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速配日记(中英对照) (4)

2006-02-14 00:00

    Previously in our speed dater's diary…

    After a false start Harry finally finds his feet and changes his approach after observing the techniques of the other guys. We now find out if there were any matches. Female with braided hair, image ? Ingram Publishing/Alamy


    Between conversations I had to cram some notes into the comments box on the checklist.  There was only room for two or three words, which was probably deliberate to encourage people to write down either ‘no way’ or ‘oh yeah’.

    But did I find anyone who I wanted to tick ‘yes’?  Well actually I did. One girl impressed me by telling me she‘d travelled independently to Australia and Egypt to go scuba-diving and was planning to attend every music festival possible over the summer. Another was an accomplished water-skier. Another wanted to quit her teaching job and become a writer.  Another was a museum curator with lots of fascinating facts to share. And one was extremely physically attractive, and at the end of the day I am only a simple man.

    Dating techniques

    The ‘dating’ continued in the bar immediately after the structured part of the evening, and was fascinating as I got to witness the different approaches of the other guys. A variety of techniques were exhibited, ranging from pure arrogance and criticising the competition to asexual humility and getting too drunk to talk about their job as an accountant. I suspect I blended all of these together and stayed as long as possible observing the different exchanges until I felt confident about who I would like to see again

    I decided to leave the yes/no/friend tick boxes until I‘d spoken to a few more people. Female applying make up, image Ingram Publishing/Alamy

    Spiders and scuba divers

    The next day I ticked the boxes. As a complete novice, I was keen to be given the benefit of the doubt so decided to be generous with my own ticks. If I felt someone had more to say than they had managed to squeeze into their half of the three minutes. I went back online, viewed the profiles to check I‘d remembered people correctly (I think there were three Amanda’s, which was very confusing as one was the scuba diver and one was the spider and I didn‘t want to get it wrong) and clicked the necessary boxes.

    Over the course of the next few days, as all the participants put their preferences onto the website, the matches and mismatches began to appear. There were a few surprises. The water-skier wanted to see me again, as did the spider and the drunk girl. The curator and author-to-be were not interested. I was a bit disappointed, but this was compensated for when the scuba diver finally got round to putting her ticks in and I got a match.

    Next month, our speed dater updates us on where he is now. Did he find love…?












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