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2006-02-16 00:00

  原外经贸部副部长、中国国际贸易学会名誉会长 沈觉人


  Honorary Chairman of China Association of International Trade And Former Vice Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Shen Jueren

  April 27 2004

  今天,我很高兴与新老朋友们一起,参加对外经济贸易大学和中国国际贸易学会联合举办的中欧经济论坛,对大使先生和欧洲其他朋友们出席论坛,表示欢迎。Today, I'm very pleased to be with my new and old friends to attend the Sino-European Economic Forum jointly hosted by the University of International Business and Economics and the China Association of International Trade. I'd like to extend my welcome to his Excellency Ambassador and other European friends participating in this forum.

  在我国对外经贸合作中,与欧洲的经贸关系,具有十分重要的地位。欧洲,特别是西欧国家,已成为我国重要的贸易伙伴以及资金和技术的重要来源,独联体和中东欧国家也正在成为我国开展经济贸易合作的重要伙伴。China's economic and trade links with Europe hold a prominent position in China's foreign trade and economic cooperation. Europe, especially the west European countries, has been important as China's trading partners and source of capital and technologies. The Commonwealth of Independent States and central and eastern European countries are also becoming our important economic and trading partners.

  2003年,是中国正式加入世贸组织的第二年。在这一年里,中国严格按照加入WTO时所作的承诺,降低关税,开放市场,遵守WTO规则,修改相关的法律法规,获得了各方面的好评。中国的对外开放呈现出新局面,对外经济贸易有了新的发展。全年进出口总额8512亿美元,比上年增长37.1%;中国进口总额4128亿美元,增长39.9%;出口总额4383亿美元,增长34.6%。贸易顺差255亿美元,比上年下降16%。 全年实际使用外国直接投资535亿美元,增长1.4%。2003年也是欧元正式在欧元区12国启动的第一年;欧盟的一体化建设,特别是欧盟扩大进程取得重要进展。In 2003, the 2nd year of its WTO membership, China strictly complied with its commitments, cut tariffs, opened the markets, strictly observed the WTO rules, and modified relevant laws and regulations. These have received compliments from all parties. China's opening-up has taken on a new look and its foreign trade and economic cooperation have taken new steps. The import and export in the whole year totaled US$ 851.2 billion, up by 37.1% over the previous year. The total import stood at US$ 412.8 billion, up 39.9%; the export reached US$ 438.3 billion, up 34.6%. The trade surplus dropped by 16% to US$ 25.5 billion. The foreign direct investment actually utilized in the whole year was US$ 53.5 billion, up 1.4%. The year 2003 is also the 1st year for the official Euro launch in the euro zone consisting of 12 member states. The EU integration process, in particular, the enlargement, has made significant progress.

  在全球经济开始恢复增长的去年,中欧经贸关系保持了较快速度的发展,呈现出良好的发展势头,这是双方共同努力的结果。据中国海关统计,2003年中国与欧洲进出口贸易总额为1620.9亿美元,比上年增长43.8%, 其中与欧盟的进出口贸易总额为1252亿美元,同比增长44.4%。欧盟继续保持中国第三大贸易伙伴地位,仅次于日本和美国。中国与俄罗斯之间的贸易额也在去年增长了32.1%, 达157.6亿美元, 俄罗斯成为中国的第八大贸易伙伴和原木、化工原料等一些重要原材料商品的来源地。Last year when the global economy started to recover its growth, the economic and trade relations between China and Europe, however, has maintained a relatively fast growth speed and taken on a good momentum of development. This should be attributed to the concerted efforts of both sides. According to the statistics of Chinese Customs, the import and export between China and Europe in 2003 was US$ 162.09 billion, up 43.8% compared with the previous year, among which, the trade volume with the EU reached US$ 125.2 billion, up 44.4% compared with the previous year. The EU continued to remain as China's 3rd largest trading partner, only after Japan and the US. The trade volume between China and Russia last year increased by 32.1% to US$ 15.76 billion. Russia has become China's 8th largest trading partner and the source of timber log, chemical materials and other important raw materials.

