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2006-02-16 00:00


  Distinguished guests, friends from the media,

  Good morning!


  Circulation is an important industry in the national economy. Leaders of all generations of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the performance of the circulation industry and have made remarkable comments on its significant role in the economic and social development: Consumption determines production through circulation. Only modern circulation modes can drive modern production. Only large-scale circulation modes can lead to large-scale production; Circulation is the driving force for modern economy. Modern circulation is the blood and nerve system for the social reproduction process, the carrier for the combination, integration and fusion of various production factors, and the guiding force determining the speed, quality and efficiency of economic development.


  After 2 decades of reform, opening up and continuous evolution, China's circulation industry has stepped up to a new level of development. It is catching worldwide attention not only because of the expanding scale and innovative circulation modes, but also the growing speed.


  Since its establishment, the Ministry of Commerce has attached great importance to the work in the area of circulation, specifically, to expediting the integration of domestic and international trade, improving the market system, strengthening the legal infrastructure for the circulation industry, deepening the system reform of circulation, developing modern circulation modes, enhancing the market operation regulation, maintaining a steadily running market and pushing forward the orderly development of the market to promote positive progress in every aspect of the work……


  Currently, China's economic and social development has entered into a new era. In the process of building a well-off society in an all-round way and a harmonious socialist society, as the guiding and fundamental industry of the national economy, circulation has increasingly attracted the extensive attention of all circles of the society. It plays a significant role in realizing the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable economic and social development, better meeting the ever increasing physical and cultural requirements of the people, and better utilizing the international and domestic markets and resources to expedite the development of the circulation industry with the guidance of the scientific concept of development and in-depth and clear understanding of the industry, including advantages to take and disadvantages to avoid. Under such a background, the Department of Market Operation Regulation of MOFCOM and the Market Economy Research Institute of the Development and Research Center of the State Council jointly composed the Report on China's Circulation Industry Development 2004. I think it is a meaningful effort.


  In general, the Report is of high value for reference and study with explicit viewpoints, clear structure, abundant and accurate data and rich content. I sincerely hope that the editorial committee could solicit suggestions from different circles on the basis of experiences summarized, and compose a report annually and publish it to the public regularly. Meanwhile, I am looking forward to the attention and support, particularly in the form of valuable suggestions and proposals, of all walks of life to the development of China's circulation industry.


  In 2005, the national economy is developing soundly, steadily and rapidly, which provides the circulation industry with good conditions and opportunities to develop. The scale of the industry will keep expanding with total consumer retail sales exceeding 6 trillion RMB yuan, a real increase of about 10%, and total production material retail sales surpassing RMB13 trillion, a real increase of about 14%. The structure of circulation industry will come into a period of comprehensive adjustment.


  On April 14, the State Council will hold a national work conference on circulation, making arrangements for the work in the circulation industry in the next period. I believe under the guidance of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, the endeavors in the circulation industry will achieve new progress.


  Thank you!

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