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  Rewrite each of the following sentences according to the requirement.

  Example: The history of English words is the history of our civilization in

  many ways.(periodic sentence)

  In many ways, the history of English words is the history of our civilization.

  1.Jerry is a good student. He studies hard and grasps concepts well.

  (compound sentence)

  2.I felt like talking a walk after watching the sunset.(periodic sentence)

  3.While they were waiting in line for the concert tickets, the rain

  stopped.(loose sentence)

  4.The tape recorder was not working right, so I returned it to the store.

  (complex sentence)

  5.The letter is from my foreign friend. The letter arrived today.(simple sentence)

  6.We could take a taxi. We could walk to the restaurant.(compound sentence)

  7.If you want me to clean your windows, please give me a week's notice. I am

  very busy this month.(compound-complex sentence)

  8.Minnie bought a ticket to the play. She went out for dinner. She arrived

  at the theater by 8:00.(parallel structure)

  9.My roommate was waiting for me at the door. He had a book in his hand.

  (simple sentence)

  10.I needed butter to make the cookie better. I couldn't find any. I used

  vegetable oil instead.(compound sentence)


  Correct the errors in the following sentences.

  Example: After seeing an offensive mouthwash ad on television. I resolved

  never to buy that brand again.

  After seeing an offensive mouthwash ad on television. I resolved never to

  buy that brand again.

  11.Your sales are up, therefore, your bonus is forthcoming.

  12.People worked together on the assembly line. Moving quickly and

  efficiently. They wanted to make as much money as possible.

  13.Watching the parade, my wallet was stolen.

  14.If a publisher rejects a novel, it is either because the story is

  unsaleable or the author is unknown.

  15.Our new car not only is more user-friendly, but also it is more

  comfortable than our old one.


  16.Choose the best topic sentence from the group below. Write the letter of

  the choice in the blank.

  A、Temperatures in the western hemisphere have stayed the same in the past century.

  B、Temperatures in the western hemisphere are being studied by scientists.

  C、Temperatures in the western hemisphere are gradually warming.

  D、Temperatures in the western hemisphere are being changed.


  17.Read the following paragraph and underline the topic sentence.

  I don't like algebra this semester, and I'm not too fond of history. But I'm

  enjoying my racquetball class a lot. I'm getting a lot of exercise, and I'm

  also enjoying the game. We usually play partners and compete in small

  tournaments within the class. The competition is fun, and playing partners

  keeps it relaxed. I also have found that I have some ability in racquetball

  that I haven't had in other sports. I may sign up for intermediate

  racquetball next semester.

  18.Read the following paragraph carefully and select the best topic sentence

  from the four possible answers that follow the paragraph.

  Topic Sentence: ____________________________________________________________

  First, there are always customers to be served. I work in a downtown

  McDonald's that gets lots of traffic, and as soon as I serve one customer,

  there is always another one ready to order. There is constant pressure

  because I can never step back for a few minutes and relax. Second, I have to

  put together all of the orders myself. To do that, I have to move all over

  the serving area: French fries on one side, drinks on the other, and burgers

  in the middle. It's easy to get sloppy and spill a Coke or throw French

  fries on the floor. Also, I must always move at a fast pace. McDonald's has

  an image to uphold, and its workers must scurry about like ants. If I don't

  move fast enough, some customer will say,"Hey, speed it up,"or"I thought

  McDonald's had fast service."And with all of this nonstop work, I only get

  one ten-minute break every two hours. However, ten minutes isn't enough time

  to realize how tired I am, so I go back to work depressed. Finally, my

  manager really keeps the pressure on. He watches us like a hawk, and every

  time I do something wrong, he seems to catch it.

  He also has a reputation for firing people, and he never lets any of the

  workers feel that their jobs are safe. By the end of the day, I'm

  emotionally and physically drained, like everyone else, and we all head out

  the door grumbling.

  A、The hamburger sold at McDonald's is my favorite food.

  B、There are several reasons that I like McDonald's.

  C、Working at McDonald's is very tiring.

  D、I have no idea about working at McDonald's.


  Rearrange the following numbered sentences so that they will read logically.

  Put the numbers in proper sequence in the boxes provided below.

  19.The umbrella handle suddenly hooks the bag and in an instant it is on the

  thief's wrist, or under the coat over his arm if he is a man, and on its way

  out of the restaurant.

  20.When a target in a restaurant is sighted, one of them will create some

  kind of disturbance to gain the victim's attention.

  21.When a woman puts her purse on a vacant chair at a table or at her feet

  beside her chair, she is inviting a purse snatcher to take it.

  22.A popular technique for the thief, man or woman, to carry an umbrella

  with the curved handle down.

  23.Police advise that women in restaurant keep their purses either on their

  laps or on the floor between their legs.

  24.Recently, a crime analysis officer for the New York Police Department

  found that purse stealing in Manhattan's top restaurants was up 35 percent

  over the previous year.

  25.Purse snatchers often work in pairs.

  26.While the woman is looking away from her table, the actual snatcher will

  lift the purse.

  20 26 22


  Read the following paragraph and cross out the irrelevant sentences.

  Claudia is destined to be an excellent ling-distance runner. First, there

  are her physical attributes. She is long-legged and has a tremendous stride.

  She also has great natural endurance and an at-rest heart rate of sixty

  beats per minute.

  Next comes her mental toughness. She is a tremendous competitor who will

  extend herself to exhaustion to win a race. She enjoys a lot of other

  activities. She has the strength to block out pain and concentrate on her

  race during those last few hundred yards where most runners tend to wilt.

  Finally, Claudia surpasses most athletes in dedication. She runs five to ten

  miles a day in morning and evening sessions at least five days a week. She

  maintains this schedule ten months out of the year, and while most high

  school athletes sit out the summer, Claudia trains and competes in AAU

  competition. If she can maintain this dedication for another two years, she

  has an outside chance of being invited to the Olympic trials. She hasn't

  decided whether to take part in the Olympic Games.


  Write a letter of application according to the following situation. You saw

  an advertisement in this morning's newspaper.

  A company needs a typist and you are interested. Write an application to

  that company. In your letter, provide the necessary information about

  yourself, tell them that you are qualified for that job.(150-200 words)