  近年来,中欧政治关系进一步巩固和加强,为双边经贸关系的发展奠定了坚实的基础。中国与欧盟、俄罗斯分别确立了面向二十一世纪的全面伙伴关系和战略协作伙伴关系,并建立了中国欧盟领导人、中俄首脑和中俄总理定期会晤机制。哈萨克斯坦、中国、吉尔吉斯斯坦、俄罗斯、塔吉克斯坦、乌兹别克斯坦六国正式成立了“上海合作组织”,并启动了以贸易投资便利化为主要内容的区域经济合作机制。中欧双方高层互访不断。2002年6月江泽民主席出席了在俄罗斯圣彼得堡举行的上海合作组织元首会晤,签署了《上海合作组织宪章》;9月,朱 基总理赴欧出席中国欧盟领导人第五次会晤,并访问了法国、丹麦等国。今年1月胡锦涛主席访问法国与希拉克总统进行了重要会谈。欧盟国家中,比利时、卢森堡、西班牙、德国、丹麦等国政府领导人,这两年也先后访问了我国。高层的互访,有力地推动了双边关系特别是经贸关系的发展。In recent years, the Sino-European relationship has been further consolidated and reinforced. This has laid a solid foundation for the growth of bilateral economic and trade relations. China has established respectively with the EU and Russia the comprehensive partnership facing the 21st century and the Strategic Cooperation Partnership. Also, China has formed the regular meeting mechanism between Chinese and EU leaders, between the heads of state of China and Russia and between the Chinese premier and Russian Prime Minister. In addition, Kazakhstan,China, Kirgizstan, Russia, Tadzhikistan and Uzbekistan formally founded the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and started this regional economic cooperative organization with the trade and investment facilitation as the mainstay. In June 2002, China's then president JIANG Zemin attended the summit of Shanghai Cooperation Organization held in St Petersburg, Russia, where he signed the Charter of Shanghai Cooperation Organization. And then he visited the three Baltic States and Iceland. In September, the then Premier ZHU Rongji went to Europe to attend the 5th meeting between the leaders of China and the EU and then he visited France, Denmark. In January this year, President HU Jintao visited France, where he held important discussions with President Chirac and achieved significant results. Among the EU member states, heads of government of Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Germany, Denmark and etc visited China one after another over the past two years. Recently, President Prodi of the European Community paid a successful visit to China, and Chinese Premier WEN Jiabao is also going to pay a visit to Europe. The exchange of high-level visits has vigorously promoted the growth of bilateral relations, in particular, the economic and trade relations between China and Europe.

  众所周知, 在中国与欧洲的经贸关系中, 欧盟占有重要的地位。2003年中国与欧盟的贸易额占中国与欧洲贸易总额的77%, 目前中国欧盟已互为第三大贸易伙伴。欧盟是中国产品出口的一个传统市场,在我对外贸易中的比重不断上升。与此同时,中国也成为欧盟一个重要出口市场,在其对外贸易中的比重也在上升。在中国加入世贸组织后,随着我投资环境的进一步改善,欧盟企业对华投资信心不断增强,欧洲企业,如诺基亚、BP、壳牌、阿尔卡特等重要跨国企业的资本继续大量进入我国。截至2003年12月,欧盟15个成员国来华投资项目数已达16158个,合同外资金额约650亿美元,实际投入378亿美元。与此同时,中国的一些大企业如联想、海尔、华为、TCL等,也开始在欧盟投资设厂或成立营销、研发中心。欧盟还一直是中国引进先进技术和设备的重要来源。中国与欧盟在先进技术,尤其是高科技产品方面的合作有助于欧盟扩大对华出口,也有利于中国企业产业升级、技术更新,符合双方利益,具有很大的发展空间。As is known to all, the EU is holding an important position in terms of China's economic and trade relationship with Europe. In 2003, the trade volume between China and the EU took 77% of that between China and Europe. Currently, China and the EU has mutually become the 3rd largest trading partner. The EU is a traditional market for China's exports and the export to the EU is holding an increasing percentage of China's total trade. Meanwhile, China has become an important market for the exports of EU and its trade volume with China has held an increasing percentage of its external trade. After China's accession to the WTO, with the further improvement of China's investment environment, the EU companies has an ever increasing confidence in investing in China. The capital from the big European multinational corporations like Nokia, BP, Shell and Alcatel continues to flow into China in large quantities. By the end of December 2003, the 15 members of the EU had altogether invested in 16,158 projects in China with the contractual investment worth of US$ 65 billion and with the actually utilized investment of US$ 37.8 billion. At the same time, some of China's big companies like Lenovo, Haier, Huawei Technology and TCL have started to make investment in the EU member states to establish plants or marketing, R&D centers. The EU has always been an important source of technology and equipment import for China. The Sino-EU cooperation in the field of advanced technologies, especially the new and high-tech products, helps expand the EU export to China and also helps Chinese enterprises upgrade their industries, renovate their technologies. All these are in the interests of both sides and have considerable space for further growth.

