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2006-02-16 00:00

  Speech at the Press Conference held by the State Council Information Office

  商务部副部长 于广洲 (2004年7月30日)  By Yu Guangzhou, Vice Minister of Commerce, July 30th, 2004

  女士们、先生们   Ladies and Gentlemen,

  上午好。非常高兴有机会在国务院新闻办和大家见面。下面,我首先向朋友们简要介绍一下今年上半年我国商务运行的基本情况。   Good morning. I am very glad to have this opportunity to meet with you here in the State Council Information Office. First, I would like to give you a brief introduction about China's commercial functioning in the first half of this year.

  今年上半年,我国的国内外贸易和国际经济合作继续保持良好的发展势头,为促进国民经济的平稳较快发展发挥了积极的作用。良好的商务运行情况也充分说明中央采取的一系列宏观调控措施政策正确得当,成效显著。按照国务院的统一部署,商务部积极配合有关部门,认真采取了一系列宏观调控措施,包括对部分过热行业的外资项目从严审批,做好开发区的清理工作,遏制商业流通领域的盲目投资等。在整顿和规范市场经济秩序方面也取得了新的成效,重点围绕儿童食品安全、农民工饮食安全等开展专项整治,加大了打击制假售假和保护知识产权的力度。各项措施的落实确保了上半年商务工作取得新进展。  In the first half of this year, China's domestic trade, international trade and international economic cooperation kept a good momentum of development, and played a positive role in promoting the stable and rapid development of the national economy. The smooth operation of commerce in China indicates that the central government has adopted a series of efficient macro-control policies and measures, which generated remarkable results. According to the unified arrangement of the State Council, the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) has taken a series of macro-control measures in assistance with other government agencies, including a more stringent examination and approval of foreign-invested projects in overheating sectors, straightening out development zones, curbing blind investment in commercial areas and etc. MOFCOM has also achieved new results in rectifying and standardizing the market economic order and carried out the targeted tasks focused on child food safety, catering safety for folk workers and strengthened the crack-down on counterfeiting and selling counterfeited goods and the IPR protection. Implementation of those measures ensured the new progress of China's commercial sector.

  一、国内市场需求旺中趋稳,商品价格涨势趋缓。  1. The blooming domestic demand tends to be stabilized, and the growth of commodity prices slows down.

  今年上半年,社会消费品零售总额为2.5万亿元,增长12.8%。其中,城市市场销售增长14.7%,农村市场增长9.1%。尽管有物价上涨和去年同期基数较低因素的影响,实际增长率是1997年来的最高水平。消费品价格涨中趋稳,1-6月城乡居民价格消费指数同比上涨3.6%。5月下旬以来,粮、棉、油等重要消费品供应状况有所缓解。由于及时采取了宏观调控措施,国内社会生产资料需求有所减少,价格显著回落。6月份全国生产资料价格总水平在5月环比下降1.4%的基础上,继续下降0.32个百分点。  In the first half of this year, the aggregate retail value of social consumption goods reached 2.5 trillion Yuan, up by 12.8%. Of that, urban market sales increased by 14.7%, and the rural market sales grew by 9.1%. Despite the price rise and the low base of the same period of last year, the actual grow rate reached its highest point since 1997. The rising consumer price tended to be stabilized, as the price consumption index of urban and rural residents in the first 6 months of this year has a year-on-year increase of 3.6%. Since the late May, supply of important consumption goods, such as grain, cotton and oil, has been improved. Thanks to the timely macro-control measures, domestic demand for production materials has been eased, and the prices went down notably. In June, general production materials prices nationwide continued to fall by 0.32 percentages, based on the 1.4% fall in May.

  二、进出口持续快速增长,运行质量明显提高。  2. Import and export kept a momentum of sustained and rapid development, and operation quality has been obviously improved.

  上半年实现进出口总额5229.7亿美元,增长39.1%,其中出口2580.8亿美元,增长35.7%;进口2649亿美元,增长42.6%。除今年1月份外,进出口已连续23个月保持20%以上的高增长,其中有19个月的增速在30%以上。上半年机电产品、高新技术产品出口增幅分别达到46.3%和60.9%,高于出口总额增幅10.6和25.2个百分点,占出口总额的比重达54.2%和27.4%。随着国家宏观调控政策措施逐步到位,进口额连续两个月小于出口额,扭转了前4个月连续逆差的局面。  In the first half of the year, the total value of import and export reached US$522.97 billion, up by 39.1%. Of that, export value reached US$258.08 billion, up by 35.7%; import value reached US$264.9 billion, up by 42.6%. Except January, import and export value has maintained a high increase rate of above 20% in 23 successive months, and 19 months of that witnessed the growth of over 30%. Increase margin of electromechanical products and hi-tech products in the first half of the year reached 46.3% and 60.9% respectively, surpassing the total increase margin of export by 10.6 and 25.2 percentage points, and taking up 54.2% and 27.4%of the total export value. As the phase-in of China's macro-control measures, import value has been less than the export, and the situation of the first 4-month-long consecutive deficit has been changed.

