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2006-02-16 00:00

国务院副总理 吴仪

Vice Premier of the State Council WU Yi
Dalian, July 27, 2004

  尊敬的各位来宾,  Distinguished guests

  女士们、先生们   Ladies and gentlemen,

  今天,我很高兴参加亚太地区软件和信息服务国际合作部长峰会暨企业家高层论坛。在第二届中国国际软件和信息服务交易会召开期间,举办这次部长峰会暨企业家高层论坛,意义重大!我谨代表中国政府向各位嘉宾表示热烈欢迎!  I am very pleased to attend the Ministerial Summit on International Cooperation in Software and Information Service in the Asia Pacific Region and Entrepreneurs High Level Forum today. The convocation of this summit and forum during the Second China International Software and Information Service Fair is of great significance. On behalf of the Chinese government, I would like to warmly welcome all the distinguished guests present here.

  随着经济全球化趋势的增强和区域经济合作的发展,亚洲特别是亚太地区的经济合作日趋活跃。在这样的新形势下,举办亚太地区软件和信息服务国际合作部长峰会暨企业家高层论坛,对于进一步扩大亚太地区信息产业领域合作,加快亚太地区软件产业发展,将产生重要而深远的影响。亚太地区应当以良好的合作和自身优势,加强软件人才培训和国际交流,增强软件产业的世界影响力,促进亚太地区的繁荣与发展。  With the strengthening of economic globalization and development of regional economic cooperation, Asia, and the Asia Pacific Region in particular, has witnessed increasingly dynamic economic cooperation. Under such new circumstances, the holding of the Ministerial Summit on International Cooperation in Software and Information Service and Entrepreneurs High Level Forum will exert important and profound implications on the further expansion of cooperation in the information industry and accelerated development of the software sector in the Asia Pacific. Through sound cooperation and with its advantages, the Asia Pacific Region should intensify personnel training and international exchanges in relation with software, sharpen the influence of the software industry in the world and promote the prosperity and development in the Asia Pacific.

  女士们、先生们:  Ladies and gentlemen,

  当前,中国经济发展势头很好,宏观调控已经取得明显成效。中国经济和社会发展正处在重要战略机遇期,中国政府提出要坚持以信息化带动工业化,以工业化促进信息化,走以科技为先导的新型工业化发展道路。信息产业是国民经济的基础产业、支柱产业、先导产业和战略产业,其发展水平已成为衡量一个国家现代化水平与综合国力的重要标志,在中国全面建设小康社会和现代化建设中起着举足轻重的作用。近年来,中国信息产业在发展中改革,在改革中发展,电子信息产业经济规模跃居世界第三位。电子信息产业销售收入2003年达到1.88万亿元,电子产品出口额已接近全国外贸出口总额的三分之一。  At present China is keeping a good momentum in its economic development and the macro economic control it exercises has yielded notable effects. Finding itself in an important period of strategic opportunities for the development of economy and society, the Chinese government makes it clear to drive industrialization through informatization, promote informatization through industrialization and take a new development road to industrialization led by science and technology. The Information industry is the basic industry, pillar industry, forerunner industry and strategic industry of the national economy, playing a pivotal role in the building of an all-round well-off society and modernization construction of China and its development level has become an important indicator measuring a country's modernization degree and comprehensive national strength. Over recent years, China's information industry has been developing through reform and under constant reform in the process of development. The electronic and information industry of China has already leaped to the world's third place by economic scale. In 2003, sales revenue of the electronic and information industry reached 188 million RMB yuan and the export of electronic products has approached one third of the country's total export volume.

  软件产业是信息产业的核心,大力发展软件产业具有十分重要的意义。首先,软件产业已成为国际竞争与合作的重点。软件产业对世界各国经济的持续高速发展起到了重要的支撑作用,已经成为国民经济新的增长点,软件产业的发展将深刻地影响全球经济与社会的发展。软件产业的落后必将导致经济、科技、军事的全面落后。因此,世界各发达国家与许多发展中国家都把软件产业作为其优先发展的战略性产业。新的世纪,中国要在综合国力方面具有更大的竞争力,必须大力发展软件产业。  The software industry is the core of the information industry and its forceful development bears great significance. First, the software industry has become the focus of international competition and cooperation. The software industry underpins the sustainable and speedy economic development of various countries in the world and has turned out to be a new growth point of their national economy. The development of the software industry will impose far-reaching impact on the development of global economy and society. A backward software industry is bound to lead to backward economy, science and technology and military strength across the board. Therefore, all the developed nations and many developing countries have identified the software industry as a prioritized strategic industry. In the new century, China has to energetically advance its software industry to obtain greater competitiveness in its comprehensive national strength.

