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  Unit 1

   1.Please do not be ____ by his bad manners since he is merely trying to attract attention.

  [A] disregarded    [B] distorted

  [C] irritated     [D] intervened

  2. Craig assured his boss that he would ____ all his energies in doing this new job.

  [A] call forth     [B] call at

  [C] call on      [D] call off

  3. Too much ____ to X-rays can cause skin burns, cancer or other damage to the body.

  [A] disclosure     [B] exhibition

  [C] contact      [D] exposure

  4. When confronted with such questions, my mind goes ____, and I can hardly remember my own date of birth.

  [A] dim        [B] blank

  [C] faint       [D] vain

  5. It is well known that knowledge is the ____ condition for expansion of mind.

  [A] incompatible    [B] incredible

  [C] indefinite     [D] indispensable

  6. Language, culture, and personality may be considered ____ of each other in thought, but they are inseparable in fact.

  [A] indistinctly    [B] separately

  [C] irrelevantly    [D] independently

  7. Watching me pulling the calf awkwardly to the barn, the Irish milkmaid fought hard to ____ her laughter.

  [A] hold back     [B] hold on

  [C] hold out      [D] hold up

  8. The manager gave one of the salesgirls an accusing look for her ____ attitude toward customers.

  [A] impartial     [B] mild

  [C] hostile      [D] opposing

  9. I ____ with thanks the help of my colleagues in the preparation of this new column.

  [A] express      [B] confess

  [C] verify       [D] acknowledge

  10. It is strictly ____ that access to confidential documents is denied to all but a few.

  [A] secured      [B] forbidden

  [C] regulated     [D] determined

  11. The pollution question as well as several other issues is going to be discussed when the Congress is in ____ again next spring.

  [A] assembly      [B] session

  [C] conference     [D] convention

  12. Christmas is a Christian holy day usually celebrated on December 25th ____ the birth of Jesus Christ.

  [A] in accordance with [B] in terms of

  [C] in favor of    [D] in honor of

  13. Since it is too late to change my mind now, I am ____ to carrying out the plan.

  [A] obliged      [B] committed

  [C] engaged      [D] resolved

  14. It was a bold idea to build a power station in the deep valley, but it ____ as well as we had hoped.

  [A] came off      [B] went off

  [C] brought out    [D] make out

  15. To survive in the intense trade competition between countries, we must ____ the qualities and varieties of products we make to the world-market demand.

  [A] improve      [B] enhance

  [C] guarantee     [D] gear

  16. He left early on the ____ that he had a bad toothache and had to see the dentist.

  [A] prescription    [B] pretext

  [C] knowledge     [D] precondition

  17. The new edition of the encyclopedia ____ many improvements, which is the result of the persistent effort of all the compilers.

  [A] embedded      [B] embodied

  [C] enchanted     [D] enclosed

  18. The boys and girls ____ together round the camp fire telling stories and singing songs.

  [A] reversed      [B] clapped

  [C] clustered     [D] contracted

  19. The new underground railway will ____ the journey to all parts of the city.

  [A] consume      [B] eliminate

  [C] formulate     [D] facilitate

  20. The speaker attracted the audience at the very beginning of the lecture by giving a ____ description of his personal experience.

  [A] global       [B] gracious

  [C] graphic      [D] prescriptive

  21. It is up to the government to ____ the rights of individual citizens.

  [A] withdraw      [B] withhold

  [C] upgrade      [D] uphold

  22. The notice about the English evening ____ many students who have interest in English.

  [A] impelled      [B] intrigued

  [C] provoked      [D] induced

  23. The leader went his own way in ____ of the public opinion, which aroused great anger among the people.

  [A] defiance      [B] reflection

  [C] obedience     [D] observation

  24. Could you just give me a hand? Let's ____ the car into motion; it got a flameout just now.

  [A] shove       [B] nudge

  [C] prompt       [D] poke

  25. The river was ____ with waste from that factory. Some measures must be taken to stop its production.

  [A] corrupted     [B] consumed

  [C] contaminated    [D] infected

  26. Poverty is not ____ in most cities although, perhaps because of the crowded conditions in certain areas, it is more visible there.

