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  Decide which of the choices given below would correctly complete the passage if inserted in the corresponding blanks. Mark the correct choice for each blank.

  Television —— that most pervasive and persuasive of modern (26)____, marked by rapid change and growth —— is moving into a new era, an era of extraordinary sophistication and versatility, which (27)____ to reshape our lives and our world. It is an electronic (28)____, made possible by the (29)____of television and computer sciences. The word "television," (30)____ from its Greek (tele: distant) and Latin (vision: sight) roots, can (31)____ be interpreted as sight from a distance. Very simply (32)____, it works in this way: through a sophisticated system of electronics, television provides the (33)____ of converting an image into electronic impulses, which can be sent through a wire or cable. These impulses, when (34)____ into a receiver (television set), can (35)____ be electronically reconstituted into that same image. Television is more than just an electronics system, however. It is (36)____ of expression, as well as a (37)____ for communication, and as such becomes a powerful tool for reading other human beings. The field of television can be divided into two (38)____ determined by its means of transmission. First, there is broadcast television, which teaches the masses through broad-based airwave transmission of television (39)____. Second, there is nonbroadcast television, which provides (40)____ the needs of individuals or specific interest groups through controlled transmission techniques.

  26.   A) techniques   B) skills   C) developments   D) technologies

  27.   A) suggests   B) promises   C) appears   D) pledges

  28.   A) evolution   B) innovation   C) transformation   D) revolution

  29.   A) marriage   B) synthesis   C) association   D) unification

  30.   A) came   B) stemmed   C) derived   D) resulted

  31.   A) accurately   B) precisely   C) exactly   D) literally

  32.   A) said   B) put   C) expressed   D) described

  33.   A) capability   B) competence   C) ability   D) proficiency

  34.   A) feeding   B) having fed   C) feed   D) fed

  35.   A) then   B) now   C) later   D) shortly

  36.   A) a mean   B) a means   C) mean   D) means

  37.   A) channel   B) apparatus   C) vehicle   D) mechanism

  38.   A) classes   B) sections   C) categories   D) groups

  39.   A) signals   B) signs   C) images   D) pictures

  40.   A) for   B) with   C) to   D) on


  There are twenty-five sentences in this section. Beneath each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose one word or phrase that correctly completes the sentence.

