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2006-04-28 09:00

1) ace: She is an ace dancer.
2) all-nighter: I felt very tired after an all-nighter.
3) beemer: That girl is driving a beemer.
BMW, 宝马。气人的是,我们停车场里一辆牛款beemer的主人不是官最大的,当然不是最有学问的,而是一个有钱人的小千金。
4) booze: I'm going to bring a bottle of booze to your party.

5) bummer:
坏事,不好的方面。别人要跟你说开车撞了电线杆子,你就要说 Oh, bummer!一表感同身受。
6) chicken: He is really a chicken.
7) cool:
8) cop:That crazy driver was pulled over by a cop.
9) couch patat My roommate is a couch patato.
10) deep pockets: I don't want to buy it, it's for people with deep pockets.
11) flip side: Don't watch the flip side, it's too personal.
12) foxy: Look at that foxy lady!
13) nuke: That country is working seriously on nukes.
北韩,说你呢。 核弹。
14) pain: That's a pain in the neck.
15) psych That psycho scared me.
16) rock: You wanna your coke on the rocks?
冰块, 注意介词
17) shot: Do you wanna another shot?
18) yukky: That dish was yukky.
19) get it: Did you get that joke?
20) glitch: We shut the pc down since there was a glitch.
21) goofy: They were worrying about their goofy kids.
22) grand: Give me two grands and the car will be yours.
23) groovy: His Mom made some groovy art.
24) gross:
25) guts:
26) vibes: I have bad vibes about that person.
27) up: He has been up since married.
28) veg: He veg out in front of TV all the time.
29) 好吃叫“yummy".鬼子喜欢听好话,他们要做点啥请你吃你可一定要装一装说”yummy".
30) fishy 可疑的。
That sounds fishy.
31) drag 没劲的事
It's such a drag to deal with them again and again.
32) roll 走,离开。(今天还听一人说Ready to roll?来着)
Are you ready to roll? Let's roll.
33) nuts 疯
Are you nuts? The trafic drives me nuts.
34) freak out 紧张害怕
Don't freak out if cops pull you over.
35) rip off 骗了(钱了)
I realized I was ripped off after payed $200 for these shoes.
36 bug 讨厌
Stop bugging me with your plan. I won't do it with you
37 shrink: A psychotherapist 心理医生
38 airhead: A silly, rather unintelligent person.
His girlfriend is an airhead.
39 a-yo 比较随便的打招呼,近似于"What' up?" "Hey!"
40 buzz 打电话 Give me a buzz when you reach home.
41 bread: money. breadwinner 养家的人
42 booty 屁股 Check out her booty!
43 boob 乳房
44 cheesey 很没品味,很土=corny
The gift I receieved from Ryan is cheesey.
45 cig: cigarette的缩写 You got a cig?
46 crap: nonsense
What he said is crap. Don't believe a word of it.
47 fucked up 可以表达很多意思,比如“糟透了,笨死了”
You are pretty fucked up.
48 freaky: weird
He's a freaky guy.=He is a freak.
49 flick: movie
That was a good flick.
50 get on (one's) nerves: to annoy
You really get on my nerves.
51 goof 笨蛋 goofy=silly
52 hang out (和朋友)出去消遣
53 hooker 妓女
54 hot 迷人
Man, that girl was hot!
She is such a hottie!
55 juicy 桃色八卦的 a juicy scandal
56 jerk 粗蠢之人
57 jerk off: to masturbate
48 jackass “公驴”,说人就是“蠢驴”的意思, MTV台就有一档叫JACKASS的节目,专门表演一些无聊又愚蠢的玩意儿逗乐
49 pimp 拉皮条的
50 puke: vomit
There's puke on the floor.
51 pussy: vagina
52 redneck (美国的)乡巴佬
53 sassy: styling. 时髦的
Those clothes are sassy!
54 nifty 棒,一流的
Here's a list of all-around nifty things that we've found over the years.
55 screw up : err;mess up
They screwed up that paint job.
56 suck 讨厌,烦人
Final exams suck.
57 twisted: displeasing; MESSED UP
That's twisted!
twisted mind 奇思异想;怪脑筋
58 meth Methamphetamine的缩写,即“冰毒”
59 tweaker: a person who uses meth
60 MDMA 摇头丸,也叫“Ecstasy”/“XTC”
61 pot: Marijuana;joint 大麻烟
62 crack 强效可卡因63 whiz 小便
I just took a whiz.
64 gig: job
I just do these gigs as a cover.
65 dump 甩了某人(比如女朋友)
66 get high 爽一下
Do you get high?
67 piss off: should be "pissed off". the world-dictionary has explained this phrase as below:
pissed off (adjective)
annoyed, irritated, miffed, nettled, peeved, pissed, pissed off, riled, roiled, steamed, stunng
aroused to impatience or anger;
"made an irritated gesture";
"feeling nettled from the constant teasing";
"peeved about being left out";
"felt really pissed at her snootiness";
"riled no end by his lies";
"roiled by the delay"

68 get a crush on somebody 迷上某人
69 thirtyish: thirty something 三十多岁的
70 bent: angry
It's OK. Don't get so bent.

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