  [A] rare        [B] temporary

  [C] prevalent     [D] segmental

  27. People who live in small towns often seem more friendly than those living in ____ populated areas.

  [A] densely      [B] intensely

  [C] abundantly     [D] highly

  28. As a way of ____ the mails while they were away, the Johnsons asked the cleaning lady to send little printed slips asking the senders to write again later.

  [A] picking up     [B] coping with

  [C] passing out    [D] getting across

  29. Tom's mother tried hard to persuade him to ____ from his intention to invest his savings in stock market.

  [A] pull out      [B] give up

  [C] draw in      [D] back down

  30. An increasing proportion of our population, unable to live without advanced medical ____, well become progressively more reliant on expensive technology.

  [A] interference    [B] interruption

  [C] intervention    [D] interaction

  Unit 2 1. Do not ____ yourself; it was not your fault.

  [A] retort       [B] represent

  [C] reproach      [D] repress

  2. I deem the girl was in a bad health for the handshake with her was so ____.

  [A] limp        [B] lame

  [C] soft        [D] strong

  3. This new process, which is easily learned and operated, should be particularly ____ to companies once put into effect.

  [A] advanced      [B] favorite

  [C] advantageous    [D] admirable

  4. This disease ____ itself in yellowness of the skin and eyes.

  [A] manifests     [B] modifies

  [C] magnifies     [D] exposes

  5. Is there any possible ____ explanation for his bad health since he seems to have no obvious disease?

  [A] psychiatric    [B] psychological

  [C] surgical      [D] physical

  6. Their ____ building is located next to the park, so it is very convenient for them to have a walk after supper.

  [A] residential    [B] presidential

  [C] conditional    [D] accidental

  7. The hostess welcomed her guests in a ____ manner, which made all the people present at ease.

  [A] spacious      [B] suspicious

  [C] gracious      [D] merciful

  8. We should make mental preparation for failure, because there is only a(n) ____ number of possibilities of success.

  [A] infinite      [B] finite

  [C] innumerable    [D] numerous

  9. ____ the bad weather has delayed the flight, so it would be several hours before they could arrive.

  [A] Presumably     [B] Respectively

  [C] Imaginably     [D] Plausibly

  10. The baby monkey ____ to its mother all day.

  [A] held        [B] grasped

  [C] stuck       [D] clung

  11. Seeing the General coming his way, the soldier stopped and gave him a smart ____.

  [A] toast       [B] salute

  [C] tribute      [D] solution

  12. They send information every week, ____ whether it's useful or not.

  [A] in consideration of [B] irrespective of

  [C] with the exception of[D] with regard to

  13. We had a ____ lesson in ideological education yesterday and were deeply impressed.

  [A] profound      [B] deep

  [C] extreme      [D] shallow

  14. Did you get any ____ when you are dismissed from your job?

  [A] fund        [B] loan

  [C] bonus       [D] compensation

  15. Children of poor health are very ____ to colds in winter and should be taken care of particularly.

  [A] willing      [B] ready

  [C] reluctant     [D] prone

  16. You may not have heard of the ____ poet, but he is very original and creative and I believe he will become well-known someday.

  [A] obscure      [B] vague

  [C] vicious      [D] prominent

  17. In economic reform in our country, the greatest step is to transform the operational ____ of an state-owned enterprise.

  [A] system       [B] mechanics

  [C] techniques     [D] mechanism

  18. I know him very well after so many years, now I have no ____ about his ability.

  [A] image       [B] illusion

  [C] imagination    [D] ideal

  19. Now, with the ____ and popularity of the home computer, its advantages and disadvantages have been a subject of discussion.