  在中国与欧盟双边经贸关系取得积极进展的同时,也不时出现一些问题和分歧,我认为,当前需要解决的主要问题有:(1)关于中国动物源性产品进入欧盟问题。2002年初, 欧盟宣布全面禁止进口中国动物源性产品,对中国有关产业造成了巨大损失,虽然经过我国政府有关部门积极交涉以及企业界的努力,我输欧动物源性产品已获部分解禁,但这一问题至今尚未完全解决,双方需进一步努力。(2) 关于中国的市场经济地位问题。欧盟是对华实施反倾销措施最多的地区之一,而且中国绝大多数企业仍享受不到市场经济地位,对中国企业的反倾销调查存在歧视,具体操作缺乏透明度。我国领导人已明确要求欧委会客观评价中国的市场经济建设成就,尽早给予我完全市场经济地位。我们高兴地看到,欧盟商会最近呼吁欧盟给予中国完全市场经济地位的时机已经成熟。(3) 放松对华技术出口限制问题。尽管中欧技术合作的潜力很大,但由于欧盟在1989年形成的、已不合时宜的对华技术出口的政策,一些先进技术对华出口还受到欧盟限制。中欧双方的企业都迫切希望欧方放松对华技术出口限制并尽快取消这种限制政策,以便充分发挥中欧技术合作的潜力。As the bilateral economic and trade relations between China and the EU is progressing quite positively, some problems and disagreement arise from time to time. I think that the major problems before us are as follows: first, the problem caused by the entry of China's products of animal origin into the EU. In 2002, the EU announced a full ban on the import of China's animal products, which has caused tremendous damages to relevant China's industries. Through the positive negotiations by the relevant authorities of the Chinese government and the efforts made by the business community, the ban on China's exports of animal origin products to the EU has been partially lifted. But this problem has yet to resolve completely. Second, the question of granting China the market economy status. The EU is one of the very regions that have launched the largest number of anti-dumping investigations on China. Besides, most of the Chinese enterprises have not yet enjoyed the market economy status. The anti-dumping investigation on the Chinese enterprises is still of a discriminatory nature. The transparency is unavailable in concrete practice. The Chinese leadership has clearly requested the European Commission to assess impartially the achievements of China's market economy building and grant China the market economy status as early as possible. We are very pleased to see that the EU Chamber of Commerce has believed that it's the right time to grant China the full market economy status and called upon the EU to grant this status to China. Third, the issue of relaxation of the restriction over technology export to China. Though China and the EU have huge potential for technology cooperation, the EU policy on technology export to China, which was formed in 1989 and no longer appropriate to the current needs, has still restricted the export of some advanced technologies to China. The companies of both sides hope eagerly that the EU would loosen such restriction and abolish this restrictive policy as soon as possible so as to give full play to the potentialities of Sino-EU technological cooperation.

  中国和欧盟在经贸关系中出现某些问题是可以理解的。我们衷心希望欧盟采取合作、务实和建设性的态度对相关问题尽早解决,以促进双边经贸合作和友好关系的进一步发展。It's understandable that there are some bumps in our economic and trade cooperation. We sincerely hope that the EU would adopt a cooperative, pragmatic and constructive attitude to resolve the relevant problems at an early stage so as to further develop the bilateral economic and trade relationship as well as our friendly relations.

  我们注意到,2003年4月16日,波兰、捷克和匈牙利等10个入盟候选国加入欧盟条约签字仪式在雅典举行。10国将于今年年5月1日正式加入欧盟。中国方面认为,欧盟第5次扩大是欧盟发展史上的一件大事。中方支持欧洲一体化建设,对这次扩盟表示欢迎,并希望欧盟扩大后能进一步促进欧洲的和平、繁荣和稳定,在国际事务中发挥积极作用。中方还认为,欧盟扩大给我国提供了一个更大的、统一的、稳定的市场的同时,如果双方不能就一些贸易安排尽早进行适当调整,在短期内也可能对中国造成一些经贸利益的减损。中方愿与欧方合作,通过适当的安排,合理补偿因欧盟扩大对中方经济利益的减损,确保双边贸易及其它形式的经贸合作不受到负面影响。We have noticed that the 10 candidate states including Poland, Czech and Hungary will formally join the EU on May 1st this year. The Chinese government sees the 5th EU enlargement a great event in the history of EU development. China supports the development of the EU integration and welcomes this enlargement. We hope that the enlarged EU will further advance the peace, prosperity and stability in Europe, and would play a more important role in international affairs. The Chinese side also believes that the EU enlargement will provide China with a bigger, integrated and stable market. The Chinese side is willing to work with the EU side to ensure that through fair and reasonable arrangements, as well as the compensation for China's economic loses caused by the enlargement, the bilateral trade and the economic and trade cooperation in other forms will not be negatively affected.

