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  I.Vocabulary and Structure(40points,1*40)

  Part 1

  Directions: Choose one of the four alternatives which is closest in meaning to the underlined word or phrase and mark the corresponding letter.

  1. “The giant was bit” is a tautological statement, to say the least.

  A tight B redundant C illogical D relative

  2. There is an embargo on any more video games coming into the house.

  A landing place B prohibition C violation D permission

  3. Youngsters are usually more impetuous than old people .

  A impatient B immature C impulsive D imperial

  4. Unfortunately, I‘ll spend the weekend doing a bunch of prosaic chores.

  A dull B practical C trivial D rhyming

  5. The crowd at the town meeting found the mayor‘s assurance too glib.

  A sarcastic B flashy C malicious D readily fluent

  6. Gazing at the crystalline lake, I decided it was too beautiful to swim in.

  A breakable B futuristic C delicate D sparkling

  7. We cannot vacillate on the question of the party‘s leadership.

  A lead B doubt C check D repeat

  8.It is more difficult for a chronic smoker to give up the habit than for a novice, but it can be done.

  A affluent B confirmed C disciplined D indecisive

  9. They were furious when one of their best managers was poached by another company

  A headhunted B punched C plundered D probed

  10. The ink had faded with time and so parts of the letter were unreadable.

  A indelible B inscrutable C illegible D illegitimate

  11. She bristled at the suggestion that she had been dishonest.

  A bridled B bridged C breathed D boasted

  12. Investors should study a prospectus before putting money into a big company.

  A positive outlook B banking agreement C profit-and-loss statement

  D formal business document

  13 .The real hero is never ostentatious.

  A frivolous B pretentious C presumptuous D ponderous

  14. If you have never held a driving license before, you should apply for a provisional license.

  A providential B temporary C provincial D improvised

  15. John Smith is a voracious book collector.

  A vicious B luxurious C insatiable D valuable

  16. I don‘t think we should make precipitate decisions.

  A precipitous B precocious C precarious D precautious

  17. You need an excursion to break the monotony.

  A gaunt B jaunt C vaunt D taunt

  18. The government appears in a quandary about what to do with so many people.

  A border B marshy ground C dilemma D situation

  19. It was an auspicious beginning to her career as an author.

  A unexpected B interesting C favorable D doubtful

  20. The governor was usually circumspect when dealing with the media.

  A skilled B cautious C impatient D obedient

  Part 2

  Directions: Choose one from the four alternatives that best completes the sentence and mark the corresponding letter.

  21. The children were having a wonderful time _____ on the frozen lake.

  A slipping B slithering C skidding D sliding

  22. The campers ______ their tent in a sheltered valley.

  A established B installed C pitched D fixed

  23. Human behavior is mostly a product of learning. Whereas the behavior of an animal depends mainly on _____ .

  A response B impulse C instinct D consciousness

  24. The cultural traditions of the invaders slowly ______ the practices of the island dwellers.

  A spread B perpetuated C permeated D reinforced

  25. He had always had a good opinion of himself, but after the publication of his bestselling novel he became unbearable _____ .

  A bigoted B proud C conceited D exaggerated

  26. This is the _____ piano on which the composer created some of his greatest works.

  A actual B real C original D genuine

  27. Although ____, new deposits of oil will be found, sooner or later, the world‘s supply will be exhausted.

  A in all likelihood B in all possibility C in all circumstances

  D in all conditions

  28. I should like to rent a house, comfortable and ___ in a quiet position.

  A before all B above all C first of all D over all

  29. He came to inspect the house ___ buying it.

  A in the event of B with a view to C in case of D with regard to

  30. Let‘s not ____ over such a trifle!

  A fall through B fall off C fall out D fall back

  31. He is a clever mimic who can take ____ most of the lectures in this college.

  A over B down C off D for

  32. He tried for forgery in a law court but was lucky enough to _____ .

  A get on B get off C get through D get out

  33. The captain turned ____ early that night, not realizing that the icebergs were so close

  A in B down C into D OFF

  34. You promised you would do it. Why did you go ____ on your word?

  A back B away C over D by

  35. The numerals have become, _____ , his friends, and he knows all their relations and acquaintances.

  A as it is B as it was C as it were D as they are

  36. A safety analysis _____ the target as a potential danger. Unfortunately, it was never done.

  A would identify B will identify C would have identified D will have identified

  37. Jennifer took this opportunity to repay her friends for their kindness ____ , she would have had to entertain them in her small apartment in Charlotte town.