  41. This is a most peculiar letter. What do you ____ of it?

  A) gather

  B) make

  C) get

  D) feel

  42. Now that we've identified the problem, we must decide on an appropriate course of ____.

  A) action

  B) progress

  C) solution

  D) development

  43. Since the couple couldn't ____ their difference, they decided to get a divorce.

  A) reconcile

  B) identify

  C) adjust

  D) coincide

  44. We attended a ____ of the new manufacturing process.

  A) demonstration

  B) display

  C) showing

  D) manifestation

  45. How many people do you think his car would ____?

  A) occupy

  B) hold

  C) fit

  D) load

  46. It never ____ my mind that he might refuse the request.

  A) passed

  B) filled

  C) crossed

  D) occurred

  47. People become less ____ to new ideas as they grow older.

  A) receptive

  B) available

  C) attentive

  D) attractive

  48. Is he really ____ to judge a brass band contest?

  A) competent

  B) skillful

  C) capable

  D) efficient

  49. The new airport will be ____ from all directions.

  A) available

  B) accessible

  C) obtainable

  D) achievable

  50. The team's recent wins have now ____ them for the semi-finals.

  A) fitted

  B) promoted

  C) qualified

  D) selected

  51. For parents, one of the problems ____ by rising prices is the continual demand for more pocket money.

  A) given

  B) posed

  C) provided

  D) forced

  52. The police managed to ____ down the owner of the car.

  A) trace

  B) track

  C) search

  D) pursue

  53. The party's reduced vote was ____ of lack of support for its polices.

  A) indicative

  B) confirming

  C) revealing

  D) evidence

  54. The football match was televised ____ from the Workers' Stadium.

  A) alive

  B) life

  C) live

  D) lively

  55. Having considered the problem for a while she thought better ____ her first solution.

  A) to

  B) than

  C) from

  D) of

  56. If that idea was wrong, the project is bound to fail, ____ good all the other ideas might be.

  A) whatever

  B) though

  C) whatsoever

  D) however

  57. The less the surface of the ground yields to the weight of the body of a runner, ____ to the body.

  A) the greater the stress

  B) the stress is greater

  C) greater the stress is

  D) greater is the stress

  58. That's your sister, ____?

  A) isn't it

  B) isn't that

  C) isn't she

  D) aren't you

  59. It's high time we ____ a rest.

  A) have

  B) had

  C) are having

  D) should have

  60. If you ____, you'd better go outside in the fresh air.

  A) faint

  B) have fainted

  C) are going to faint

  D) will faint

  61. I don't know ____.

  A) why do this

  B) why to do this

  C) why doing this

  D) why we ought to do this

  62. The man over there is ____ our principal.

  A) no other but

  B) no other than

  C) no one than

  D) none other than

  63. No one can walk the wire without a bit of fear unless ____ very young.

  A) having been trained

  B) trained

  C) to be trained

  D) being trained

  64. —— When can we come to visit you? —— Any time you feel ____.

  A) for it

  B) to it

  C) like it

  D) so

  65. His honesty is ____: nobody can doubt it.

  A) in question

  B) out of the question

  C) beside the question

  D) without question


  In this section there are four passages followed by fifteen questions or unfinished statements, each with four suggested answers marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that you think is the correct answer.

  Text A

  A Wise Man He was a funny looking man with a cheerful face and a good-natured talker. He was described by his student, the great philosopher, as "the best and most just and wisest man." Yet, this same man was condemned to death for his beliefs. The man was the Greek philosopher, Socrates, and he was condemned for not believing in the recognized god and for corrupting young people. The second charge stemmed from his association with numerous young men who came to Athens from all over the civilized world to study under him. Socrates method of teaching was ask question and, by pretending not to know the answers, to press his students into thinking for themselves. His teachings had influence, Socrates himself never wrote a word. Socrates encouraged new ideas and free thinking in the young, and this was frightening to the conservative people. They wanted him silenced. Yet, many were probably surprised that he accepted death so readily. Socrates had the right to ask for a lesser penalty, and he probably could have won over enough of the people who had previously condemned him. But Socrates, as a firm believer in law, reasoned that it was proper to submit to the death sentence. So, he calmly accepted his fate and drank a cup of poison hemlock in the presence of his grief-stricken friends and students.

  66. In the first paragraph, the word yet is used to introduce _____.

  A) contrast.

  B) a sequence.

  C) emphasis.

  D) an example.

  67. Socrates was condemned to death because he _____.

  A) firmly believed in law.

  B) was a philosopher.

  C) published outspoken articles.

  D) advocated original opinions.

  68. By mentioning that Socrates himself never wrote anything, the writer implies that _____.

  A) it was surprising that Socrates was so famous.

  B) Socrates was not so learned as he is reputed to have been.

  C) Socrates used the work of his students in teaching.

  D) that authorities refused to publish Socrates' works.

  69. Socrates accepted the death penalty to show _____.

  A) his belief in his students.

  B) his contempt for conservatives.

  C) his recognition of the legal system.

  D) that he was not afraid of death.

