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  近年来,中国出口厂商受到了亚洲金融危机的冲击。该地区许多国家的经济不景气引起消费市场萎缩,货币疲软使购买力下降。有的国家政局不定、经济不稳,贸易保护主义升级,外交磨擦抬头。这些使得对该地区的出口十分困难。我们必须采取有效措施来对付这种局面。     In recent years, Chinese exporters have seen their efforts increasingly undercut by the impact of the spreading financial crisis in Asia. The lifeless economies of many countries in the region have caused their consumer markets to shrink. Their teetering currency rates have caused their purchasing power to be weakened.  In some cases political instability, changing economic circumstances, mounting projectionist barriers or diplomatic rows have make it difficult for us to export to those countries. We must find ways to beat the export slump.   
  我们要大力推进外贸体制改革,走集团化的道路,组建以外贸为龙头的工贸、农贸、技贸相结合的企业集团,以增强企业的竞争力。老的大中型国有企业必须进行技术改造以增强活力,对有条件的大中型企业应授予其进出口经营权。工业企业自营出口这是我国外贸体制改革的一个重大步骤。     We must press forward with the reform in the management system of foreign trade. Conglomeration-forming allies with farming, manufacturing, or scientific research with foreign trade as the locomotive-points the way ahead to strengthened competitiveness. Outmoded state enterprises, large and medium-sized, should be revamped to become more viable. Those enterprises better positioned should be granted the license to move into exporting field. The orientation of industry towards the export market is a major step in the reform of China's foreign trade regime.   
  必须优化传统的出口商品结构,靠价格和数量竞争的时代已一去不复返了。在当今激烈竞争的世界上,只有以质取胜和改善售前售后服务才能行得通。要通过精加工和深加工提高出口商品的附加值;要努力生产适销对路的名特优新产品和“拳头”产品打入国际市场。由于市场形势千变万化,出口产品必须不断地更新换代,做到你无我有,你有我优,胜人一筹。     The traditional pattern of export products needs to be optimized. Gone are the days when merchandise geared to price competition on mass market had its way. Now, in the highly competitive world the concepts of "fine quality or else no export" and "good service before and after sales" should be the order of the day. Methods of fine or intricate processing should be used to increase the added value on export commodities. And efforts must be made to turn out premium and novel products or the so-called "hard-punch" items that can edge into foreign markets. With the market changing so quickly, export companies should keep moving up-market--go where others cannot go or do whatever they have a competitive edge over their rivals.   
  要全方位地开拓国际市场,市场多元化是立于不败之地的关键。俗话说:“不能在一棵树上吊死。” 在选择新辟市场时要权衡其风险与机会,并且要反应迅速;要随时跟踪市场变化情况,以便选择有利时机和地点抓紧出口。只有那些富有活力、洞察力和应变力的企业才能在市场景气时大显身手,而在市场萧条时也能站稳脚根。当某些市场疲软时,总还有另一些市场坚挺,所以能够做到“东方不亮西方亮”。     It is important to tap the market potential extensively around the world. And geographical diversification is the key to survive the unsteady world market. It is no good to "put all our eggs in one basket," as the saying goes. The selection of new markets should be done by evaluating both their risks and opportunities-simultaneously and quickly. Monitor all markets constantly so that we can export to the right countries or regions and at the right time . Only a dynamic, forward-looking and viable export company is capable of weathering over the bad times and making a good killing in good times. When some markets slump, there are always other markets remaining buoyant. Therefore, we can gain on the swing what was lost on the roundabout.   
  出口商品必须有一流的品质,颖式,包装和装璜,但行之有效的广告宣传和促销活动也很重要,尤其要提高用外语针对国外市场进行宣传的能力。赴国外参展,派人员出国推销,在国外建立生产或销售点等等,一定要讲求实效。最后,引进国外的技术和资金以提高我国出口商品的质量和劳动生产率,通过加强管理降低成本,通过加强培训以提高人员的素质,等等,都是不可忽视的方面。通过落实各项优惠政策,搞好基础设施建设,完善配套服务,掀起一个吸引外资的新高潮。     Our export products must have first class quality, design, styling and presentation. But effective publicity, advertising and promotion are also essential . Development of expertise in advertising in foreign languages targeted at foreign markets is particularly important. Discovery of profitable outlets and connections is also of great significance. Participation in trade fairs abroad, foreign travels by sales forces and the setting up of production facilities or sales outlets overseas must ensure that they are result-ended. Finally, the injection of new know-how and new capital resulting from the attraction of foreign firms into our economy will help increase the productivity and quality of our export products. It is also important to reduce costs through improved management, and to raise the caliber of personnel through enhanced training. With the series of preferential policies implemented to the letter and with infrastructure services provided satisfactorily, we are surely hopeful of stepping up a new upsurge in attracting foreign direct investment. 
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