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  An overview of China’s Attraction of Foreign Investment and the Preparations for the 8th Session of China International Fair of Investment and Trade (CIFIT)


  An overview of China's Attraction of Foreign Investment and the Preparations for the 8th Session of China International Fair of Investment and Trade (CIFIT)

  今年我国吸收外商直接投资继续保持增长,增幅基本适度。吸收外资在保持相当规模的基础上,外商投资结构进一步优化,高新技术领域吸收外资大幅增长,服务贸易领域吸收外资在全国总量中所占比重有所上升。外商投资区域进一步得到改善,东部地区吸收外资全面增长,东部和西部地区合同外资金额增幅较大。今年1-5月份,全国新批设立外商投资企业17359家,同比增长14.39%;合同外资金额572.41亿美元,同比增长49.76%;实际使用外资金额259.11亿美元,同比增长11.34%。截止到2004年5月底,全国累计批准设立外商投资企业482636个,合同外资金额10003.71亿美元,实际使用外资金额5273.81亿美元。如果不发生大的问题,2004年全年我国实际使用外资金额预计与2003年大体持平,力争比去年有所增长。   This year, China's FDI attraction kept a momentum of increase with a moderate growth rate. On the basis of a considerable scale, FDI attraction is further improved in terms of investment structure. FDI attraction in high-tech sector has been significantly increased, and FDI in service sector also gained a larger share in the nation's total. FDI attraction is also improved geographically with an overall increase in eastern China and a fairly large growth margin of contractual investment in east and west of the country. From January to May, China had newly approved 17,359 foreign-invested enterprises, up by 14.39%, with the contractual foreign investment of 57.241 billion US dollars, up by 49.76% and actually utilized foreign investment of 25.911 billion dollars, up 11.34%. By the end of May, there had been altogether 482,636 foreign-invested enterprises, with the total contractual foreign investment of 1.000371 trillion dollars and actually utilized 527.381 billion dollars. China's actual utilized FDI value is expected to be roughly on the same level of 2003 or better if no big problem pops up.

  外商投资企业运营质量进一步提高:  Foreign-invested enterprises are further improving their performance in China:


  For the first quarter, foreign-invested enterprises realized industrial added value of 314.268 billion yuan, up 21.10%, accounting for 27.77% of the nation's total, and 3.4 percentage points higher than the nation-wide increase, 17.70%.

  外商投资企业进出口快速增长,对外依存度进一步提高。今年1-5月份,外商投资企业进出口总值2406.42亿美元,同比增长43.73%,高于全国同期进出口增幅(37.17%)6.56个百分点,占全国进出口总值的56.78%。其中,外商投资企业进口额1216亿美元,同比增长45.68%,高于全国同期进口增幅(41%)4.68个百分点,占全国进口总值的56.23%。外商投资企业出口1190.41亿美元,同比增长41.78%,高于全国同期出口增幅8.38个百分点,占全国出口总额的57.34%。  Import and export volume of FIEs are on a rapid increase, and thus the foreign dependency rate is further increased. From January to May of this year, total export and import value of FIEs reached $240.642 billion, up by 43.73% year on year, surpassing the growth margin of the whole nation (37.17%) in the corresponding period by 6.56 percentage points, and taking up 56.78% of the total import and export value of China. Of that, import value of FIEs reached $121.6 billion, up by 45.68% year on year, surpassing the growth margin of the whole nation (41%) in the corresponding period by 4.68 percentage points, and taking up 56.23% of the total import and export value of China. Export value of FIEs reached $119.041 billion, up by 41.78% year on year, surpassing the growth margin of the whole nation in the corresponding period by 8.38 percentage points, and taking up 57.34% of the total import and export value of China.

  今年第一季度,外商投资企业对外依存度(产品出口额占其工业产值的比重)达46%,比去年同期提高近3个百分点,比全国其他类型企业的对外依存度(15%)高31个百分点。  In the first quarter of this year, the foreign dependency rate (ratio of export value to industrial output) of FIEs reached 46%, up by 3 percentage points compared with last year and 31% compared with enterprises of the same category (15%).

  据初步统计,今年第一季度全国外商投资企业税收总额1227亿元,净增加229亿元,比上年同期增长22.98%,占全国税收总额的比重为19.55%。在约23万家现存注册外商投资企业中直接就业人员超过2350万人,占全国城镇劳动就业人口的10%以上。  According to preliminary statistics, the total revenue of FIEs in the first quarter of this year reached 122.7 billion yuan with a net increase of 22.9 billion yuan, up by 22.98% year on year and taking up 19.55% of the total revenue of the nation. Over 23.5 million people are directly employed by the 230,000 current registered FIEs, taking up 10% of the total workforce in China's urban area.