  [A] adventure     [B] advance

  [C] advent       [D] adult

  20. The machine got somewhat eroded, but this oil will ____ it well.

  [A] lubricate     [B] decorate

  [C] extinct      [D] illuminate

  21. Shakespeare has many great works. Some of them are ____, others are tragedies.

  [A] comedians     [B] comedies

  [C] funs        [D] catastrophes

  22. She tried to ____ my mind and discover what I was thinking.

  [A] examine      [B] probe

  [C] search       [D] inspect

  23. Please _ the staff that the inspectors will be here on Monday and let them make good preparations.

  [A] modify       [B] ratify

  [C] rectify      [D] notify

  24. The government built the monument to ____ those who died in the war.

  [A] memorize      [B] celebrate

  [C] lament       [D] commemorate

  25. Technical innovation is ____ in improving the qualities of products.

  [A] instrumental    [B] beneficial

  [C] important     [D] interrelate

  26. Please explain your statement. I have no ____ what you are talking about.

  [A] contemplation   [B] imagination

  [C] notion       [D] norm

  27. A ____ refers to an act or operation to move an organ, piece of skin, hair, etc. from one person or animal to another.

  [A] transplantation  [B] shift

  [C] transformation   [D] transmission

  28. They ____ evidence and threatened witnesses not to tell the truth to anyone else.

  [A]produced      [B] fabricated

  [C]created       [D] manipulated

  29. He was ____ on the telephone so I asked him to speak more clearly.

  [A]muttering      [B] grumbling

  [C]groping       [D] shuddering

  30. All the roads ____ from the center of the town and extend in different directions towards major historical sights.

  [A]reflect       [B] respond

  [C]deflect       [D] radiate

  Unit 3 1. Travelling on those bad mountain roads is a ____ and I will never risk my life like that from now on.

  [A] nightfall     [B] darkness

  [C] nightmare     [D] dream

  2. The car ____ the garage door when he was trying to move his car in and caused a minor damage to it.

  [A] rubbed       [B] contacted

  [C] brushed      [D] grazed

  3. We must severely punish those terrorism who violate the ____ of civilized societies.

  [A] notions      [B] norms

  [C] conceptions    [D] behaviors

  4. The driver lost all the goods ____ for lack of responsibility and caution.

  [A] on purpose     [B] in public

  [C] in transit     [D] in reality

  5. He was arrested for using drugs and the ____ publicity mined his career.

  [A] continuous     [B] resultant

  [C] remaining     [D] reluctant

  6. I failed to go to her wedding because it ____ with my examination.

  [A] disagreed     [B] clashed

  [C] clamped      [D] fought

  7. The doctor wrote me a ____ for medicine for my cough.

  [A] description    [B] prescription

  [C] prestige      [D] contribution

  8. A few ____ members of the crowd attacked the vendor who did not give them a good bargain.

  [A] military      [B] inoffensive

  [C] mild        [D] militant

  9. The village was ____ because of the danger of a flood.

  [A] departed      [B] removed

  [C] emptied      [D] evacuated

  10. The mass movement for technical ____ is vigorously forging ahead in the factory.

  [A] conviction     [B] innovation

  [C] initiative     [D] enactment

  11. I heard that there is a unanimous vote at the afternoon meeting. So what is the ____ of opinion?

  [A] contract      [B] consent

  [C] compromise     [D] consensus

  12. She was so poor at her English that her mother hired a(n) ____ to teach her English at home.

  [A] assistant     [B] driller

  [C] guide       [D] tutor

  13, ____ he is a very serious and strict scholar, but actually he is not that kind of person at all.

  [A] Virtually     [B] Seemingly

  [C] Decisively     [D] Likely

  14. The whole nation was in the great impact of the earthquake and the ____ confusion.

  [A] consequent     [B] related

  [C] consumptive    [D] conspicuous

  15. The pupil was ____ for stealing and cheating in exams several times.

  [A] deleted      [B] canceled

  [C] ousted       [D] expelled

  16. Economics and politics are best studied together as the two subjects ____.

  [A] overlap      [B] slash

  [C] flap        [D] slap

  17. Though the model worker is already very old, his rich experience is not to be ____.

  [A] denounced     [B] discounted

  [C] discerned     [D] deducted

  18. The memory of the accident often ____ to me and makes me upset.

  [A] attributes     [B] occurs

  [C] reclaims      [D] recurs

  19. The conviction was not made after the trial and was postponed to the next session for the ____ were divided in opinion.