  A Otherwise B However C But D Nevertheless

  38. The window is never opened ____ in summer.

  A but B except C when D while

  39. Generally, prompt cooling and proper refrigeration of foods can hold ____ bacteria in foods to a safe level.

  A a number of B the number of C an amount of D a quantity of

  40. Jean Wagner‘s most enduring contribution to the study of Afro-American poetry is his insistence that is ____ in religious, as well as worldly, frame of reference.

  A is to be analyzed B has been analyzed C be analyzed D should have been analyzed

  II. Error spotting (20points, 1*20)

  Directions: Decide which underlined part is incorrect and mark the corresponding letter.

  41. The process depends, however, upon the drawer, cupboard and storage space being provided, A B

  for the lack of which some thing may literally have no place to go .

  C D

  42. Immediately after I put my head on it, I got to understand that translation wasn‘t as mechanical A B C

  a job as I had held it to be.


  43. Living in a remote country village, many forms of entertainment are in accessible to us.

  A B C D

  44. Thousands of people died even though there was a worldwide effort to send food and medicine A B C

  to the starved people.


  45. The government deems it essential that people are psychologically able to resist the impact

  A B

  brought about by the transition from planned economy to market-oriented economy.

  C D

  46. At seeing him, I couldn‘t resist laughing because his suit hung loosely, as if tailored for

  A B C

  someone twice his size.


  47. What is often stressed in most of the literature, an objective of Women Lib is to do away with A B C

  unfair discrimination against women.


  48. If ambition is to be well regarded, the reward of ambition —— wealth, distinction, control over A B

  one‘s destiny —— must be deemed worthy of the sacrifices made on ambition’s behalf.

  C D

  49. Mr. Smith regretted to blame his secretary for the mistake, for he later discovered it was

  A B C

  his own fault.


  50. Nowhere but in Europe we have seen the results so clearly, which really have surprised us all.

  A B C D

  51. The parent as teacher-counselor acts in accord with the developmental model of child rearing, A

  by which the child is viewed as an extremely plastic organism with virtually unlimited potential

  B C

  for growth and development.


  52. For every patient with AIDS, it is estimated that there are 10 times as many as ARC, or


  AIDS-Related Complex, a precursor to the fullblown disease, and 50 times as many who already B C

  have been infected with the agent human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV.


  53. If only the nature of the aging process is better understood the possibility of discovering a

  A B C

  medicine that can block the fundamental process of aging seems very remote.


  54.As far as the great demand for means of transport is concerned, we can develop mass transit to A B C

  take place of private cars.


  55. Computer technology makes it possible to store vast amounts of data in machine-readable files, A B

  and program computers to locate specific in formation.

  C D

  56. Once an occupation came to be received to be “female”, employers showed little interest in

  A B

  changing that perception, even when higher profits were expected to be gained.

  C D

  57. It is inevitable that the natural resources throughout the world are diminished as the demand

  A B C

  for them is on the increase.


  58. The men who wrote the United States Constitution did the best they could on the face of

  A B C

  circumstances which confronted them at the time.


  59.I am sure one of the main reasons why boys and girls are such good companions today is that

  A B

  they are no longer afraid of showing their feeling towards each other.

  C D

  60.The data received from the two spacecrafts whirling around Mars indicate that there is much

  A B C

  evidence that huge thunderstorms are occurring about the equator of the planet.


  III. Cloze (10 points, 1*10)

  Directions: Fill in each underlined space with one word that best suits the context of the following passage.

  Today it is out of fashion to speak in ___61______ of characters. But there is no more essential aspect of any person.

  Character is made up of those principles and values that give your __62___ direction, meaning and depth. These constitute your inner sense of ___63_____ is right and wrong based not on laws or rules of conduct ___64____ on who you are. They include ___65____ traits as integrity, honesty, courage, fairness and generosity —— which arise ___66______ the hard choice we have to _67___ in life. So wrong is simply in doing wrong, not in getting caught.

