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2006-02-21 00:00

  1. I will graduate from college in July of this year and I have heard that perhaps you might need an accountant. I would like to apply for the position. 我将于今年七月份从大学毕业,据悉贵公司有意招聘一名会计,我拟应征。

  2. Gentlemen: Attention of personnel Manager,I am looking for a position as sales engineer.I think you can help me. 人事部经理勋鉴:本人正在谋求一份销售工程师的工作,希望您能对我有所帮助。

  3. Perhaps there is position in your organization for an young,experienced and conscientious sales representative,I should like to apply for it. 请问贵公司是否需要一名年轻、有经验且有责任心的营业代表?我拟应征。

  4. As it is nearing the Spring Festival,it occurs to me that you may need additional assistance in selling gifts in your shop.I think I can assist you. 春节将至,我想贵公司可能需要人帮助销售礼物,本人可以帮忙。

  5. Shall you need an experienced cashier for your company in the near future?I wish to apply for the position.请问贵公司近期是否需要一名有经验的出纳员?特此修函应征。


  6. I am to graduate this July from Beijing Commercial College,having completed the four-year commercial course.During my summer vacation I was employed in the accounting department of a Chemical Company.今年七月本人将从北京商学院毕业,读完四年的商科课程。在暑假期间,曾受雇于某化学公司会计部。

  7. I am twenty-five years old,and have been employed for the last years by Poly Technologies.INC.Aircraft Support Division,in the general clerical work of the office. 本人今年25岁,在过去的四年中一直为保利科技有限公司航空维修部服务,担任普通文职工作。

  8. I am thirty-two years of age,and have had ten years' experience in my present job,which I am leaving to better myself. 本人今年32岁在目前的工作岗位已有十年工作经验,现准备离职,谋求更大发展。

  9.I am just leaving school;and twenty-one years of age.I am anxious to settle down to office work. 本人现年21岁,即将毕业,希望能尽快安定下来进入贵公司做文职工作。

  10. I am twenty years old,female and have had one years' experience with a company as an executive secretary.本人今年20岁,女性,曾任某公司行政秘书一年。

  11.I graduated from Tokyo Commercial University,where I have completed the four-year course.Besides,I have had two years'training in typewriting and also studied the English Language,including a year of Business English.本人毕业于东京商务大学,除完成大学四年应修课程外,还曾接受过两年的打字训练并学习过一年的商业英语

  12. I work as assistant editor on a trade journal in the food field,where my tasks included a great deal of interviewing and personal contact with members of the industry. 我曾在某贸易杂志担任食品方面的副编辑,主要工作还包括对工业界人士进行访问和与他们进行个人接触。

  13. I am a good accountant and I have a good bookkeeping by double-entry. 我是一个优秀的会计员,对联单记帐十分熟练。

  14. I am a graduate of Beijing Foreign Studies University.I won a scholarship and the first prize in speech contest in the University. 本人毕业于北京外国语大学,在校期间曾获得奖学金和演讲比赛冠军。

  15. I have received a good education and I have business knowledge and know the sales techniques. 本人接受过良好的教育,不但具有商业知识,而且熟悉推销技巧。


  16.Enclosed herewith are two copies of my diplomas and a copy of my resume for your reference.兹随函附寄毕业证书两份及简历表一份,仅供参考。

  17. Enclosed you will find a copy of my resume and my photo.I believe that they may be found satisfactory. 附上我的简历表和照片,希望能令您满意。

  18.You will find enclosed an outline of my education and copies of three letters of recommendation. 随函寄上本人学历的简要概况及三封推荐信。

  19.Enclosed you will find a letter of recommendation from Mr.Wang, Head Professor of English Department and a copy of my transcript. 随函附上英文系系主任王先生的推荐函一封及本人成绩单一份。

  20.You can see from the data sheet that is enclosed that I now have an interest in securing a satisfying position.您可以从附上的资料表中看出,本人目前有意寻求一份能令人满意的工作。

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