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  Sections 12, 14 and 15 of the Electoral Procedure (Chief Executive Election) Regulation


  2002 Chief Executive Election


  Date of election: 24 March 2002

  ﹝备注: 在填写此通知前,请参阅夹附的「选举代理人委任通知填写说明」(以下简称「说明」。)

  [Note: Before completing this notice, please read carefully the attached “Notes on Completing Notice of Appointment of Election Agent” (“the Notes”).]

  第一部份 委任(由候选人填写)

  Part I APPOINTMENT (to be completed by Candidate)

  1. 本人是上述选举的候选人,现委任下列人士在上述选举担任本人之选举代理人:

  I, a Candidate in the above election, hereby appoint the following person to act as my election agent at the above election


  Name in Chinese


  Name in English (in BLOCK LETTERS) (姓Surname) (名Other name)


  Hong Kong Identity Card Number


  Contact Telephone Number



  2. 本人明白,该选举代理人可以代表本人进行一切本人身为候选人可合法进行与上述选举有关的事情,惟下列事情除外:-

  I understand that my election agent may do all the things on my behalf that I as the Candidate can lawfully do in connection with the above election except

  (a) 作出《行政长官选举条例》第16(7)条或《选举程序(行政长官选举)规例》第4(1)(b)条所提述的声明;

  making a declaration referred to in section 16(7) of the Chief Executive Election Ordinance or section 4(1)(b) of the Electoral Procedure (Chief Executive Election) Regulation;

  (b) 作为获提名的候选人而在提名表格上签署;

  signing on a nomination form as the Candidate being nominated;

  (c) 作为候选人而在退选通知书上签署;

  signing on a notice of withdrawal of candidature as the Candidate;

  (d) 委任选举代理人;

  appointing an election agent;

  (e) 委任选举开支代理人;

  appointing an election expense agent;

  (f) 在不损害《选举程序(行政长官选举)规例》第13条的原则下,代候选人招致选举开支;及

  without prejudice to section 13 of the Electoral Procedure (Chief Executive Election) Regulation, incurring election expenses on behalf of the Candidate; and

  (g) 撤销选举代理人或选举开支代理人的委任。

  revoking the appointment of an election agent or election expense agent.

  3. 本人亦明白,本人可能须根据《选举(舞弊及非法行为)条例》第29(1)条,为本人的选举代理人的行动负责。惟该条例第29(2)条亦指出在某些情况下,候选人可就其代理人的行动请求宽免。

  I also understand that I may be held responsible for the acts of my election agent under section 29(1) of the Elections (Corrupt and Illegal Conduct) Ordinance. Section 29(2) thereof, however, provides for the circumstances under which a Candidate may plead innocence for acts done by his agent.

  4. 本人可随时将一份填妥并由本人签署的指定表格送交选举主任,以撤销此选举代理人的委任。

  This appointment may be revoked by me at any time by delivering to the Returning Officer a duly completed specified form of notice signed by me.


  Name of Candidate (in BLOCK LETTERS) (姓Surname) (名Other name)


  Identity Document Number

  签署: 日期:

  Signature Date

  第二部份 接受委任(由选举代理人填写)

  Part II ACCEPTANCE OF APPOINTMENT (to be completed by election agent)

  5. 本人的个人资料乃如上述第一段所列。本人现接受此通知第一部份所述之委任:

  My personal particulars are shown in paragraph 1 above. I hereby accept the appointment as stated in Part I of this notice:


  Name of Election Agent (in BLOCK LETTERS) (姓Surname) (名Other name)

  签署: 日期:

  Signature Date

  第三部份 证明(由见证人填写)

  Part III ATTESTATION (to be completed by a witness)

  6. 本人声明此通知第一部份及第二部份乃分别由候选人及选举代理人于本人见证下签署。

  I hereby declare that Parts I and II of this notice were signed by the Candidate and the election agent respectively in my presence.