  ___68____ some people wonder if our inner values __69_____ anymore. After all, hasn‘t our noted bank executive succeeded in every visible way ___70____ his transgressions( 错误,过失)。

  VI. Translation from Chinese into English (30 points)




  V . Translation from English into Chinese. (30 points)

  It used to be said that English people take their pleasures sadly. No doubt this would still be true if they had any pleasures to take, but the price of alcohol and tobacco in my country has provided sufficient external causes for melancholy. I have sometimes thought that the habit of taking pleasures sadly has crossed the Atlantic, and I have wondered what it is that makes so many English – speaking people somber in their outlook in spite of good health and a good income.

  In the course of my travels in America I have been impressed by a kind of fundamental malaise which seems to me extremely common and which poses difficult problems for the social reformer. Most social reformers have held the opinion that, if poverty were abolished and there were no more economic insecurity, the millennium would have arrived. But when I look at the faces of people in opulent cars, whether in your country or in mine. I do not see that look of radiant happiness which the aforesaid social reformers had led me to expect. In nine cases out of ten. I see instead a look of boredom and discontent and an almost frantic longing for something that might tickle the jaded (腻烦的)palate.

  But it is not only the very rich who suffer in this way. Professional men very frequently feel hopelessly thwarted. There is something that they long to do or some public object that they long to work for. But if they were to indulge their wishes in these respects, they fear that they would lose their livelihood. Their wives are equally unsatisfied, for their neighbor, Mrs. So-and-So, has gone ahead more quickly, has a better car , a larger apartment and grander friends.

  Life for almost everybody is a long competitive struggle where very few can win the race and those who do not win are unhappy. On social occasions when it is de rigueur(按照礼节时尚所要求的)to seem cheerful the necessary demeanor is stimulated by alcohol. But the gaiety does not ring true and anybody who had just one drink too many is apt to lapse into lachrymose (泪流满面的) melancholy.

  One finds this sort of thing only among English speaking people. A Frenchman while he is abusing Government is as gay as a lark. So is an Italian while he is telling how his neighbor has swindled him. Mexicans, when they are not actually starving or actually being murdered, sing and dance and enjoy sunshine and food and drink with a gusto which

  Is very rare north of the Mexican frontier. When Andrew Jackson conquered Pensacola from the Spaniards, his wife looked out of the widow and saw the population enjoying itself although it was Sunday. She pointed out the scandal to her husband, who decreed that cheerfulness must cease forthwith And it did.

  When I try to understand what it is that prevents so many Americans from being as happy as one might expect, it seems to me that there are two causes, of which one goes much deeper than the other. The one that goes least deep is the necessity for subservience (服从)in some large organization. If you are an energetic man with strong views as to the right way of doing the job with which you are concerned, you find yourself invariably under the orders of some man at the top who is elderly, weary and cynical. Whenever you have bright idea, the boss puts a stopper on it. The more energetic you are and the more vision you have, the more you will suffer from the impossibility of doing any of the things that you feel ought to be done. When you go home and moan to your wife, she tells you that you are a silly fellow and that if you became the proper sort of yes-man your income would soon be doubled. If you try divorce and remarriage it is very unlikely that there will be any change in this respect. And so you are condemned to gastric ulcers (胃溃疡) and premature old age.

  VI. Writing (20 points)

  Directions: Write an expository composition of no less than 200 words on the topic

  “My View on a Balanced Personal Development”


  1.B 2.B 3. C 4. A 5. D 6. D 7. B 8. B 9. A 10. C

  11. A 12. A 13. B 14. B 15. C 16. A 17. B 18. C 19. C 20. B

  21. C 22. C 23. C 24. C 25. C 26. C 27. A 28. B 29. B 30. B

  31. B 32. B 33. A 34. A 35. A 36. C 37. A 38. B 39. B 40. C

  41. B 42. A 43. A 44. D 45. B 46. A 47. A 48. B 49. A 50. B

  51. A 52. C 53. A 54. D 55. B 56. A 57. B 58. C 59. D 60.B