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2006-02-10 00:00

Omega (The Watch) A Swiss watch maker will tell you the only non-negotiable(a.可协商的) item in the world is time. It can't be bought, sold or traded, therefore its measurement is precious. It marks the joys, the melancholy, the sadness and the great moment of our life, and to some that requires nothing less than the genuine article.

Those prestige(n.声望,威望) watches include names like Piaget, Lockman and Chopard, manufacturers who like to use 18 carat(n.克拉) gold bands, studded with mother-of-pearl and diamonds to create spectacular jewelry that outshines(v.放光,照耀) a simple ability to tell time. Others like Rolex or Omega are famous for their solid dependability.

Leading that field is no minor achievement. Swiss brands have dominated watch making since the early 16th century, but before that workforce could develop into the five-billion-dollar industry it is today, the watch had to evolve to being more than just a lady's trinket(n.小装饰品).

All watches tell time, but a good watchmaker wants to do far more than that. And that breeds a fierce sense of craftsmanship(n.技能,技术) and competition which has led to some of the great treasures in watch making.

Daryl Chipper (international director. Sotheby): One of those watches which is known as the "Henry Graves Super complication", this particular watch has the night time sky over New York city, giving the proper longitude and latitude of course, gives you sunrise, sunset, equation of time which is the difference between mean time and sidereal(a.恒星的) time. On the other dial, we had the feature that chimes the time like a clock. In this case it had Westminster chimes, which means that is sounded just like Big Ben.

Henry Graves' watch sold at auction(n.拍卖)in 1999 at the highest price ever bid for a time piece, which is just as well because according to Bill Prince, a man's only legitimate(a.合理的,合法的) piece of adornment is his time piece.

(The Pen -- Mont blanc)It is that ability to convey character that makes a fountain pen so treasured. Part of that personality comes from the design of a fountain pen that has changed little since Louis Waterman's 1884 patent for the channeled feed. Fine pens like Cartier, Viscount and Crowe have been appreciated and collected for nearly a century. But one French manufacturer has captured the imagination and hearts of pen-lovers throughout the world.

John Frampton (Boutique manager, Mont Blanc): We're not about being a disposable item. It's about having an item and having it for years and years. And that's an important part of our culture at Mont blanc.

Tipped with iridium and platinum(n.白金,铂) for extra strength, Mont Blanc nibs(n.嘴,鹅管笔的尖端,钢笔尖) are cut, ground and finished by hand in a process that has not changed over the last century. Why? So that no two pens are ever alike. It is both this uniqueness of character and innate ability to convey emotion that defines your pen as your own. Some manufacturers specialize in placing a piece of history in your hand.

John: We go all the way up to the Solitaire Royale and this is a phenomenal writing instrument. It's encrusted(v.包壳) with 4, 810 diamonds. 4810 is actually the height of the mountain Mont Blanc in meters, so 4810 is a very important number to Mont Blanc. But this is not a writing instrument for everyone. It's perfect for the client who for a desk writing instrument or going out on a formal occasion, where we're using it as a piece of jewelry, putting it on a lapel(n.翻领), withdrawing it from a handbag. It's probably more a piece of jewelry than a writing instrument.

Host: It's a showstopper(n.特别受欢迎的人或物一个特别有吸引力的人或事物,尤指能把注意力从别处引过来或使活动进程中断的人或事物), isn't it?

John:It's a showstopper.

People who collect and use fine pens all say the same thing: It's one of the most practical luxuries they can imagine. And even if the reader never knows it, the writer has the satisfaction of using nothing less than the genuine article.










约翰:我们最花心思制造的是这支名为 "Solitaire Royale" 的钻石钢笔,这可是笔中极品。它的外壳嵌有4810颗钻石。4810本是万宝龙山的高度所以4810对万宝龙来说是一个非常重要的数字。而这支笔并不是适合所有人随身携带以作书写之用,最理想的是摆在桌止作书写工具,或是携以出席正式场合,把它当成一件珠宝,将笔别在翻领上,或从提包里取出来,这样,与其说它是一件书写工具,倒不如说它更像是一件珠宝。




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