  Text B

  In English, along a stretch of the north-east coast which gently curves from Northumberland to the estuary of the river Tees, there was a spot, typical of many on that coast, where sea-coal collected richly and effortlessly. This coal was a coarse powder, clean and brilliant. It seemed to bear little resemblance to the large, filthy lumps put onto the fire. Although it was coal, it was perfectly clean and it was silently deposited at high tide in a glittering carpet a kilometer long for the local community to gather up. The great needed for sea-coaling expeditions was a curious and traditionally proven assortment which never varied from community to community along the entire north-east coastline. Sacks were essential to put the coal in, and string to tie the neck of each sack when it was full. A wooden rake was used to scrape the coal from the beach. The only alternative to the rake was a flat piece of board held in the hand. A flat, broad shovel to lift the raked coal into the bags, completed the portable hardware. But the most crucial item of equipment was a bicycle, a special kind of rusty, stripped-down model which was the symbol of the sea-coaling craft. A ladys bike was no good because it lacked a crossbar, and that was an essential element in transporting sea-coal. One full sack could be slung through the triangular frame of a mans bike, another over the crossbar and, sometime, even a third on top of that. The beauty of the metal bar against the full, wet sacks forced excess water out of the coal while it was being wheeled home. On a good day, the path to the beach was generally a double snail track of water that had been forced from each end of a trail of coal sacks.

  70. The difference between the two types of coal was that sea coal _____.

  A) burnt better.

  B) was cheaper.

  C) was more finely-grained.

  D) came in big pieces.

  71. Certain equipment was used because _____.

  A) the people were very traditional.

  B) it could be made by the communities.

  C) it had proved to be practical.

  D) the communities had curious habits.

  72. To carry three sacks of coal on a bicycle it was necessary to _____.

  A) put one of them on the saddle.

  B) balance them all on the crossbar.

  C) balance two on the crossbar.

  D) remove the excess liquid.

  73. By using the bicycle _____.

  A) the collection could ride home.

  B) coal could be moved easily over the sand.

  C) the collection could sell more coal.

  D) excess liquid could be removed.

  Text C

  When we think of creative people the names that probably spring to mind are those of men such as Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, and Pablo Picasso, i.e., great artists, inventors and scientists —— a select and exceptionally gifted body of men with rare talent and genius. The tendency to regard creativity and imaginative thinking as the exclusive province of a lucky few disregards the creative and imaginative aspects inherent in the solution of many of the tasks we regularly have to face —— the discovery and development of new method and techniques, the improvement of old methods, existing inventions and products. Everyone has creative ability to some extent. Creative thinking involves posing oneself a problem and then finding a solution along new and unconventional lines. It involves drawing new comparisons, discovering new combinations, and/or new applications of thing that are already known. It follows, then, that a creative person will exhibit great intellectual curiosity and imagination. He will be alert and observant with a great store of information which he will be able to sort out and combine, in the solution of problems. He will be emotionally receptive to new and unconventional ideas and will be less interested in facts than in their implications. Most important of all, he will be able to communicate freely and will not be too concerned about other peoples reaction to his apparently crazy ideas. People called the Wright brothers mad but it did not stop them from becoming the first men to construct and fly a heavier-than-air craft.

  74. The author believes that creative thinking _____.

  A) is only possessed by great artists.

  B) requires rare talent and genius.

  C) is needed in solving many problems.

  D) belongs to a few lucky people.

  75. Creative thinking involves _____.

  A) drawing new pictures of old things.

  B) observing the actions of great people.

  C) facing the problem and finding a solution.

  D) discovering new emotions.

  76. A creative person must look at facts _____.

  A) for their face-value.

  B) for what they imply.

  C) and remember them.

  D) which are less interesting.

  77. In order to solve scientific problems, people _____.

  A) should not be afraid of others' opinions.

  B) should be as crazy as possible.

  C) must possess strange notions.

  D) should have more freedom.