  7. 本人个人资料如下:-

  My particulars are as follows


  Name in Chinese


  Name in English (in BLOCK LETTERS) (姓Surname) (名Other name)


  Identity Document Number



  签署: 日期:

  Signature Date


  Notes on Completing Notice of Appointment of Election Agent

  1. 此通知内提及的选举日期是指首三轮投票的日期。根据《选举程序(行政长官选举)规例》第17(3)条,如须进行第四轮或其后任何一轮投票,便会于翌日进行,如有需要,则日复一日地进行,直至有候选人当选为止。此通知适用于任何一轮投票。

  The date of election referred to in this notice is for the first three rounds of voting. In accordance with section 17(3) of the Electoral Procedure (Chief Executive Election) Regulation, if the voting has to proceed to the fourth or any subsequent round, it will be held on the following day and, if necessary, day after day thereafter until a Candidate is returned. This notice is applicable to any round of voting.

  2. 每一位候选人只可委任一名选举代理人。只有年满18岁的香港身分证持有人方可被委任为选举代理人。然而,候选人应确保并无委任任何选举主任、助理选举主任,或任何已获总选举事务主任委任协助进行投票或点票的人士(通常为政府公职人员)为其选举代理人。

  A Candidate may appoint one election agent only. Only a holder of a Hong Kong Identity Card who has attained the age of 18 years may be appointed as an election agent. However, a Candidate should ensure that he does not appoint as his election agent any Returning Officer (RO), Assistant Returning Officer, or any person (usually a Government officer) already appointed by the Chief Electoral Officer to assist at the poll or at the count.

  3. 填妥的委任通知指定表格,可由专人送递、邮递或图文传真方式送交选举主任。委任通知送交选举主任后,该项委任方正式生效。

  The duly completed specified form of notice may be delivered by hand, sent by post or by fax to the RO. The appointment will not be effective until the notice is received by the RO.

  4. 除了少数例外的事项外(请参阅表格第一部份第2项),获正式委任的选举代理人有权于选举期内处理一切原本可由作出委任的候选人亲自处理的必要事务,亦可于候选人缺席的任何时候,代表候选人采取任何与竞选有关的行动。这些由选举代理人采取的行动,效力与候选人亲自采取的行动无异。

  With a few exceptions (please make reference to Part I(2) of the form), a duly appointed election agent has authority to do all things necessary at an election which can be done by the appointing Candidate himself. He may also at any time in the absence of the Candidate take any steps on behalf of the Candidate in connection with the election. Any such acts carried out by the election agent are as effective as if they had been done by the Candidate himself.

  5. 此通知第一部份应由候选人填写(包括有关选举代理人的姓名及地址)及签署。第二部份应由选举代理人填写及签署。签署第一部份及第二部份时,均须有一位见证人在场。见证人可以是任何年满18岁并持有身分证明文件的人士。见证人应填写及签署此通知第三部份。

  Part I of the notice should be completed (with name and address of the election agent given) and signed by the Candidate. Part II should be completed and signed by the election agent. Both parts must be signed in the presence of a witness who can be any person aged 18 years or over and in possession of an identity document. The witness is required to complete and sign Part III of the notice.

  6. 选举主任会向所有其它候选人送交载有选举代理人详情的通知。他亦会将该通知展示于办事处外的显眼处。

  The RO will send to all other Candidates a notice of particulars of election agents. He will also display such a notice in a prominent place outside his office.

  7. 你须注意下列有关填报个人资料的说明-

  You may wish to note the following with regard to the personal data supplied in this notice.

  (a) 资料用途


  Purpose of Collection

  The personal data and other related information supplied in this notice will be used by the Registration and Electoral Office and the RO for election related purposes.

  (b) 资料转介


  Transfer of Information

  The information provided in the notice may be provided to departments/agencies authorized to process the information for election related purposes. Also, the RO will send to other Candidates a notice containing the particulars of election agents.

  (c) 索阅个人资料


  Access to Personal Data

  In accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, a person has a right to request access to, and correction of, the personal data he/she supplied.

  (d) 查询



  Enquiries concerning the personal data collected by means of this notice (including the making of requests for access and corrections) should be addressed to the Chief Electoral Officer at 10th Floor, Harbour Centre, 25 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.

  选举管理委员会 Electoral Affairs Commission

  2001年12月 December 2001

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