors, although we do have the ability to link up with our computer installation.

  The step-at-a-time development of our word-processing center has, we think, saved us money and training time. ……10……


  In terms of performance , the CPT equipment is excellent. …… ……11…… ……Moreover our service contract and warranty have covered all maintenance costs.

  We have software packages that check spelling and signal when a mistake occure. …… 12 ……Using both printers , we recently prepared 1200 individually typed form letter mailings a under four hours. We have no complaint about our preparation of executive reports.

  Example: I

  A So it works very well and has so many different functions.

  B Also it has reduced the confusion that exists about buying software packages .

  C The train stops at each station for only fifteen minutes.

  D We began with two work stations and now have four.

  E Our routine letters are prepared from disc-stored masters.

  F The Rotary W printer with a speed of 45 characters a second can easily handle two input stations.

  G In contrast ,its size and weight are ideal for carrying.

  H We have not yet experienced mechanical problems so far.

  I We are pleased with its performance and multi-functions.


  Questions 13-20

  . Read this text about the problem of Barclays Bank.

  The New Look

  When Sir John Quinton, then chairman of Barclays Bank, was given his marching orders last April, Britain's biggest bank thought it had found the scapegoat for its sudden fall from grace and profits ,Andrew Buxton, the bank's managing director and an offspring of its founding families ,was a pointed chairman and chief executive ,with effect from January 1st of next year. It seemed a glorious victory for good business management. Is the problem solve do Certainly not.

  1. No sooner had Mr. Buxton been appointed chairman and chief executive than big

  shareholders and quite a few board members began quietly to question his ability to do both jobs at once. Now ,weeks before he is due to move up ,the questions are louder. Many wish the bank had seized the opportunity Lasy April to separate the two top posts. And privately. Some wonder whether Mr. Buxton is the right man for either one. What started as a thoroughly British Whispering Campaign has assumed much bigger dimensions……

  2. Mr. Buxton has suffered it all ,but in truth he has no way out. After weeks of talking to shareholders and discussing with his non-executive directors ,he has accepted that Barclays will separate the top jobs sometimes in the future. How7 He says that there has been no formal discussion of it in the boardroom.

  3. Formally or informally, it has been agreed that Mr. Buxton will not be moved from his chairmanship, and that Barclays must find a strong chief executive. Opinions differ as to whether this person should be chosen from inside or outside the bank. Several board members believe that there is no ideal candidate inside Barclays.

  4. Neither shareholders nor non-executive directors want to wait long. If the right candidate can be found, the bank could combine the announcement of a new appointment with its annual results at the end of March. Mr Buxton stressed the importance of getting this next step right, particularly since any appointment will mean overturning a management reorganization that was announced only eight months ago.

  Questions 13-16

  . For questions 13- 16 ,choose the correct title for each paragraph from the box below.

  . For each paragraph(l-4) mark one letter (A-G) on your Answer Sheet.

  . De not mark any letter twice.

  13. Paragraph 1 . . . . . . . . . .

  14. Paragraph 2 . . . . . . . . . .

  l5. Paragraph 3 . . . . . . . . . .

  16. Paragraph 4 . . . . . . . . . .

  A Problems facing Mr. Buxton

  B Proposals for candidates of the chief executive

  C Lack of ideal candidate inside Barclays

  D Buxton's agreement to give up one of his two top jobs

  E Doubts about Buxton's ability for two top jobs

  F Anxieties about choosing the right candidates

  G Objections to Buxton's ideas

  Questions 17-20

  . Using the information in the text ,complete each sentence 17- 20 ,with a phrase from the list below (A-G)

  . For each sentence (17-20) mark one letter(A-G) on your Answer Sheet.

  . Do not mark any letter twice.

  17. Mr. Buxton is persuaded that the bank needs to. . . . . .

  18. if they can find the right candidate ,they could. . . . . .

  19. Mr……Buxton will retain his chairmanship ,and the bank must. . . . . .

  20. At the news of Mr. Buxton's appointment ,many people started to. . . . . .

  A combine the news of the appointment with its annual results.

  B believe no suitable candidates can be found in the bank.

  C question his ability to hold two leading positions.

  D find a very able chief executive.

  E mean overturning a management reorganization. .

  F differ as to the sources for the right candidate.

  G separate the two top jobs sometime later.


  Questions 21 -35

  . Read this text about an Italian car company.