  2003年10月13日,中国政府发表了《中国对欧盟政策文件》,表达中国对欧盟的政策目标,规划今后5年的合作领域和相关措施,加强同欧盟的全面合作,推动中欧关系长期稳定发展。在经济合作方面,特别指出,"中国致力于发展中欧富有活力和长期稳定的经贸合作关系,并期待欧盟成为中国最大贸易与投资伙伴。"欧盟委员会主席普罗迪2000年曾指出,欧中贸易关系非常重要,希望欧盟早日发展成为中国最大的贸易与投资伙伴。中方领导人也对此表示赞同。展望未来,随着经济全球化进程的加快,双边友好关系的发展,我们对中欧经贸关系的进一步发展充满信心。On October 13th 2003, the Chinese Government issued the China EU Policy Paper, in which, China's policy and objective on the EU is made and the cooperation areas and the relevant measures in the next five years are outlined, designed to reinforce its comprehensive cooperation with the EU and advance a long-term and stable Sino-EU relationship. On the economic cooperation, this paper points out that "China is dedicated to developing the Sino-EU economic and trade ties, which features being dynamic, long-term and stable, and hopes that the EU could become China's largest partner in trade and investment." Mr. Prodi, President of the European Commission pointed out in 2000 that the Sino-EU trade relationship was very important and that the EU hoped that it would become China's largest trading and investment partner at an early date. The Chinese leadership echoed that. Looking into the future, as the economic globalization is speeding up and the bilateral friendly relations are developing, we are full of confidence in the further development of the Sino-EU economic and trade relationship.

  女士们,先生们:Ladies and Gentlemen:

  中国国民经济和社会发展第十个五年计划(2001年-2005年)正在顺利实施。2001年国内生产总值(GDP)比上年增长7.3%,2002年比2001年增长8%,2003年又增长9.1%。我国工农业生产和固定资产投资都将持续增长,商品贸易继续发展,服务贸易逐步对外开放,关税总水平将进一步下调。这些都为中国和欧盟之间经贸关系的发展提供了良好的机会。中国政府这两年关注的经济工作重点,包括发展农业和农村经济,增加农民收入;继续扩大内需;加强经济结构调整、推进西部开发和振兴东北工业基地;深化经济体制改革,规范市场经济秩序;继续扩大对外开放;继续实施可持续发展战略;改进行政管理,深化机构改革,等等。相信在中国政府实施各项重点工作后,中国今年的经济将继续顺利发展,人民生活水平进一步提高,社会保持稳定,对外经济交往将进一步发展。  China's 10th Five-year Plan (2001-2005) for the National Economic and Social Development is being carried out smoothly. Based on the 7.3% GDP growth in 2001 over the previous year, the GDP in 2002 increased by 8% over 2001 and in 2003, it witnessed another growth of 9.1% on a year-on-year basis. China's industrial and agricultural production as well as capital investment will stably grow, China's trade will continue to develop, the service trade will gradually open up and the general tariff level will be further lowered. All these provide excellent opportunities for the growth of economic and trade relationship between China and the EU. The Chinese government has attached great importance to the following areas in China's economy: to develop agriculture, rural economy and increase farmers' income, to continue with the expansion of domestic demands; to accelerate economic structural adjustment and push forward the western development and revitalization of Northeast China, a traditional industrial base in China; deepen the reform of economic system and regulate the market economy; open wider to the outside world; continue to implement the strategy of sustainable development; improve the administrative management system and deepen the institutional reform and etc. We believe that with the priority tasks to be fulfilled, China's economy will continue to develop smoothly this year, people's living standards will be improved, the society will keep its stability and China's external economic exchanges will further develop.

  此次对外经济贸易大学和中国国际贸易学会主办的"中欧经济论坛", 为增进中欧了解、促进中欧经贸合作、研究解决中欧经贸关系中出现的问题,提供了交流和沟通的平台,很有意义。在此,我预祝中欧经济论坛取得圆满成功。The Sino-European Economic Forum jointly hosted by the University of International Business and Economics and the China Association of International Trade provides a platform of communication to help increase the mutual understanding, economic and trade links, study and resolve the problems in our economic and trade relations. So it is of great significance. Hereby, I'd like to wish this Sino-EU Economic Forum a complete success.

  谢谢大家!Thank you!

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