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2006-02-09 00:00Trends

Summer Ginger Beer

Good old fashion ginger(姜) beer, just the thing to cool you down on a hot summer's day, and we made this ourselves. In fact, it's almost as much fun to make, as it is to drink.

You can tell that's proper ginger beer, it's got a real kick to it. You can make ginger beer at home yourself as well, but you will need to get some help along the way. For instance, when you start, it's very important that all the bottles and the bowls are completely clean. So, get someone to help you sterilize(消毒,杀菌) them before you start.

Then you'll need the main ingredient of ginger beer, root ginger. It looks all knobbaly(有小圆块的) and you can get it in supermarkets. You'll need about 50 grams, that much. You can tell that it's root ginger, cause it smells really gingery.

Get someone to peel the ginger for you and then to grate(磨碎) it, and when it's grated, it goes all sorts of clumpy(成块的,树木丛生的,多块的), and woody, like this. And then pop it in a bowl.

Then you need the juice of half a lemon, and 50 grams of sugar, and 2 teaspoons of cream of tartar(酒石), which is something you can get in the bakery section of supermarkets. Pop that in.

Then get someone to add half a liter of hot water for you, and then give it a good stir till all the sugar dissolves(溶解,解散).

Then you can add half a liter of cold water, to cool it all down again.

And finally add a teaspoon full of dried yeast(酵母), which you can get from the bakery department of a supermarket.

And then last of all, pop a lid on, and make sure that the lid is on absolutely tight, and that no air can get in or out. Then put it in the fridge overnight.

The next morning, get a bit of kitchen towel, pop it into a sieve(筛) like that. Then put the sieve over a jug. Then take your mixture, and pour it in bit by bit. What you're doing is filtering out all the clumps of ginger and lumps, so you're left with pure mixture. When you've finished, get rid of all the yucky(令人讨厌的) bits you've filtered out. Take the mixture.

And pour the mixture into a sterilized bottle, use a funnel(漏斗,烟囱) like I am doing here. Don't fill the bottle all the way up, make sure that you've got a bit of an egg at the top. And then finally, seal the bottle with a screw top so none of the bubbles can get out, and then stick it in the fridge for 4 days, but no longer.

Now trust me, all this waiting is worth while, cause while your ginger beer is in the fridge, the yeast is making it fizzy(嘶嘶的,泡沫腾涌的). Remember that yeast we put in earlier on? Well, that's busy eating away at the sugar, producing bubbles of carbon dioxide(二氧化碳) and that's where the fizz comes from.

Now because it's so very fizzy, you have to be very careful when it's time to open your ginger beer. Do it in a bowl, or in the sink. Put a cloth over it and open it very carefully, because there will be some fizzing. And it might just overfizz. (CAREFUL!) That's perfect brewed(酿造,酝酿) ginger beer. (violet(紫罗兰色的)!) wow!














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