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2006-04-29 17:28

  1. In 1975 psychologist Robert Ader at the University of Rochester School of Medicine conditioned(使形成条件反射) mice to avoid saccharin(糖精) by simultaneously feeding them the sweetener and injecting them with a drug that while suppressing their immune systems caused stomach upsets.

  [参考译文]1975年,罗切斯特大学医学院的心理学家Robert Ader在使老鼠对排斥糖精形成条件反射的试验中,喂食老鼠糖精的同时给它们注射了一种药剂,这种药在破坏老鼠的免疫系统的同时还会引起腹痛。

  2. Where is industry's and our recognition that protecting mankind's great treasure is the single most important responsibility?


  3. If ever there will be time for environmental health professionals to come to the frontlines and provide leadership to solve environmental problems, that time is now.


  4. The Times newspaper agrees, complaining that quality has suffered as student numbers soared, with close tutorial supervision giving way to “mass production methods more typical of European universities.”


  5. If food already contains natural carcinogens, it does not make sense to add dozens of new man-made ones.


  6. By studying mineral grains found in material ranging from rocks to clay articles, previous researchers have already been able to identify reversals dating back 170 million years, including the most recent switch 730,000 years ago.


  7. Several theories link polarity flips to external disasters such as meteor impacts.


  8. They could not learn: they could not benefit from experience because this emotionless world would lack rewards and punishments.


  9. Out of our emotional experiences with objects and events comes a social feeling of agreement that certain things and actions are “good” and others are “bad”, and we apply these categories to every aspect of our social life-from what foods we eat and what clothes we wear to how we keep promises and which people our group will accept.


  10. The current crisis, it contends, does not derive from a legitimate desire to put learning to productive ends.


  11. Yet for all the talk of a forthcoming technological utopia little attention has been given to the implications of these developments for the poor.


  12. The electronic economy made possible by information technology allows the haves to increase their control on global market, —with destructive impact on the have-nots.


  13. Home schoolers habor few kind words for public schools, charging shortcomings that range from lack of religious perspective in the curriculum to a herdlike approach to teaching children.


  14. Finally, advertisers try to begin commercials with sounds that are highly different from those of programming within which the commercial is buried.


  15. The act, designed to protect species' living areas, and policies that preserve land and forests compete with economic interests.


  16. Once again, the scientists have caught us mouthing pieties while acting just the contrary.


  17. Not content with its doubtful claim to produce cheap food for our own population, the factory farming industry also argues that “hungry nations are benefiting from advances made by the poultry industry.”


  18. then came the weakening of the U.S. dollar against major currencies.


  19. Bottom retail prices—anywhere from 30% to 70% lower than those in Europe and Asia—have attracted some 47 million visitors, who are expected to leave behind $79 billion in 1994.


  20. It is said that the public and Congressional concern about deceptive(欺骗性的)packaging rumpus(喧嚣)started because Senator Hart discovered that the boxes of cereals consumed by him, Mrs. Hart, and their children were becoming higher and narrower, with a decline of net weight from 12 to 10 1/2 ounces, without any reduction in price.


  21. The producers of packaged products argue strongly against changing sizes of packages to contain even weights and volumes, but no one in the trade comments unfavorably on the huge costs incurred by endless changes of package sizes, materials, shape, art work, and net weights that are used for improving a product's market position.


  22. If the bottom half can't effectively staff the processes that have to be operated, the management and professional jobs that go with these processes will disappear.


  23. The biographer has to dance between two shaky positions with respect to the subject.



  24. In book promotions, the “unauthorized” characterization usually suggests the prospect of juicy gossip that the subject had hoped to suppress.


  25. In Japan, however, where babies are carried on their mother's back, infants do not acquire as much attachment to eyes as they do in other cultures.


  26. Just how critical this eye maneuvering is to the maintainance of conversational flow becomes evident when tow speakers are wearing dark glasses…


  27. Unlike other lawbreakers, who must leave the country, commit suicide, or go to jail, computer criminals sometimes escape punishment, demanding not only that they not be charged but that they be given good recommendations and perhaps other benefits.


  28. The possibility of increases in the cost of uranium(铀)in addition to the cost of greater safety provisions could price nuclear power out of the market.


  29. Having weighed up the arguments on both sides, it seems there are good economic and ecological reasons for sources of energy other than unclear power.


  30. Clothes play a critical part in the conclusions we reach by providing clues to who people are, who they are not, and who they would like to be.


  31. Coleman concludes that excellent job performance is so common these days that while doing your work well may win you pay increases, it won't secure you the big promotion.


  32. Most women and blacks are so frightened that people will think they've gotten ahead because of their sex or color that they play down(使…不突出)their visibility.


  33. The Oxford dictionary can therefore stand more vigorous scrutiny for cultural bias than the Longman dictionary because the latter does not hesitate about viewing the rest of the world from the cultural perspectives of the English-speaking world.


  34. In reality, though the BBC dictionary will be purchased by a far wider range of language learners, as will the other two dictionaries.


  35. And this separation the detective feels between himself and the rest of the world is deepened by the simple mindedness as he sees it-of citizens, social workers, doctors, law-makers, and judges, who, instead of eliminating crime punish the criminals less severely in the hope that this will make them reform.


  36. A spear or a robot is as much a cultural as a physical object.


  37. The inner workings of our own brains we feel to be uniquely worthy of investigation, but, custom, we have a way of thinking, is behavior at its most commonplace.


  38. John Dewey has said in all seriousness that the part played by custom in shaping the behavior of the individual as over against any way in which he can affect traditional custom, is as the proportion of the total vocabulary of his mother tongue over against those words of his own baby talk that are taken up into the language of his family.


  39. The most vivid body of “things” in it, of course, are musical instruments.


  40. Through the study of instruments, as well as painting, written documents, and so on, we can explore the movement of music from the Near East to China over a thousand years ago, or we can outline the spread of Near Eastern influence to Europe that resulted in the development of most of the instruments in the symphony orchestra.


  41. Conflict, defined as opposition among social entities directed against one another, is distinguished from competition, defined as opposition among social entities independently striving for something which is in inadequate supply.


  42. Many authors have argued for the inevitability of war from the premise that  in the struggle for existence among animal species, only the fittest survive.


  43. As Dr. Samuel Johnson said in different ear about ladies preaching, the surprising thing about computers is not that they think less well than a man, but that they think at all.


  44. Finally, the line between the original and the copy becomes unclear.


  45. Having evolved when the pace of life was slower, the human brain has an inherent defect that prevents it from absorbing several streams of information simultaneously and acting on them quickly.


  46. In an ideal world, there would be some ways of controlling quality such as that the VCR must be redesigned repeatedly until, say. 90 per cent of the time.


  47. We have only to look behind us to get some sense of what may lie ahead.


  48. No one looking ahead 20 years possibly could have foreseen the ways in which a single invention, the chip, would transform our world thanks to its applications in personal computers, digital communications and factory robots.


  49. Interestingly, though, the rise of the unattractive overnight successes was attributed more to personal relationships and less to ability than was that of attractive overnight successes.


  50. Most of these books, as well as several chapters, mainly in, but not limited to, journalism and broadcasting handbooks and reporting texts, stress the “how to ” aspects of journalistic interviewing rather than the conceptual aspects of the interview, its context, and implications.


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