  [A] committee     [B] judges

  [C] judgements     [D] jury

  20. Records indicate that tortoise can live longer than any other animal with a ____, which forms the axis of skeleton.

  [A] skull       [B] spine

  [C] spin        [D] ankle

  21. The cupboard door is ____ on the right, so it opens on the left.

  [A] tied        [B] hinged

  [C] depended      [D] fastened

  22. There need not any introduction. We're already ____ with each other.

  [A] known       [B] acquainted

  [C] heard       [D] met

  23. The poor child suffered from malnutrition because he was always eating those ____ food.

  [A] trash       [B] junk

  [C] litter       [D] rubbish

  24. I don't think she is cold-blooded; her tears ____ her grief.

  [A] testified     [B] judged

  [C] accused      [D] tolerated

  25. The police came and ____ the noisy youths from the cafe room.

  [A] drove       [B] ejected

  [C] abandoned     [D] eliminated

  26. ____ of them knew about the plan because it was secret.

  [A] Some        [B] Any

  [C] No one       [D] None

  27. There is very ____ hope that he will survive the car accident.

  [A] few        [B] a few

  [C] much        [D] little

  28. I have two brothers.One is a scientist; ____ is an artist.

  [A] another      [B] the other

  [C] others       [D] the others

  29. On Sundays,they often go to ____ to hear music.

  [A] a church      [B] the church

  [C] church       [D] some churches

  30. Do you have ____ coffee left?

  [A] some        [B] any

  [C] any of       [D] a lot

  Unit 4 1. He is a(n) ____ and well-behaved child, but his parents worry about him for he talks too little.

  [A] obedient      [B] transient

  [C] conscious     [D] passionate

  2. He becomes more and more arrogant and his imperative accent ____ me completely.

  [A] confuses      [B] dispels

  [C] compels      [D] repels

  3. These days I was always dreaming a(n) ____ dream in which I was chased by a horrible demon.

  [A] enthusiastic    [B] fancy

  [C] optimistic     [D] fantastic

  4. The villagers all signed a ____ asking for a hospital to be built.

  [A] bill        [B] vote

  [C] petition      [D] treaty

  5. Many traditional Chinese believe that high forehead is ____ of great mental power.

  [A] objective     [B] indicative

  [C] directive     [D] decisive

  6. For years Blair family ____ the hope of a trip abroad, and it was not realized until recently when they came to China.

  [A] nourished     [B] nurtured

  [C] prospered     [D] maintained

  7. Their marriage came to an end because they were simply not ____ with each other.

  [A] comparable     [B] identical

  [C] compatible     [D] conspicuous

  8. There are many outstanding musicians at that time, but he is no doubt the ____ one of his day.

  [A] notorious     [B] former

  [C] fundamental    [D] foremost

  9. Large price increases could ____ demands for even larger wage increases.

  [A] triple       [B] trigger

  [C] attribute to    [D] inject

  10. Though you are not well-paid now, it is a job and will bring you great profit in the long run.

  [A] promising     [B] predictable

  [C] encouraging    [D] inspiring

  11. In this factory the machines are not regulated ____ but are jointly controlled by a central computer system.

  [A] independently   [B] individually

  [C] irrespectively   [D] irregularly

  12. Every chemical change either results from energy being used to produce the change, or causes energy to be ____ in some form.

  [A] given off     [B] put out

  [C] set off      [D] used up

  13. If businessmen are taxed too much, they will no longer be motivated to work hard, with the result that incomes from taxation might actually ____.