  为做好吸收外商投资工作,不断提高吸收外资的质量和水平,中国政府紧紧抓住当前全球新一轮结构调整的重要战略机遇期,进一步扩大开放,在继续保持各项吸收外资政策的连续性和稳定性的同时,改善投资环境,制订相应政策,进一步推进外商投资产业结构优化,增强我国在吸收外资方面的国际竞争力。  With a view to improving FDI attraction and constantly upgrading the quality and level of FDI attraction, the Chinese government firmly seizes the important period of strategic opportunity of global economic restructuring, further opens China to the outside world, improves investment climate and formulates relevant policies while it maintains the continuity and stability of FDI attraction policy. It also further promotes restructuring of foreign invested industries, and improves China's international competitiveness in terms of FDI attraction.

  为吸引更多高质量外商投资,同时也推动中国企业投资海外,中华人民共和国商务部每年9月8-11日在厦门举办中国投资贸易洽谈会( 投洽会 ),联合国贸发会议(UNCTAD)、世界投资促进机构协会(WAIPA)协办,自1997年以来已经成功举办七届。全国31个省、市、自治区和国务院14个相关部门作为成员单位参与筹备和举办,每年吸引着来自几十个国家和地区的政府代表、工商组织、跨国公司等踊跃参会,不仅是中国当前唯一以投资促进为主题的全国性经贸活动,也是亚洲地区最重要的国际投资合作盛会。  In order to attract more and quality foreign investment and also encourage Chinese enterprises to make investment overseas, the Ministry of Commerce, PRC holds China International Fair of Investment and Trade (CIFIT) from September 8-11 every year in Xiamen, which is co-organized by UNCTAD and WAIPA. Since 1997, 7 sessions of CIFIT has been successfully held. The CIFIT boasts the membership of China's all 31 provinces, municipalities under the direct leadership of state council, autonomous regions and 14 government agencies of the State Council, who are involved in holding and preparing for the Fair. Every year, governmental representatives, industrial and commercial institutions, multinationals are active in participating in the Fair, which has uplifted itself to be not only the sole nation-wide economic and trade event featuring nothing but investment promotion, but also the most important gala in Asia for international investment cooperation.

  今年第八届 投洽会 仍然以 引进来 和 走出去 两大主题为中心,举办多场高规格、高水平的研讨活动。其中, 2004国际投资论坛 仍是今年投洽会的最亮点,将邀请中国国务院和有关政府部门领导、国外政要、知名学者、跨国公司代表等,以 鼓励跨国直接投资,促进经济共同繁荣 为主题进行探讨。同时,在投洽会期间将举办30多场专题研讨会,针对东北老工业基地振兴、国家级经济技术开发区二次创业、产业国际竞争力、知识产权保护、直销立法、公司法修订、贸易权与分销权开放、投资商后期服务等进行研讨,将就非洲、阿拉伯国家、拉美南方共同市场、墨西哥、古巴等投资环境进行交流,另外还将举行中美汽车零部件产业合作讲座等。本届投资洽谈会上,还将首次设立中国企业 走出去 展区和举办 走出去 项目对接会,使中外企业就具体项目进行洽谈。  This year, the 8th session of CIFIT, as before, sets two themes, one is attracting foreign investment and the other is adventure overseas , i.e. encouraging Chinese companies to make investment overseas. During this session, a series of high-level and high-grade seminars and relevant workshops will be held, among which, International Investment Forum 2004 is still the shining star of this year's CIFIT, which would have the presence of leaders from China's State Council and relevant governmental bodies, important political figures from abroad, famous scholars and representatives from multinationals. They will discuss on the theme of Encouraging cross-border direct investment and Promoting common economic prosperity . In parallel, nearly 20 seminars would be held, respectively targeting the Revitalization of China's Rust Belt in the Northeast, Reinvigoration of State-level Economic and Technological Development Zones, International Competitiveness of industries, IPR Protection, Legislation on Direct Marketing (door-to-door selling), Revision of Company Law, Liberalization of Trading Rights and Distribution Rights, and After-establishment Service for Investors. Exchanges will be made about the investment environment in Africa, Arabic countries, the Common Market of South in Latin America (MERCOSUR), Mexico, Cuba and etc. Besides, the lecture will be given on Sino-US Cooperation on Auto Spare Parts.

  到目前为止,本届美国、墨西哥、古巴、英国、德国、瑞典、芬兰、日本韩国、也门、香港、澳门等40多个国家(地区)表示参加 投洽会 。英国、瑞典、墨西哥和古巴等国将举办馆日活动。一些大型跨国公司如日立、家乐福、西门子、怡和等也将继续参展、参会。  So far, over 40 countries (regions) including, the US, Mexico, Cuba, the UK, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Japan, South Korea, Yemen, HK, Macao, have shown their intentions to attend the Fair, among which, the UK, Sweden, Mexico, Cuba and other countries will hold the event of Expo Day. Some big multinationals such as Hitachi, Carrefour, Siemens, Jardin will continue to have their presence in the CIFIT.

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