  第二,发展软件产业对加快转变经济增长方式、加快产业结构调整具有极其重要的作用。软件是国民经济建设中诸多关键技术的基础,是从事各项科学研究、技术创新的有力工具。借助软件技术可以加速科技研究的进度和深度。软件具有渗透性强的特点,几乎可以与所有的传统产业结合,通过对国民经济各行各业的渗透,能够促进产业的更新换代,提高产品的附加值,大幅度提高生产效率,推动产业结构的优化升级,减少对能源的需求,减少对环境的破坏,实现国民经济全面、协调和可持续的发展。  Second, the development of software industry is extremely important for the accelerated transformation of economic growth modalities and paced up industrial restructuring. Software serves as the basis for many key technologies in growing the national economy and an effective tool for scientific research and technological innovation. Software technology can increase the pace of process and depth of scientific research. With a feature of strong penetration, software can combine with almost all the traditional industries and by penetrating into all sectors of the national economy, it can accelerate the renewal and upgrading of industries, raise the added-value of products, considerably improve production efficiency, facilitate optimized upgrading of industrial structure, reduce requirement for energy, decrease damage to the environment and realize comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of the national economy.

  第三,发展软件产业是实施科技兴贸战略、促进对外贸易持续稳定增长的重要方面。当前,随着经济全球化趋势的发展,全球产业结构调整步伐加快,发达国家向发展中国家转移生产能力和拓展市场的趋势仍在延续。与此同时,世界传统产业生产能力继续过剩,贸易保护主义加剧,国际竞争更加激烈,各国纷纷加快发展高新技术产业。为促进中国对外贸易的稳定发展,中国政府提出实施科技兴贸战略,大力发展包括软件在内的高新技术产品出口,增强自主科技创新能力和消化吸收国外先进技术的能力,提高产品的质量和档次。  Thirdly, development of the software industry constitutes an important aspect of the implementation of the strategy to rejuvenate trade through science and technology and promotion of sustainable and steady growth of our foreign trade. Nowadays, with the development of economic globalization, industrial restructuring in the world context is pacing up and the trend that developed nations are transferring production capacity to and expanding market in developing countries continues. At the same time, the production capacity of traditional industries remains in surplus, trade protectionism is becoming serious, international competition is more intense and countries in the world have begun to develop rapidly high-tech industry one after another. In a bid to promote the stable development of China's foreign trade, the Chinese government has put forward the strategy of rejuvenating trade through science and technology to forcefully encourage export of high-tech products including software, enhance the ability of independent scientific innovation and the ability to absorb advanced technology from overseas and to improve the quality and grade of products.

  为促进软件产业发展,中国政府出台了《鼓励软件产业和集成电路产业发展的若干政策》和《振兴软件产业行动纲要》等一系列促进软件产业发展的政策措施,从投融资、技术研发、对外贸易、收入分配和人才培训等多个方面为软件产业发展及扩大对外贸易提供了良好的政策环境。中国政府在软件技术的研究与开发、产权交易、拓宽企业投融资渠道、培养大型骨干企业、保护软件知识产权而和软件市场的反垄断等方面都在积极研究和推出有效的政策措施。中国政府鼓励软件企业走出去,支持软件企业通过开拓国际应用服务市场等多种方式,扩大软件产品和服务的出口,增强软件产业国际竞争力。中国政府已在北京、大连、上海、天津、西安、深圳规划了6个国家级软件出口基地,对于基地内的企业给予政策支持。  In order to promote the development of the software industry, the Chinese government has promulgated Several Incentives for the Development of the Software Industry and IC Industry, the Action Plan for the Rejuvenation of the Software Industry and a series of policy measures to promote the progress of the software industry, providing a sound policy environment for the development of the software industry and expansion of foreign trade from perspectives of investing and financing, technological R&D, foreign trade, revenue distribution and training of personnel, among others. The Chinese government is actively making deliberations and formulating effective policy measures regarding R&D of software technology, property trading, widening of channels for enterprises' investing and financing, cultivation of large-scale backbone enterprises, protection of software IPR and anti-monopoly on the software market. The Chinese government encourages software enterprises to go global, supports them to enlarge export of products and services and sharpen international competitiveness through various ways like exploration of the international market for application and service. The Chinese government has built 6 national software export bases in Beijing, Dalian, Shanghai, Tianjin, Xian and Shenzhen, with policy supports offered to enterprises located in the bases.