  Text D

  Rock music has grown in including hundreds of musical styles, some of which define a broad mainstream, while others are supported by small but devoted audiences. As in earlier decades, major record companies have used independent labels to find new trends and locate promising talent. Rap music continued to develop in the 1990s, stimulating controversy over its sometimes violent lyrics. Many rap styles gained popularity, including the gangsta (gangster) style of Ice-T and Dr. Dre; the pop-rap style of hip-hop and jazz developed by Us3. Heavy metal has remained popular, as evidenced by huge arena concerts. A style known as alternative rock, popularized in the late 1980s by the group R. E. M., combines heavy-metal guitars, folk and punk influences, and ambiguous lyrics. The alternative style consisted of a number of substyles, such as the grunge rock of Seattle-based groups Nirvana and Soundgarden. Techno, a style of dance music that gained popularity in the 1990s, combines computer-generated, disco-like rhythms with digital samples. Acid jazz is a related style, combining rock and jazz influences. Music video has remained an important means of introducing new performers. Other new media technologies, including the use of fiber-optic cables and satellite transmissions, have changed the way people access popular music. Advances in recording-studio technology, digital recording equipment, and synthesis techniques have allowed musicians, producers, and music engineers to exert far greater control over their final product than previously possible. In live concerts, miniaturized and relatively portable amplification equipment has been introduced to create the illusion of direct communication between the audience and the performers. In contrast, the Lo-Fi movement developed in 1990s as a reaction against the glossy production values of mainstream popular music. This movement stresses primitive, low-fidelity recording techniques that reflect those used in the 50s and 70s.

  78. The following statements about music are true EXCEPT _____.

  A) There are now hundreds of musical styles included in rock music.

  B) Most rock styles are supported by a large number of devoted people.

  C) Some rock styles are called mainstream style because of their popularity.

  D) Different rock styles are labeled differently by major record companies.

  79. There are some discussions or arguments about rap music because _____.

  A) it was not so popular in the 1980s as in the 1990s.

  B) there are so many kinds of rap music available.

  C) it combines with many other musical styles.

  D) sometimes its lyrics are related to violence.

  80. What brings about an improvement of sound quality in music industry?

  A) Advances in studio technology, digital recording equipment and synthesis techniques.

  B) New media technologies, as the use of fiber-optic cables and satellite transmissions.

  C) miniaturized and relatively portable amplification equipment used in live concert.

  D) Music video technologies that introduce new performers quickly, easily and artistically.


  In this section there are six passages with a total of 10 multiple-choice questions. Skim or scan them as required and then mark your answer.

  Text E

  First read the question.   81. The passage is mainly concerned with _____. A. fruit growing. B. outdoor gardening. C. leafy vegetables. D. indoor gardening.   82. The authors attitude towards the topic in the passage is _____. A. neutral. B. positive. C. contradictory. D. indifferent.   Now go through the text quickly and answer the questions.   Maybe youd like to have a vegetable garden, but you live in a room, an apartment, a townhouse or a mobile home, and you think there is no place at all for such activity. But if you have a doorstep, a balcony or even just a windowsill, you can have your own mini-garden. Mini-garden with vegetables, fruit trees and herbs can be fascinating fun, and you can mix or match all vegetables or vegetables and flowers. You can grow them in greenhouses, under fluorescent lights, or in a sunny window. Perhaps now, with the prices of fresh vegetables competing with those of meats and dairy products, this is more than ever an important aspect of indoor gardening. But entirely aside from the economic dividends, there is the pleasure of enjoying a truly fresh product, one you grew yourself from plant to plate. Vegetables plants grow better in full sunlight than in the shade. Some vegetables need more light than others. Leafy vegetables (lettuce) can stand more shade than root vegetables (beets). Root vegetables can stand more shade than vegetable fruit plants (cucumbers) which do very poorly in the shade. Plant your vegetable fruit plants where they will get the most sun, and your leafy vegetables and root vegetables in the shadier areas.

  81. The passage is mainly concerned with _____.

  A) fruit growing.

  B) outdoor gardening.

  C) leafy vegetables.

  D) indoor gardening.

  82. The author's attitude towards the topic in the passage is _____.

  A) neutral.

  B) positive.

  C) contradictory.

  D) indifferent.

  Text F

  First read the question.   83. This letter is written by a(n) _____. A. prospective salesperson. B. high school student. C. book publisher. D. office manager. Now go through the text quickly and answer the questions.   28 Beach Road, Newtown. The manager. Royal Publishers, P. O. Box 446 Newtown March 11th, 199-   Dear Sir, I am 18 years old, and I graduated from Newtown High School last October. At high school my main subjects were English, business studies, history, athletics and science. I would be very interested in working as a salesman. I am very interested in books, and I have always been interested in the publishing business. I enjoy meeting and talking to people. I enclose two letters of reference, a photograph, and my school academic record. I would be available for an interview at any time. I look forward to hearing from you.   Yours sincerely, Jack Eastwood

  83. This letter is written by a(n) _____.

  A) prospective salesperson.