  . Choose the best word to fi71 each gap.

  . For each question(21 -35) mark one letter (A ,B ,C or D) on your Answer Sheet.

  . One answer has been given as an example.

  Gianni Agnelli ,Chairman of Fiat , Italy's largest private industrial corporation ,is known in Italy as the lawyer ,because he trained in law at Turin University. …… ……example……he has never practiced , his training may soon be useful. On April 17th Mr. Agnelli admitted to a group of Italian industrialists in Venice …… 21…… Fiat had been …… 22 …… in some corruptions in Italy. On April 21st, Fiat's lawyers and Cesare Romiti , its managing director , met Milan magistrates to …… 23 …… the firm's involvement in bribery to win business from state-owned companies.

  Fiat is not the …… 24 …… Italian company caught up in Italy's increasing Political corruption scandal. According to the latest figure ,some 200 businessmen and politicians were sitting in prison …… …… 25 …… …… a result of judicial inquiries into kickbacks paid to politicians by firms. Hundreds more are still …… …… influence of Fiat, ……27…… sales are equal to 4/00 of Italy's home product ,the scandal at the company has …… . …… 28 …… ……the industrial establishment.

  Though neither Mr. Agnelli ……,. 29 …… Mr. Romiti has been …… 30…… of wrongdoing, several other senior Fiat managers have allegedly been involved in paying kickbacks to win state-owned contracts. …… 31 …… arrested include Francesco Mattiol , Fiat's finance director , and Antonio Moscon , the …… …… 32 …… …… head of its Toro insurance branch. …… …… 33…… ……men have been …… ……34…… …… about their previous roles on the board of Cogefar-Impresit, Fiat's construction subsidiary. Last May, Enzo Papi admitted paying a 1.5 million-dollar bribe for a contract , . …… …… 35 …… …… to Milan's underground.


  A Though B That C Because D What

  Answer D

  21. A what B that C when D if

  22. A involved B connected C related D done

  23. A talk B say C speak D discuss

  24. A one B single C worst D only

  25. A as B for C with D after

  26. A in B under C at D on

  27. A who B which C whose D its

  28. A rocked B ruined C damaged D destroyed

  29. A or B also C and D nor

  30. A accused B charged C criticized D blamed

  31. A Who B Those C He D That

  32. A old B former C late D last

  33.A Either B All C Every D Both

  34. A solved B answered C questioned D replied

  35. A contracted B related C connected D communicated


  Section A

  Questions 36-40

  .Read this text

  .In most of lines(36-40) there is one extra word which does not fit in. One or two lines, however, are correct.

  .If the line is correct, put a tick(√)in the space on your Answer Sheet.

  .If there is an extra word in the line, write that word in the space on your Answer Sheet.


  Most of the world's business in marine insurance is centred ……√……

  in London though whatever there one other important markets ……whatever……


  Ph.d. or equivalent in economics. In addition to the degree, applicants

  36. beyond entry level must have to have post Ph.D. experience that

  37. demonstrates strong applied economics background and analytical

  38. skill for solving problems solutions; research competence in the area of

  39. resources, microeconomic development. Applicants must be able articulate.

  40. have strong writing abilities, have ability to communicate well and that work

  successfully in a multinational research setting.

  Section B

  Questions 41-45

  . A Swiss student has written a piece of description of a new watch.

  . In each line there is one wrong word.

  . For each numbered line(41-45 ) write the correct word in the space on your Answer Sheet.

  Example :

  Your watch will be a masterpiece ,reflected your value. . . . reflecting. . . . .

  For more than a century any a half, Patek Phillippe has been known

  41. as the finest watch in the world. The reason is simple that this

  42. Watch is made differently. It is made by using technologies that

  43. other have lost or forgotten. If a particularly patek phillippe

  44. movement needs four years of continuous work to bring to perfect,

  45. we will teke four years The result will be a watch that is unlikely any other

  watches you have ever seen.



  Question 46

  Mr. Lee is going to buy a large amount of electronic components from your company. He also shows an interest in your company's PCX phone machine, which is in the charge of Mr. Angus Beard, your colleague. Mr. Lee would like to bring 10 samples and some brochures back home to make a trial sale.

  . Write a short note to Mr. Angus Beard ,one of your colleagues.

  . Tell him the fact that Mr. Lee is interested in PCX phone.