  近些年,随着政策环境、市场环境的不断改善,中国软件产业的技术水平不断提高,产业规模迅速扩大,软件产品市场发展不断增强,应用领域不断拓展。20世纪90年代,我国在基础软件领域取得了突破。进入21世纪,我国软件技术取得了重大进展,推出了具有自主知识产权的操作系统,嵌入式软件迅速发展,中文信息处理系统国际领先。中国软件产业的销售总额已从1999年的441亿元,增长到2003年的1600亿元,年均增长40%以上,是同期GDP增长的五倍;软件出口从1999年的2.5亿美元,增长到2003年的20亿美元,5年间增长了七倍;软件产业总额在世界软件产业总额中的比重也由1999年的1.0%增长到2003年2.5%。截止2004年3月31日,全国累计认定软件企业9201家,软件产业从业人员约62万。软件产业结构得到快速调整,各种软件企业正不断朝着研发、服务和系统集成融合一体化发展。  Over recent year, with the constant perfection of the policy environment and market environment, the technology level of China's software industry has kept on improving, coupled with rapidly expanded industrial scale, ever strengthened development of the software product market and constantly enlarged fields for application. China made breakthrough in the area of basic software in the 1990s. Entering the 21st Century, China has achieved significant progress in its software technology, introduced an operation system with its own intellectual property, realized fast development of embedded software and is taking the lead in the processing system of information in the Chinese language. Sales volume of the software industry in China increased from 44.1 billion RMB yuan in 1999 to 160 billion RMB yuan in 2003, registering an average annual growth rate of over 40%, five times that of the GDP growth rate during the same period. Software export increased from USD 250 million in 1999 to USD 2 billion in 2003, climbing by 7 times in five years. The proportion taken by China's software industry in that of the world also grew from 1.0% in 1999 to 2.5% in 2003. Up to March 31, 2004, 9,201 software enterprises had been approved in China with a total employment of 620,000. The structure of the software industry has got rapid adjustment with all sorts of software enterprises continuously developing towards consolidated R&D, service and system integration.

  当前,全球软件产业发展呈现三大趋势,中国软件产业的发展面临着难得的机遇和广阔的市场空间:  At present, the development of global software industry is demonstrating 3 trends and the development of China's software industry is facing rare opportunities and vast market space.

  一是嵌入式软件市场不断扩大。嵌入式软件为信息产业的发展带来了新的发展机遇,被视为软件产业新的增长点。  First, the market for embedded software keeps on expanding. Embedded software has generated new development opportunities and is regarded as the new growth point of the software industry.

  二是软件和信息服务成为市场竞争的重要手段。软件产品与软件服务是软件产业中不可分割的两个部分,随着软件产业的发展,对传统产业渗透性越来越强,软件产业的价值将越来越体现在服务上。以软件为载体的信息服务贸易,已成为IT行业中发展最快的一部分。据预测,全球应用软件外包服务市场正以平均每年30%的速度增长。  Second, software and information service have become important means of market competition. Software products and software services are two integral and inseparable parts of the software industry. With its development, the software industry is having an ever strengthened penetration into traditional industries and the value of software industry will be more and more reflected in service. Trade in information service, which has software as its carrier, has become the fastest growing component of the IT industry. According to estimates, the global market for applied software outsourcing service is growing at an average annual rate of 30%.

  三是开放源代码与跨平台应用是国际软件技术开发的重要趋势。开放源代码与跨平台应用使软件开发技术更加开放,有利于技术创新和软件市场的扩大。对广大亚太发展中国家来说,为产业实现跨越式发展提供了重要机会。  Thirdly, opening of source code and cross-platform application are important trends of international software technology development. The opening of source code and cross-platform application make the technology of software development more open and are therefore conducive to the technological innovation and expansion of the software market. They have provided the vast number of developing countries in the Asia Pacific with an important opportunity for the dramatic development of their industries.