  B) high school student.

  C) book publisher.

  D) office manager.

  Text G

  First read the question.   84. Who will best fit the vacancy described in the ad.? A. A receptionist with secondary-school education. B. A typist with three years of working experience. C. A young college graduate with a management degree. D. A middle-aged clerk with some working knowledge of computers.   Now go through the text quickly and answer the questions.   SITUATIONS VACANT   Administration Trainee We have a vacancy for a trainee in our head office.   Main duties will be office work with reception and telephone work. Training will be given in the use of a computer. The successful applicant will have college level education in business-related subjects and will be able to work with a minimum of supervision. Typing skills essential. Age range preferably 21-24. Good working conditions. Please apply in writing, stating age, qualification, and other relevant information to: Administration Manager, STARTEX OIL. P. O. Box 355, Westport

  84. Who will best fit the vacancy described in the ad.?

  A) A receptionist with secondary-school education.

  B) A typist with three years of working experience.

  C) A young college graduate with a management degree.

  D) A middle-aged clerk with some working knowledge of computers.

  Text H

  First read the question.   85. When are guests allowed? A. Any time. B. Saturday. C. Friday. D. After 6 p.m.   86. What must club members bring with them? A. Own towels. B. Locker keys. C. Swimming caps. D. Registration cards.   Now go through the text quickly and answer the questions.   JUBILEE SWIMMING CLUB REGULATIONS All swimmers must shower before they enter the pool. Diving is only allowed from the diving-board. Running and playing near the pool is not permitted. Club members may bring guests at weekends only. Children under 12 are not allowed to use the pool unless accompanied by an adult. Members must show their membership cards at the registration desk. Used towels must be placed in the bins provided. Smoking is not allowed in the changing-room. Guests must sign at the registration desk. . All bathers must leave the pool by 6 p.m. Clothes must be placed in the lockers provided. Key are available at the registration desk. Only club members and their families are allowed to use the pool.

  85. When are guests allowed?

  A) Any time.

  B) Saturday.

  C) Friday.

  D) After 6 p.m.

  86. What must club members bring with them?

  A) Own towels.

  B) Locker keys.

  C) Swimming caps.

  D) Registration cards.

  Text I

  First read the question.   87. What happened for the first time on December 17th, 1903? A. An aero-plane flew over the river Potomac. B. Orville Wright invented a glider. C. A steam engineer was used to power a plane. D. A man piloted an engine-driven plane.   88. Which of these statements about the 1908 flight is true? A. Not so many spectators were present as in 1903. B. The aero-plane stayed in the air much longer than in 1903. C. There was only one person in the aero-plane. D. The aero-plane flew at a speed of a mile a minute.   Now go through the text quickly and answer the questions.   The Wright Brothers   There are many memorable dates in the story of mans conquest of the air. One is December 17th, 1903. On that day, for the first time in the history of mankind, a man flew for just a few seconds in a machine which was power-driven and heavier-than-air. The name of that brave airman was Orville Wright. There were two Wright brothers whose ancestors had emigrated from English to America in the seventeenth century. Wilbur was born in 1867 and Orville four years later. When they left school, the two brothers started a small cycle factory. One day they heard that a man called Langley had made an aero-plane driven by a small steam-engine. This aero-plane flew without a pilot over the river Potomac until its engine failed and it came down in the river. "Let us try to make an aero-plane that will carry a man." Said Wilbur. The two brothers set to work, designing and building gliders. When they had learned how to control their gliders skillfully, they attacked the problem of supplying power to drive the machine. Instead of using a steam engine, they decided to use a petrol engine, which was smaller and lighter and more efficient. Just before 10:30 o the morning of December 17th, five spectators stood in the cold wind at Kitty Hawk and watched Orville climbing into his machine. It rose to a height of eight to ten feet above the ground and stayed in the air for twelve seconds. The first power-driven flight had succeeded. The two brothers enthusiastically continues their experiments. They improved the engine and the aircraft. On September 8th, 1908, Orville amazed a crowd of a thousand people by remaining airborne for one hour two minutes and thirty seconds. The machine carried a passenger and a pilot and traveled at forty miles per hour.