  [A] shrink       [B] delay

  [C] disperse      [D] sink

  14. American companies are evolving from mass-production manufacturing to ____ enterprises.

  [A] moveable      [B] changing

  [C] flexible      [D] varying

  15. If you know what the trouble is, why don't you help them to ____ the situation?

  [A] simplify      [B] modify

  [C] verify       [D] rectify

  16. I cannot believe she is leaving the company——I thought she was a permanent ____.

  [A] fitting      [B] fixture

  [C] appliance     [D] attachment

  17. The newspaper said yesterday two trains ____ and led to more than 200 casualties.

  [A] smashed      [B] crushed

  [C] collapsed     [D] collided

  18. The ____ may laugh at his music, but we know better.

  [A] municipality    [B] multitude

  [C] attitude      [D] altitude

  19. We must respect others' ____ and should not always pry into others' personal affairs.

  [A] isolation     [B] attachment

  [C] intimacy      [D] privacy

  20. The two companies are working in ____ with each other to make their products more competitive in the market.

  [A] coincidence    [B] corporation

  [C] ministration    [D] collaboration

  21. These causes produced the great change in the country that modernized the ____ of higher education from the mid-1860's to the mid-1880's.

  [A] branch       [B] category

  [C] domain       [D] scope

  22. Nobody yet knows how long and how seriously the ____ in the financial system will drag down the economy.

  [A] shallowness    [B] shakiness

  [C] scantiness     [D] stiffness

  23. Crisis would be the right term to describe the ____ in many animal species.

  [A] minimization    [B] restriction

  [C] descent      [D] decline

  24. The city is an important railroad ____ and industrial and convention center.

  [A] conjunction    [B] network

  [C] junction      [D] link

  25. Prof. White, my respected tutor, frequently reminds me to ____ myself of every chance to improve my English.

  [A] assure       [B] inform

  [C] avail       [D] notify

  26. The professor's questions ____ me completely because I couldn't answer any of them.

  [A] crumpled      [B] enlightened

  [C] baffled      [D] intimidated

  27. The other day when I sat on the lawn thinking about my university days, the sudden hoot of a whistle my thoughts.

  [A] broke up      [B] broke into

  [C] plunge into    [D] inserted into

  28. The bump on the right side of her cheek spoilt the ____ of her face.

  [A] impulse      [B] dignity

  [C] temperament    [D] symmetry

  29. The basketball players in the national team tried to keep themselves ____ in order to defeat their opponent.

  [A] on duty      [B] on watch

  [C] in shape      [D] in time

  30. A book had been stolen and some children claimed that Tom did it, but Tom's mother said she was sure her son was ____.

  [A] innocent      [B] superstitious

  [C] elegant      [D] suspicious

  Unit 5 1. There seems to be little ____ of fulfilling the sales program of this year.

  [A] consumption    [B] presumption

  [C] probability    [D] assessment

  2. The recent oil price rise ____ the difficulties which the motor industry is now facing.

  [A] testifies     [B] implies

  [C] enumerates     [D] exemplifies

  3. The students are expecting the arrival of a(n) ____ scientist who they heard of in their childhood.

  [A] eligible      [B] imminent

  [C] productive     [D] eminent

  4. The region is undergoing a peaceful ____ from colonial rule to self-government.

  [A] transfer      [B] transformation

  [C] evolution     [D] transition

  5. Some workers were not satisfied with their salaries and often ____ at it.

  [A] groaned      [B] murmured

  [C] whispered     [D] cracked

  6. An important property of a scientific theory is its ability to ____ further research and further thinking about a particular topic.

  [A] stimulate     [B] renovate

  [C] arouse       [D] advocate

  7. Although architecture has artistic qualities, it must also satisfy a number of important practical ____.

  [A] obligations    [B] regulations

  [C] observations    [D] considerations

  8. Life insurance is financial protection for dependents against loss ____ the bread-winner's death.

  [A] at the cost of   [B] on the verge of

  [C] as a result of   [D] for the sake of

  9. In education there should be a good ____ among the branches of knowledge that contribute to effective thinking and wise judgment.