  中国发展软件产业具有得天独厚的优势。改革开放以来,中国培育的高素质、高能力的软件人才资源成为取得竞争优势及软件出口高速增长的关键所在。随着经济信息化程度的加深和对传统工业的改造,软件产业与传统产业日益紧密结合,中国逐渐积累起来的强大的电子信息整机制造能力和消费市场将促使越来越多的企业从事软件的开发与应用,大幅度提高整机系统的附加值,走出一条制造业带动软件产业的发展道路。  China enjoys unique advantages in the development of its software industry. The key to the competitive edge and speedy growth of China's software export is the competent quality human resources working in the software industry it has nurtured since the beginning of the reform and opening up process. With deepened economic informatization and transformation of traditional industries, the software industry has been more closely linked with traditional industries, the strong ability to manufacture complete machine of electronic information as well as the consumption market that China has cultivated will promote the development and application of software by more and more enterprises, thus considerably increasing the added value of complete machine and exploring a development road of driving the software industry through the manufacturing industry.

  中国的软件产业要发展,就必须发挥优势、抓住机遇、迎接挑战、加快发展。首先,中国政府将努力完成《振兴软件产业行动纲要》确定的发展目标,并研究制定软件产业发展的中长期规划。要力争到2005年,软件市场销售额达到2500亿元,国产软件和服务的国内市场占有率达到60%;软件出口额达到50亿美元;要培育一批具有国际竞争力的软件产品,形成若干家销售额超过50亿元的软件骨干企业;软件专业技术人才力争达到80万,人才结构要得到进一步优化;在国民经济和社会发展的关键领域大力发展具有自主知识产权的软件产品和系统。要抓住本世纪头20年的历史机遇期,树立和落实科学的发展观,制定软件产业中长期发展规划。以内需、出口来拉动国内软件产业的高速发展,力争用5到10年左右的时间,建立起自主发展的软件产业体系,走出一条具有中国特色的软件产业发展之路,跨入世界先进水平之列。  To develop its software industry, China has to play out its advantages, grasp opportunities, rise up to challenges and pace up development. First, the Chinese government will endeavor to fulfill the development objectives identified by the Action Plan for the Rejuvenation of the Software Industry and study and formulate mid- and long-term plans for the development of the software industry. Efforts will be made to let the sales volume on the software market reach 250 billion RMB yuan by 2005 with a penetration rate of 60% for home-made software and service on the domestic market. The export volume of software will arrive at USD 5 billion and a batch of software products with international competitiveness will be cultivated, forming several backbone software enterprises with over 5 billion RMB yuan worth of sales volume. Specialized software technicians will reach 800,000 with the human resource structure further optimized. In key areas of the development of national economy and society, software products and systems with independent intellectual property will be forcefully forged. We should grasp the period of historical opportunities in the first 2 decades of the century with the scientific concept of development established and implemented and mid- and long-term development plans for the software industry formulated. We should drive high-speed development of the domestic software industry by domestic demand and export and make efforts to establish a software industry system featuring independent development, identify a development road of the software industry with Chinese characteristics and jump to the world's top level within about 5 to 10 years.

  第二,中国政府将深入实施科技兴贸战略,继续为软件出口创造良好的政策环境。软件产业是高度国际化的产业。中国软件出口要转变观念、发挥优势、奋起直追。要深入落实《关于进一步实施科技兴贸战略的若干意见》,综合运用经济手段,营造更良好的出口环境,大力发展以软件为载体、以IT服务外包为特色的软件国际贸易。中国对软件产业的管理尚处于摸索阶段,中国的有关部门要尽快理顺软件出口管理体系,要将工作的重点放在出口促进和提高企业竞争力两方面,要大力推动国家软件出口基地建设,努力培育龙头企业。  Second, the Chinese government will profoundly implement the strategy of rejuvenating trade through science and technology and continue to create a sound policy environment for the export of software. The software industry is a highly internationalized one. China should change concepts, play out advantages and do all it can to catch up in software export. The Several Opinions on Further Implementation of the Strategy of Rejuvenating Trade through Science and Technology should be carried out in an in-depth manner, economic means should be comprehensively employed to cultivate a better export environment and energetically develop international trade in software with software as the carrier and IT service outsourcing as the feature. China is still feeling around in the management of its software industry and its relevant departments should sort out the management regime of software export as quickly as possible. Our work should be focused on export promotion and improvement of enterprise competitiveness with great efforts dedicated to the building of national software export bases and cultivation of leading enterprises.

