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2006-05-27 17:01


  ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20)

  You might be lucky enough to reach your fitness goal by simply cutting out bread and taking up jogging. Most Aries have a high rate of metabolism, and they love going fast. But it's difficult for you to be patient. Just remember, Aries: If you keep this up, you'll look extra hot for summer.你很幸运,仅仅只要少吃面包或是多多慢跑,就可以达到减肥目的。白羊座的人大多具有很强的新陈代谢能力,经常行路匆匆。不过,你缺乏耐力。记住,坚持就是胜利。

  TAURUS (Apr. 21 - May 21)

  Dieting is tough on you, dear Taurus. You love food, especially sweets, and while you're not lazy, exercising is NOT your favorite pastime. For you, a diet plan involving smaller meals allowing a few sweets, coupled with yoga, Tai Chi, and/or a 15-minute walk each day could slim you down - surely but slowly.真要命,金牛座的人非常爱吃,尤其是甜食;虽然你不是很懒,不过健身也不是你平日的消谴。对你而言,每天一点甜食、配合瑜珈,外加15分钟散步的节食计划会是个不错的选择,它会让你慢慢瘦下来。当然,一定不能心急哦。

  GEMINI (May 22 - June 21)

  The Twins go like racehorses, and operate mostly on nervous energy. Therefore, a diet/exercise program that relies less on speed and more on building strength, such as protein and weight training, could generate sufficient endurance to see you through hours of beach volleyball.双子座的人酷爱赛马,大多热衷紧张刺激的运动。因此,凭借像举重这样的更多的力量而非速度的锻练,可以培养你的忍耐力。

  CANCER (June 22 - July 22)

  You love to cook, Cancer, and to sample your wares while preparing them! Avoid temptation by adopting a nutritional program involving pre-measured, prepared meals. For exercise, try yoga and aerobics videos at home alone. You're not yet comfortable scantily clad in front of others.巨蟹座的人喜爱烹饪,常常不自觉地就准备一顿丰盛的美味。为了抵挡这种诱惑,可以事先做一些营养规划。在家做瑜珈和有氧运动,会有不错的效果。

  LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22)

  If you try to become slim and fit overnight, Leo, you're in danger of failure, because you'll surely cheat. You're in a hurry to look your very best, but you enjoy food too much to cut your calorie intake too low. Be patient and take it slow. Taking up running or swimming might help.为了减肥,通宵不睡的话,肯定没有效果。因为吃得过多,而消耗的热量过少。要有耐心,慢慢来。跑步或游泳也许会是不错的选择哦。

  VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 23)

  Health and fitness probably aren't much of a problem for you, Virgo. You don't put on weight easily, and you're conscientious about fitness. For variety, try another dietary regimen and a new exercise program. It might make more of a difference than you'd think.拥有健康和保持体型对你而言并不困难。你天生不易发胖,且注重调理。倘若敢于尝试其它的营养用餐和新的锻练方法,会得到比预想的更好的效果。

  LIBRA (Sept. 24 - Oct. 23)

  Balance is your keyword - and when striving for fitness, remember that, Libra. You might work out like an Olympian one moment, and totally quit the next, scarfing down sweets and vegging out in front of the TV. Adopt a program that's reasonable. You'll be more likely to succeed.注重平衡法则是保持健康的关键。若采用一个合理的计划,很有可能获得成功。

  SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22)

  When you work towards health and fitness, Scorpio, you're capable of cutting down to just enough to keep you alive. But if you do what many Scorpios do to stay fit - embrace the martial arts - you'll need to eat more. You'll never get that black belt if you're starving.你有足够的能力保持身体健康。不过如果你与许多天蝎座有着相同的减肥方式的话-习武健身-必定要吃更多的东西。那样,你就不可能拥有最完美身材了。

  SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 - Dec. 21)

  You're athletic, Sag, and are usually pretty fit. But you probably eat a lot as well, and in spite of your activities, you probably did gain weight over the winter. Avoid weight training and concentrate on running, swimming, and doing the treadmill. For food: concentrate on fruits and salads.运动型的射手座通常都很健康。不过你吃得太多,尽管运动量大,到了冬天,身上的脂肪也会堆积起来的。避免消耗过大的运动,跑步、游泳和骑单车会是不错的选择。多吃水果和沙拉。

  CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. 20)

  You alternate between eating hardly at all and feasting on gourmet foods - and you almost never find time to exercise with your busy work schedule. However, in summer, the pull of the beaches may be too strong to resist for the Sea Goat. Change your habits. Eat healthy. Walk at least twice a day - perhaps to and from the office.你要不不吃,要不暴饮暴食,这都不是正确的方法。由于工作繁忙,你没什么时间去锻练,应该改变这种习惯。健康饮食,且每天坚持至少两次的散步,才是最适合你的减肥方式。

  AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 - Feb. 19)

  Adventure is your game - and that includes your fitness programs. Exotic foods from faraway places are especially appealing to the Water Bearer, and any outlandish sort of exercise seems the perfect way for you to get in shape. For summer fitness, indulge in lighter faire from around the world, and try a group exercise program to feed your love of people.天生爱冒险的水瓶座,连减肥计划也充分体现了这一特点。新奇古怪的锻练方式对你是最见效的塑身方法。

  PISCES (Feb. 20 - Mar. 20)

  Your biggest challenge is that you tend to retain water. To increase your fitness level, Pisces, avoid excess salt - and, oddly enough, drink plenty of water. Concentrate on fruits and vegetables, and for exercise, yoga by far suits your temperament well. A walk each day would also make a huge difference. Remember: you are ruled by the feet - so splurge on some great walking shoes!



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