  [A] distribution    [B] balance

  [C] combination    [D] assignment

  10. The American dream is most ____ during the periods of productivity and wealth generated by American capitalism.

  [A] plausible     [B] patriotic

  [C] primitive     [D] partial

  11. Only when the police ____ her with evidence did she admit that she had stolen the money.

  [A] constrained    [B] confronted

  [C] opposed      [D] encountered

  12. After much questioning among the people concerned, the headmaster at last ____ the truth about the incident.

  [A] induced      [B] employed

  [C] elicited      [D] deduced

  13. At the ____ where accidents are most likely to take place, the trains always travel at a moderate speed.

  [A] seminars      [B] sectors

  [C] regions      [D] compartments

  14. All these young men participated in a (n) ____ to find the beginning of the Changjiang River.

  [A] exile       [B] excerpt

  [C] expedition     [D] journey

  15. My paper was not concise and coherent because of ____ of the ideas related.

  [A] connection     [B] confusion

  [C] chaos       [D] disturbance

  16. Don't bother him now, for he feels ____ exhausted after a whole day's work.

  [A] exclusively    [B] absolutely

  [C] utterly      [D] relatively

  17. Many people mistakenly thought that Darwin was saying that the monkey was the ____ of the human race.

  [A] predecessor    [B] forerunner

  [C] succession     [D] offspring

  18. Don't wear this dress! Its color is too light and it is ____ like glass.

  [A] apparent      [B] transparent

  [C] vague       [D] obvious

  19. The shopkeeper thought that business is ____ for him in winter because there are only a bunch of customers each day.

  [A] slack       [B] dull

  [C] proper       [D] oppressive

  20. As soon as we turned the corner, I saw the road ____ steeply.

  [A] descending     [B] decreasing

  [C] improving     [D] declining

  21. What I am telling you is strictly ____. Don't let anyone know of it.

  [A] secretive     [B] special

  [C] individual     [D] confidential

  22. My brother likes eating very much but he isn't very ____ about the food he eats.

  [A] special      [B] peculiar

  [C] particular     [D] unusual

  23. It is not uncommon for advertisers to make ____ claims about the effectiveness of their products.

  [A] exaggerated    [B] numerous

  [C] undirected     [D] scientific

  24. Indiana University ____ an eight-campus network.

  [A] is composed of   [B] makes up

  [C] constitutes    [D] consists

  25. In the advanced course students must take objective tests at monthly ____.

  [A] length       [B] distance

  [C] intervals     [D] gaps

  26. When the child was afraid in the storm, his parents ____ him.

  [A] ensured      [B] insured

  [C] assured      [D] reassured

  27. After three hours' ____ delay, the train at last arrived.

  [A] encouraging    [B] spoiling

  [C] confronting    [D] frustrating

  28. If you do any damage to the computer even By any chance, you'll ____ your right to get the fund.

  [A] compensate     [B] donate

  [C] contribute     [D] forfeit

  29. Many surveys indicate that accidents can be ____ by careful driving and keeping from alcohol.

  [A] deviated      [B] averted

  [C] distracted     [D] diverted

  30. His argument was so confused that it was hardly ____, so we asked him to reorganize his thought and make another speech.

  [A] intelligent    [B] intelligible

  [C] illegible     [D] illegal

  Unit 6 1. The ____ cats that are still found in some remote places are distantly related to our friendly domestic companions.