  第三,中国政府将坚持鼓励吸收外资的方针,继续鼓励外商加大对软件产业的投资。中国将保持外资政策的连续性和稳定性,完善相关法律法规,为外商创造良好的投资环境。中国继续实施西部大开发战略,振兴东北等老工业基地,将为外商提供更多的投资机会。希望外商投资企业能重视技术创新和技术投入,积极引进国际先进技术,不断提升产品的科技含量和附加值。希望跨国公司在中国建立技术密集、人才密集的先进技术企业,建立高水平的研发中心,为企业提供持续发展的动力,并在知识产权得到保护的前提下,以多种形式服务于其他企业。中国已逐渐成为跨国公司的全球生产基地、配套基地、高新技术产业基地、研发中心或技术中心、国际采购中心,跨国公司在华设立面向全国或亚太地区的跨国公司地区总部的条件已初步具备。我们欢迎并积极创造条件鼓励跨国公司在中国设立地区总部。   Thirdly, the Chinese government will adhere to the guideline of FDI attraction and continue to encourage foreign business people to invest more into the software industry. China will maintain the continuity and stability of its FDI policy, improve relevant laws and regulations and create a sound investment climate for foreign businesses. The continuous implementation of the strategy to develop the western regions and rejuvenate old industrial bases in the northeast by China will provide foreign business people with more investment opportunities. It is our hope that foreign-invested enterprises could attach importance to technological innovation and input, actively introduce state-of-the-art international technology and constantly improve the technology content and added value of products. It is our hope that transnational companies could set up advanced technology- and human resource-intensive enterprises and establish high-level R&D centers in China, thus driving the sustainable development of enterprises themselves and offering service to other enterprises through various ways on the precondition of IPR protection. China has gradually become the global production base, supporting base, high-tech industry base, R&D center or technology center and international sourcing center for transnational companies, who now enjoy preliminary conditions to locate their regional headquarters in China, serving the whole country or even the Asia Pacific. We welcome and will actively cultivate conditions to encourage transnational companies to establish regional headquarters in China.

  第四,中国政府将推动企业加强技术创新,重视知识产权保护。要实现中国软件产业跨越式发展,就必须掌握软件技术最新发展方向。如果没有技术创新,软件产业也不可能发展。只有不断创新、全面创新,才有可能在激烈的竞争环境中成功发展。要善于借鉴他人的创新成果,充分挖掘和利用外部知识和信息资源,快速提高创新能力与强化竞争优势。企业要在有比较优势的领域不断开发出具有自主知识产权的产品,不断增强创新和发展的实力。中国政府非常重视知识产权的保护,不保护好外国企业的知识产权,就不能创造良好的投资环境。良好的投资环境,特别是投资软环境,是一个国家社会进步的重要标志和经济发展的重要保证,也是国际竞争力的重要体现。中国政府将努力为外国投资者提供稳定透明的政策环境、统一开放的市场环境和规范高效的行政环境。  Fourthly, the Chinese government will encourage enterprises to intensify technological innovation and lay emphasis on IPR protection. To realize big-stride development in its software industry, China must have a hold of the latest development trend of software technology. Without technological innovation, the software industry could not develop at all. Only by constant and comprehensive innovation can success and development be secured in the fierce competing environment. We should be good at drawing upon results of others' innovation, fully tap and utilize external knowledge and information resources and rapidly improve innovation ability and sharpen competitiveness. Enterprises should develop, on a continuous basis, products with independent intellectual property in the areas where they enjoy comparative advantages and uninterruptedly enhance their strength in innovation and development. The Chinese government attaches great importance to the protection of IPR and without effective protection of IRP of foreign enterprises, one could not create a sound investment environment. A sound investment environment, and soft investment environment in particular, is an important symbol of social progress, an important guarantee of economic development and an important reflection of international competitiveness of a country. The Chinese government will work hard to provide foreign investors with a stable and transparent policy environment, a uniform and open market environment and a standardized and highly efficient administrative environment.