  三、吸收外资规模扩大,外商投资结构进一步优化。  3. Scale of FDI attraction has been expanded, and foreign investment structure has been further optimized.

  半年,外商直接投资合同金额727亿美元,同比增长42.7%;实际使用金额339亿美元,增长12%。吸收外资结构继续优化,高新技术领域吸收外资大幅增长。前6个月,高新技术产业中的专用设备、通用设备和计算机通信设备等三大制造业的合同外资金额分别增长195%、75%和73%。外商投资来华设立研发中心已超过600家,跨国公司在华设立地区总部超过30家。  In the first half of this year, contractual value of FDI reached US$72.7 billion, up by 42.7% year on year; the actual utilized value reached US$33.9 billion, up by 12%. Structure of FDI attracted has been constantly optimized, and FDI in the Hi-tech sector increased significantly. In the first 6 months, contractual value of specific equipments, general equipments and computer & communication equipments, which are the three major manufacturing sectors in high-tech industry, have been increased by 195%, 75%, and 73%. The number of foreign invested R&D centers in China surpassed 600, and more than 30 regional headquarters of transnational enterprises have been established in China.

  四、对外投资取得新进展,“走出去”步伐加快。  4. New progress has been made in investing overseas, the "Going Global" process has been accelerated.

  1-6月,我国非金融类企业对外直接投资中,中方协议投资额达8.9亿美元,实际投资额6.7亿美元。对外承包工程完成营业额65.5亿美元,新签合同额109.3亿美元,分别同比增长28.1%、32.7%。对外劳务合作完成营业额15.9亿美元,新签合同额16.6亿美元,分别同比增长11%、31.4 %;6月末在外各类劳务人员总数为52.6万人,同比增加4.1万人。  In the overseas direct investment of non-financial enterprises, the value of Chinese contractual investment was USD 890 million and that of actually utilized was USD 670 million. The turnover of overseas engineering contracting was USD 6.55 billion and the value of newly signed contracts was USD 10.93 billion, respectively growing by 28.1% and 32.7% year-on-year. The turnover of overseas labor cooperation was USD 1.59 billion and the value of newly signed contracts was USD 1.66 billion, respectively growing by 11% and 31.4% year-on-year. By the end of June, there had been altogether 526,000 labor staff of different types, 41,000 persons more than the same period of last year.

  五、多双边经贸关系及区域经济合作进一步发展。  5. Further progress has been made in bilateral and multilateral economic and trade relations as well as regional economic cooperation.

  中国与世界上绝大多数国家(地区)保持着良好的经贸关系,与主要经济体及周边国家(地区)、发展中国家的经贸合作进一步深化。  China has maintained excellent economic and trade links with the overwhelming majority of countries (regions) and its economic and trade cooperation with major economies and its neighboring countries (regions) has been further deepened.

  中国认真履行加入世贸组织的各项承诺,对外开放不断扩大。同时积极参加世贸组织新一轮谈判,为完善多边贸易体制发挥了建设性作用。近期以来,已有新西兰、南非等9个国家正式宣布承认中国的完全市场经济地位,为中国与这些国家经贸合作的开展创造了更为有利的条件。  China has seriously implemented its WTO commitments and continuously opened up. At the same time, we are active in participating in the new round of WTO negotiation and playing a constructive role for the improvement of the multilateral trading system. Not long ago, 9 countries including New Zealand, Singapore, and South Africa have formally declared that they recognized China's full market economy status, which has created more favorable conditions for the economic and trade cooperation between China and these countries.

  中国积极参与区域经济合作。中国内地与香港、澳门建立更紧密经贸关系安排进展顺利;中国与东盟就建立自由贸易区的谈判取得新进展;中国同南部非洲关税同盟、海湾合作委员会已启动建立自贸区的谈判;同新西兰、智利等国关于商签自贸协定的可行性研究也在稳步推进。  China is actively participating in regional economic cooperation. Smooth progress has been made for the CEPA between the mainland China and HK and Macao; New progress has been made in the FTA negotiation between China and ASEAN; China has also initiated FTA negotiations with SACU (Southern African Customs Union) and GCC (Gulf Countries Council); stable development has been achieved in the feasibility study of FTA possibility between China and New Zealand, Chile and other countries.