  [A] savage       [B] wild

  [C] cruel       [D] untamed

  2. There are two ____ mistakes in this sentence. Can you point them out?

  [A] arranged      [B] planned

  [C] deliberate     [D] calculated

  3. The large crowds lingering in the streets were quickly ____ by the heavy rain.

  [A] dispersed     [B] removed

  [C] disposed      [D] disappeared

  4. John says that his present job does not provide him with enough ____ for his organizing ability.

  [A] range       [B] space

  [C] capacity      [D] scope

  5. Although I tried to concentrate on the lecture I was ____ by the noise from the next door.

  [A] disturbed     [B] interrupted

  [C] distracted     [D] interfered

  6. The soldiers ____ themselves by wearing white garments in the snow.

  [A] pretended     [B] masked

  [C] disguised     [D] concealed

  7. The burglar ____ the woman in her stomach with a knife and she died soon.

  [A] entered      [B] perceived

  [C] permeated     [D] stabbed

  8. I didn't make out what the professor means because his handwriting is so ____.

  [A] eligible      [B] illegible

  [C] knowledgeable   [D] vague

  9. The lieutenant is tall and big and looks very ____ in his new army uniform.

  [A] childlike     [B] vulnerable

  [C] versatile     [D] masculine

  10. The ____ meaning of “blue” is a color, but it can also mean “unhappy”。

  [A] literate      [B] literary

  [C] literal      [D] lingering

  11. Recently a number of cases have been reported of young children ____ a violent act previously seen on television.

  [A] modifying     [B] stimulating

  [C] accelerating    [D] duplicating

  12. Reading ____ the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours.

  [A] rectifies     [B] prolongs

  [C] furnishes     [D] minimises

  13. To write a summary effectively, you will need to ____ words for phrases, phrases for sentences, and general entrances for lists of details.

  [A] convert      [B] complement

  [C] substitute     [D] constitute

  14. Professor Light asked his secretary to ____ a hundred copies of this article on the duplicating machine.

  [A] run over      [B] run down

  [C] run into      [D] run off

  15. During the famine of 1943, millions of Chinese peasants ____ to the cities because they could not survive in the rural areas.

  [A] migrated      [B] emigrated

  [C] mobilized     [D] immigrated

  16. When she discovered the ____ of her bag, she went to the police.

  [A] thief       [B] assault

  [C] theft       [D] highjack

  17. The girl is ____ with great writing ability, which will make her a good writer in the future.

  [A] enchanted     [B] bestowed

  [C] endowed      [D] endeavored

  18. All theories ____ from practice and in turn serve practice.

  [A] oriented      [B] originated

  [C] eliminated     [D] generated

  19. The boss's promise to increase the workers' pay was a ____ to union demands.

  [A] confession     [B] deduction

  [C] concession     [D] conference

  20. He's ____ on going to Australia for his girlfriend was there waiting for him.

  [A] eager       [B] anxious

  [C] conscientious   [D] intent

  21. We must ____ that the experiment is controlled as rigidly as possible.

  [A] assure       [B] secure

  [C] ensure       [D] issue

  22. ____ the English examination I would have gone to the concert last night.

  [A] In spite of    [B] But for

  [C] Because of     [D] As for

  23. Alone in a deserted house, he was so busy with his research work that he felt ____ lonely.

  [A] nothing but    [B] anything but

  [C] all but      [D] everything but

  24. The English language contains a(n) ____ of words which are comparatively seldom used in ordinary conversation.

  [A] altitude      [B] latitude

  [C] multitude     [D] attitude

  25. Hand in a composition every ____ week, please.

  [A] some        [B] other

  [C] others       [D] another

  26. The government has two ____, to reduce spending or to increase taxes.

  [A] orientations    [B] options

  [C] opinions      [D] ornaments

  27. A ____ car would cost far more in Europe, but it is fairly cheap in the U.S.

  [A] compared      [B] comparative

  [C] considerable    [D] comparable

  28. She lost a bag a month ago but finally ____ it in the “lost found”。

  [A] reclaimed     [B] recycled

  [C] retrieved     [D] responded

  29. It is not a ____ business, so very few people would like to have it as a life career.

  [A] profitable     [B] rewarding

  [C] prohibited     [D] approachable

  30. Even though the Red Cross had a ____ large sum for the relief of the sufferers of the disaster, many people perished.

  [A] alienated     [B] alternated

  [C] allocated     [D] ascertained

  Unit 7 1. I ____ from your speech on the phone that you are a foreigner, for your English is so good.