  第五、中国政府将坚持实施大公司战略,重点扶持有核心竞争力的软件企业。当前中国软件产业发展中比较突出的问题是企业规模较小,国际竞争力弱。中国软件产业要发展,就必须抓住机遇,充分利用国际国内两个市场,优化资源配置,积极参与国际分工与合作,不断提高自身的创新能力、管理能力与服务水平,培养和造就高层次软件人才,努力突破制约产业发展的关键技术。要发展具有国际竞争力的大公司、大企业集团,培育一批产品附加值高、市场份额大、核心竞争力强、有研究开发能力的优势企业。给予这些大型软件企业集团多方面的帮助,为软件优秀企业创造良好的发展环境,促进它们的进一步成长。  Fifthly, the Chinese government will go on implementing the strategy of big companies with key support given to software enterprises with core competitiveness. At present the outstanding problem in the development of software industry in China is limited scale and weak international competitiveness of enterprises. To secure development of its software industry, China must grasp the opportunities, make full use of the international and domestic markets, optimize resource allocation, take an active part in the international distribution of labor and cooperation, constantly improve its own innovation ability, management ability and service level, cultivate and train quality software technicians and endeavor to make breakthroughs in key technologies constraining the development of the industry. Big companies and enterprise groups with international competitiveness should be forged and a batch of advantageous enterprises with products of high added value, big market share, strong core competitiveness and R&D ability cultivated. Assistance of all aspects should be given to such large-scale enterprise groups so as to promote the further growth of excellent software enterprises through a sound environment for development.

  第六、中国政府鼓励软件企业进行管理创新,加快体制创新。面对激烈的国内外市场竞争,要抓住发展机遇,加强企业管理,大力推进企业的体制、技术和管理创新,特别是一些已经成规模的大企业集团,要按照现代化企业制度的要求,建立起合理有效的法人治理结构,要在集团内部建立以资本为纽带的母子公司关系,理顺企业集团总部与分支机构的关系,形成风险共担、利益共享的经济共同体,形成条块管理、集团化经营的运作体系。;  Sixthly, the Chinese government encourages management innovation and accelerated systematic innovation conducted by software enterprises. Confronted with the fierce competition on the domestic and overseas markets, we should grasp the development opportunities, intensify enterprise management, forcefully press ahead with systematic, technological and management innovation of enterprises, big enterprise groups of certain scale in particular. A rational and effective legal person governance structure should be built according to the requirement of modern corporate system, a parent-subsidiary relationship with capital as ligament should be set up within the groups, relations between the group headquarter and branch institutions should be sorted out, forming an economic community featuring shared risks and interests and an operational system marked by block management and group business operation.

  女士们、先生们:  Ladies and gentlemen,

  改革开放20多年来,中国经济迅速发展,市场规模不断扩大。2001年底中国加入世贸组织,标志着中国的对外开放步入新阶段。加入世贸组织后,中国政府以认真负责的态度,全面履行承诺,大幅降低进口关税,取消非关税措施,放宽服务和投资的市场准入限制,政策的统一性和透明度大大提高。中国将深入参与经济全球化进程,积极利用外部有利条件,加快自身发展。同时,我们也将努力发挥市场规模大、人力资源成本低、产业配套能力强等方面的比较优势,打造更加广阔的国际合作平台,为世界各国的发展创造更多的机会。中国经济是亚太经济发展的重要组成部分。中国将一如继往地加强与亚太地区各国在信息产业尤其是软件领域的交流与合作,借鉴亚太地区各国软件产业发展的成功经验,全面提高合作的层次和水平,努力为亚太地区经济发展做出新的贡献。  Over the past 20 odd years since the inception of reform and opening up policy, China has got fast economic development with its market scale constantly expanding. China's accession to the WTO at the end of 2001 indicated that China has stepped into a new stage of opening up. After joining the WTO, the Chinese government has taken a serious and responsible attitude to comprehensively implement its commitments, having cut import tariff by a large margin, eliminated non-tariff measures, relaxed market access restrictions on service and investment and considerably improved the unification and transparency of policies. China will profoundly participate in the economic globalization process and actively utilize favorable external conditions to accelerate its development. At the same time, we will make efforts to bring into play the comparative advantages of big market scale, low cost of human resources and strong industry supporting ability to create a more spacious platform for international cooperation and generate more opportunities for the development of various countries in the world. China's economy constitutes an important component of the economy in the Asia Pacific. China will, as always, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with countries in the Asia Pacific in the information industry and especially in the software field, draw upon successful experiences of other countries in the Asia Pacific in the development of their respective software industry, lift the level and grade of cooperation across the board and endeavor to make new contribution to the economic development in the region.

  预祝亚太地区软件和信息服务国际合作部长峰会暨企业家高层论坛取得圆满成功 !  I wish the Ministerial Summit on International Cooperation in Software and Information Service in the Asia Pacific Region and Entrepreneurs High Level Forum a complete success.

  谢谢大家!  Thank you all.

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