  . Mention the number he wants to have.

  . suggest their direct contact.

  . Write 30-40 words on your Answer Sheet.


  Question 47

  You are a clerk in Lucky Tourism Company. You are responsible for arranging travelling lines. One day ,you received the data as follows :

  Read the following table which shows the changes in the way people spend their holidays. The table divides the tourism business into four parts ,telling the different percentages in 1980 and in 1990 ,from which you will notice the trend of current tourism business.

  . Use the information in the table to write a short report (about 100-120 words) emphasizing changes of the main business for your company.

  . Write on your Answer Sheet.


  1980 1990

  Travelling abroad 12% 23%

  Going to seaside 38% 32%

  Camping 9% 35%

  Staying at home 41% 10%

  Total 100% 100%



  Questions 1-12

  . You will hear three telephone conversations.

  . Write down one word or number in the numbered spaces on the forms below.

  Message One ,questions 1-4

  Order Ticket

  9:30 a. m. 20th June D. Golden

  Information of Customer :

  Name : Mary Thomson from INA Industries

  Address : . . . (1). . . Rose Street

  Contact No. : . . . (2). . .

  Information of Computers :

  Type : 486 models. . . (3). . . cache on hard drive

  Quantity : . . . . (4) . . . . .

  Delivery Date : Friday morning 23rd June

  Message Two , questions 5- 8

  Reservation Card

  To : Dr. Goodman From : Linda

  Date : 18th April Time : 2 : 30 p. m.

  Information of patients

  Name : David. . . . . . (5 ) . . . . . .

  Symptom : something wrong with the. . . . . . (6). . . . .

  Date of meeting : 20th , . . …… . . (7). . . …… .

  Time for meeting : . . . . . (8) . . . . . . -

  Message Three. Questions 9-12

  Bicycle Renting Registration

  Date : 7th July

  Time: 12 : 30

  Bicycle Type : . . . . . (9 ). . . . . . bikes

  No. of Bicycles : 2

  Period of Hiring : . . . . (10) . . . . . . days

  Hirer's Name :` . . . . (11) . . . . . .

  Contact No : 0708112-ex. Room. . . . . . (12) . . . .


  Questions 13-22

  Section One

  Questions 13-17

  . You will hear five short pieces.

  . For each piece decide who is talking.

  . Write one letter(A-H)next to the number of the piece.

  . You will hear the five pieces twice.

  13. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  14. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  15. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  16. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  17. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  A a dentist

  B a customer

  C a policeman

  D a mechanic

  E a salesman

  F a plumber

  G a doctor

  H a manager

  Section Two

  Questions 18-22

  . You will hear another five short pieces.

  . For each piece decide where the speaker is.

  . Write one letter(A-H)next to the number of the piece.

  . You will hear the five pieces twice.

  18. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  19. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  20. . . . . . . . . . …… . . . . . . .

  21 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  22. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


  A at the dentist's

  B at the drugstore

  C at the grocery store

  D at the oil station

  E at the parking lot

  F at the restaurant

  G at the pub

  H at the supermarket


  Questions 23-30

  . You will hear the conversation between a sociologist and a retailer. They talk about what is

  going to influence the life style and how the life style will affect the purchasing process.

  . You have to complete the sentences (23- 30) by choosing the correct ending.

  . Mark one letter(A ,B or C).

  23. AIO refers to

  A actions, involvement and options.

  B activities, interests and opinions.

  C advertising ,impact and opportunities.

  24. Another name for AIO measurement is

  A psychographics .

  B demographics .

  C statistics .

  25. According to the author ,the most important social factor in purchasing process is

  A reference groups.

  B social classes.

  C culture.

  26. If you are running an upper level fur store ,you'd better attract your customers by

  A lowering prices.

  B mass advertising.

  C improving the product packaging.

  27. Sometimes, the reference groups have the most impact on the purchasing process ,so

  a retailer must pay much attention to the reference groups composed by

  A family members.

  B suburbanites .

  C city dwellers

  28. For the customer with much self-confidence ,the purchasing process is

  A endless.

  B long.

  C short.

  29. When the consumer thinks of alternatives and makes a final decision, the most

  important individual factor will be

  A personalities.

  B motives. .

  C performance.

  30. One of the individual dimensions of lifestyle mentioned by the socialgyist is

  A performance.

  B interests.

  C class consciousness.

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