  87. What happened for the first time on December 17th, 1903?

  A) An aero-plane flew over the river Potomac.

  B) Orville Wright invented a glider.

  C) A steam engineer was used to power a plane.

  D) A man piloted an engine-driven plane.

  88. Which of these statements about the 1908 flight is true?

  A) Not so many spectators were present as in 1903.

  B) The aero-plane stayed in the air much longer than in 1903.

  C) There was only one person in the aero-plane.

  D) The aero-plane flew at a speed of a mile a minute.

  Text J

  First read the question.   89. If you want to buy a TV set in good condition, which number should you call? A. 43655. B. 35633. C. 42377. D. 42677.   90. Who should Reg phone? A. Phil B. Alys C. John D. Anne   Now go through the text quickly and answer the questions.   THE MORNING HERALD OCTOBER 18 ADVERTISEMENT FOR SALE FOR SALE 2 single beds (with mattresses) and large chest of drawer Excellent condition Almost new 12-speed bicycle; new types, plus headlight and strong combination lock 86. Tel 68455 220. Phone Alys Tel. 43566 WANTED WANTED Mans bicycle in good condition. Phone Phil 24522 19" colour TV. Easy to carry. Tel. 43655 FOR SALE FOR SALE Film developing unit and photo enlarging unit; plus 25 rolls of colour film. Tel. 74533 Large 26" colour TV in wooden cabinet. (Sanyo) Still under guarantee. 350. Tel. 42377 WANTED FOR SALE TV set (Cabinet model). Volume needs attention Tel. 35633 Minolta 35mm camera. 5 years old. Needs some repairs. Only 35. Tel. 78454 WANTED FOR SALE Bicycle in any condition Must be cheap. Phone Reg. 266677 10-speed bicycle. 5 years old. Need some repairs. Only 35. Phone Anne after 6 p. m. Tel. 78466 FOR SALE WANTED Standing lamp for living-room. Almost new. 100 Tel. 553642 Small portable TV set. Old model going cheap. Phone John on 42677

  89. If you want to buy a TV set in good condition, which number should you call?

  A) 43655.

  B) 35633.

  C) 42377.

  D) 42677.

  90. Who should Reg phone?

  A) Phil

  B) Alys

  C) John

  D) Anne


  Listen to the following passage. Although the passage will be read to you four times. During the first reading, which will be read at normal speed, listen and try to understand the meaning. For the second reading and third reading, the passage will be read sentence by sentence, or phrase by phrase, with intervals of 15 to 20 seconds. The last reading will be read at normal speed again and during this time you should check your work. You will then be given 2 minutes to check through your work once more.



  Write a composition of about 150 words on the following topic: Traffic congestion is always one of the problems facing big cities.

  Now, you have been asked to write an article of about 150 words to a local newspaper entitled:

  THE BEST WAY TO SOLVE TRAFFIC CONGESTION   You are to write in three paragraphs.   In the first paragraph, state clearly what your view is. In the second paragraph, support your view with details. In the third paragraph, bring what you have written to a natural conclusion with a summary or suggestion.   Marks will be awarded for content, organization, grammar and appropriacy. Failure to follow the instruction may result in a loss of marks.

  Write a note of about 50-60 words based on the following situation:   You cannot find your book and think that you may have left it in the dorm of a friend whom you visited recently. Write him/her a note asking him/her if you did in fact leave your book at his/her place.   Marks will be awarded for content, organization, grammar and appropriacy.

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