  当前商务运行中也存在一些需要关注的问题:最终消费率持续下降,进一步扩大消费需求尚有难度;针对我国的贸易保护时有发生,导致我国企业在国际市场竞争中遭受不公平待遇;国际石油价格高位运行,国内有的商品库存增加和部分资金占压;国内煤电油运紧张矛盾没有根本缓解,抬高了我国出口企业的生产经营成本;消费环境和市场秩序有待改善和规范,有的地方在商贸领域存在过热投资、多占土地等现象。  In commercial sector, there exist some problems concerning us. There is a continuous drop of final consumption rate and it remains difficult to further stimulate consumption; Trade restrictive measures against China frequently took place, resulting in unfair treatment for Chinese enterprises in international marketplace; International oil price remains high level, stockpiling of some commodities increases and hence ties up funds; Domestic tensions arising from the short supply of coal, electricity, oil and transportation haven't been fundamentally eased, which has lifted the production and operation cost of China's export enterprises; Consumption environment and market order is to be improved and regulated, and phenomena like excessive investment and random land expropriation still exist.

  为使各项商务工作继续保持良好的发展态势,为国民经济的持续快速协调健康发展做出贡献,下半年我们将围绕中央关于加强和改善宏观调控的政策,树立科学的发展观,努力解决商务运行中存在的矛盾和问题,化不利因素为积极因素。重点将抓好以下工作:  In order to sustain a good momentum of development for all the commerce-related work, and make contribution for the sustained, fast, coordinated and healthy development of national economy, the MOFCOM, for the second half of this year, will follow the central government's policy to strengthen and improve macro-control, establish science-based philosophy of development, tackle existing difficulties and problems in our work and turn unfavorable factors to favorable ones. Our priorities will be as follows:

  努力引导和扩大消费,确保国内市场的稳定和发展,加强市场体系建设,加大整顿和规范市场经济秩序的工作力度;  —— To make efforts in guiding and expanding consumption, ensure the stability and growth of domestic market, strengthen the building of market system and the rectification and standardization of market economic order.

  深化改革,在推进内外贸一体化进程方面取得明显进展,更好地实现国内外贸易的相互补充和相互促进;  —— To deepen the reform and make remarkable progress in integrating domestic and foreign trade so as to have domestic and foreign trade better complement and support one another.

  稳步扩大对外开放,认真履行我国加入世贸组织的承诺,同时积极参与新一轮多边贸易谈判,改善贸易环境,确保我国对外贸易持续快速发展;  —— To stably expand opening-up, faithfully implement China's WTO accession commitments, actively participate in the new round negotiation of WTO, improve trade environment and ensure a sustained and rapid growth of China's foreign trade.

  稳定、充实和完善利用外资政策,保持吸收外资的平稳增长;  —— To stabilize, substantiate and improve foreign investment utilization and maintain a stable growth of foreign investment.

  积极实施"走出去"战略,加强与其他国家(地区)的经贸合作,促进共同发展;  —— To vigorously implement the strategy of "going global", enhance China's economic and trade cooperation with other countries (regions) and realize the common development.

  有效开展公平贸易工作,积极应对贸易摩擦,切实维护我国的经济利益。  —— To effectively carry out the work of fair trade, positively respond to trade frictions and concretely safeguard China's economic interests.

  根据目前国内外经济形势发展态势,初步预计:今年中国对外贸易总额将增长20%以上,突破1万亿美元;实际使用外资将保持500亿美元以上的规模,境外投资可望超过20亿美元。全国全年社会消费品零售总额将增长10%以上,达5万亿人民币;生产资料销售总额增长15%左右,达10万亿人民币。  Based on the development trend of domestic and international economic situation, it's estimated on a preliminary basis, that: This year's foreign trade value would increase by 20% and exceed USD 1 trillion; the scale of actually utilized foreign investment inflow will remain USD 50 billion and China's overseas investment will exceed USD 2 billion. The aggregate consumer goods value for the whole year will grow up by over 10%, reaching RMB 5 trillion Yuan; the total sales value of production materials will increase by 15% or so, reaching RMB 10 trillion Yuan.

  下面,我和我的同事愿意回答大家的提问。  That's an overview of China's commerce work.

  Next, my colleagues and I would like to take up your questions.

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