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2006-01-09 00:00


  "达标"活动 "target hitting" activities

  打白条 issue IOU

  打黑 crack down on speculation and profiteering

  打假 crack down on counterfeit goods

  打破僵局 break the deadlock

  打顺手 find one's touch, get into gear, settle into a groove

  大包干 all-round responsibility system

  大轰动 blockbuster

  大力扣杀 hammer

  大路货 staple goods

  大满贯 grand slam

  大开眼界 open one's eyes; broaden one's horizon; be an eye-opener

  大款 tycoon

  大排挡 sidewalk snack booth; large stall

  大事化小,小事化了 try first to make their mistake sound less serious and then to reduce it to nothing at all

  大胜 white wash

  大腕 top notch

  大卫教 Branch Davidian

  大型电视系列片,长篇电视连续剧 maxi-series

  大学生创业 university students' innovative undertaking

  大要案 major and serious criminal cases

  大专生 junior college student

  大专文凭 associate degree

  大藏经 Tripitaka

  带薪分流 assign redundant civil servants to other jobs while allowing them to retain their original rank and benefits

  待岗 await job assignment, post-waiting

  待业 job-waiting

  代职 function in an acting capacity

  单循环制 single round-robin system

  党群关系 Party-masses relationship

  党政机关 Party and government organizations

  捣浆糊 give the runaround

  盗版VCD pirated VCD

  盗用公款 embezzlement

  单刀赴会 start a solo run

  倒票 speculative reselling of tickets

  倒爷 profiteer

  倒计时 countdowm

  等外品 off-grade goods, rejects

  邓小平外交思想 Deng Xiaoping's diplomatic thoughts

  低调 low keyed (a metaphor for taking a cautious and slow approach)

  第二产业 secondary industry

  第三产业 tertiary industry; service sector

  第一发球权 first inning

  第一发球员 first server

  第一双打 first pair

  地方保护主义 regional protectionism

  地方财政包干制 system whereby local authorities take full responsibility for their finances

  地区差异 regional disparity

  地热资源 geothermal resources

  地市级城市 prefecture-level city

  点子公司 consultancy company

  电话号码升位 upgrade telephone number

  电话会议 teleconference

  电视直销 TV home shopping

  电子商务认证 e-business certification

  吊球 drop shot

  吊销执照 revoke license

  钉子户 person or household who refuses to move and bargains for unreasonably high compensation when the land is requisitioned for a construction project

  定向培训 training for specific posts

  豆腐渣"工程 jerry-built project

  毒枭 drug trafficker

  独立核算工业企业 independent accounting unit(enterprise)

  "渡假外交" holiday-making diplomacy

  短期债务 floating debt

  断交信 Dear John letter (from woman to man)

  对……毫无顾忌 make no bones about ……

  对冲基金 hedge fund

  对外招商 attract foreign investment

  队长袖标(足球) skipper's armband

  多党合作制 multi-party co-operation in exercising State power

  多任务小卫星 small multi-mission satellite (SMMS)

  夺冠 take the crown


  恶性通货膨胀 hyperinflation

  恶性循环 vicious circle

  二板市场(创业板市场) second board on the country's stock market

  二次创业 start a new undertaking

  二进宫 to enter the palace a second time (people with a past criminal record again commits a crime, and is convicted and put into a correctional institution)

  二流选手 scrub, second-rater

  二元经济 dual economy


  发案率 incidence (of criminal cases)

  发烧友 fancier; zealot; enthusiastic fan

  发展不平衡 disparate development

  发展是硬道理 Development is of overriding importance. / Development is the absolute need.

  法治国家 a country under the rule of law

  法制国家 a state with an adequate legal system

  翻两番 quadruple

  反败为胜 bring about a complete turnabout, pull out of the fire

  反不正当竞争法 Law of the People's Republic of China Against Competition by Inappropriate Means

  反腐倡廉 combat corruption and build a clean government

  防抱死系统 ABS (anti-lock braking system)

  防洪工程 flood-prevention project

  房管 real estate management

  放高球 lob

  放下架子 to relinguish haungty airs; to get off one's high horse; throw off one's airs

  放行单 release permit

  飞毛腿(导弹)Scud missile

  飞行药检 spot check

  非对称数字用户环路 Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Loop (ADSL)

  费改税 transform administrative fees into taxes

  分拆上市 A subsidiary company of a corporation is listed on the stock market.

  分流 reposition of redundant personnel

  分期付款 installment payment

  分税制 system of tax distribution

  (产品)分销 subunderwriting, distribution

  粉领族 pink-collar tribe (Women who play major role in certain professions such as office workers, secretaries, models, airline hostesses, etc)

  风险投资 venture capital; risk investment

  疯牛病 mad cow disease; bovine spongiform enceohalopathy (BSE)

  锋利扣杀 razor-sharp smash

  封闭式基金 close-ended fund

  封杀出局 force out

  "封圣" canonization of "Saints"

  福利彩票 welfare lotteries

  福利分房 welfare-oriented public housing distribution system

  浮动工资 floating wages; fluctuating wages

  扶贫 poverty alleviation

  覆盖率 coverage rate

  复式住宅duplex apartment; compound apartment (a type of residential housing that maximizes usable space by increasing the number of the storey building)

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