  [A] doubt       [B] ensure

  [C] wonder       [D] presume

  2. When it rains the ground becomes very ____ and makes it difficult for people to walk on.

  [A] messy       [B] solid

  [C] muddy       [D] fragile

  3. What a(n) ____ that I was in Paris at the same time as you! But it is a pity we didn't see each other.

  [A] chance       [B] coincidence

  [C] cooperation    [D] incidence

  4. The highest ____ of governments has been given to the problem of heavy traffic.

  [A] priority      [B] privilege

  [C] potential     [D] premise

  5. I can ____ believe that she is lazy at home —— she is very lazy at school.

  [A] hastily      [B] rashly

  [C] readily      [D] respectively

  6. There is not much ____ that he would succeed, for his plan is not feasible.

  [A] likeness      [B] likelihood

  [C] liker       [D] liking

  7. Being suppressed under the rule of the colonial government for many years, the people ____ for independence.

  [A] thirst       [B] thrust

  [C] thrive       [D] thrill

  8. Our football team is ____ with one from the next town for the championship.

  [A] confronting    [B] contending

  [C] converging     [D] contriving

  9. The liquid ____ when somebody dropped a match in it accidentally.

  [A] flashed      [B] glowed

  [C] glimmered     [D] ignited

  10. Our problems seem ____ when compared to those of people who never get enough to eat.

  [A] petty       [B] scant

  [C] lean        [D] fragile

  11. Every weekend when I came back from school, Mother prepared meals ____ enough for a Sahara-bound camel and made me eat them up.

  [A] adequate      [B] delicious

  [C] proficient     [D] substantial

  12. A third function of intuition is to ____ isolated bits of data and practice into an interesting picture, often in an “Aha!” experience.

  [A] synthesize     [B] acknowledge

  [C] separate      [D] illustrate

  13. If profit and money are your first ____, and commitment to people your least concern, you have failed education.

  [A] potentiality    [B] priority

  [C] superiority    [D] responsibility

  14. The TV announcer apologized for the breakdown and said that normal service would be ____ as soon as possible.

  [A] reserved      [B] recited

  [C] resumed      [D] reclaimed

  15. The ship Titanic had been given the extra name of “unsinkable” because its ____ was the best there was.

  [A] manufacture    [B] production

  [C] erection      [D] construction

  16. Japan has ____ its steps toward putting into effect an international treaty banning chemical weapons.

  [A] hurried      [B] bustled

  [C] accelerated    [D] rushed

  17. Developing countries should adopt labour-intensive technologies to ____ their comparative advantage of abundant labour.

  [A] use        [B] exploit

  [C] employ       [D] explore

  18. The tests show the earlier in life a person hears a sound the longer it is _______.

  [A] retained      [B] preserved

  [C] remained      [D] reserved

  19. The researchers test college students ____ to foreign speech before their second birthday but not since.

  [A] disclosed     [B] exposed

  [C] exhibited     [D] revealed

  20. The government has provided the capital library with heavy ____ to keep it one of the largest in the world.

  [A] subscriptions   [B] tips

  [C] subsidies     [D] bonuses

  21. Birds play a large part in plant reproduction by ____ seeds across large areas.

  [A] dispersing     [B] disseminating

  [C] dispatching    [D] dispensing

  22. The inscription on the tombstone had been ____ by the weather and could scarcely be read.

  [A] worn out      [B] worn down

  [C] worn off      [D] worn away

  23. By the end of the day, the flood water which had covered most of the town had ____.

  [A] receded      [B] retired

  [C] replaced      [D] retreated

  24. I need to move to a larger apartment. Do you know of any ____ ones in this neighborhood?

  [A] vacant       [B] bare

  [C] blank       [D] empty

  25. He was ____ from the competition because he had not complied with the rules.

  [A] banished      [B] excused

  [C] disqualified    [D] forbidden

  26. In British history books Richard III is usually ____ as a wicked man.

  [A] portrayed     [B] drew

  [C] explained     [D] illuminated

  27. The special workshop was ____ over by a famous scientist.

  [A] governed      [B] administered

  [C] presided      [D] directed

  28. Grandmother has been getting more ____ lately, we have to look after her in turn.

  [A] vulnerable     [B] tough

  [C] limp        [D] feeble

  29. There was a ____ of only ten centimetres between the two walls.

  [A] gulf        [B] space

  [C] clearance     [D] area

  30. Although he failed in the maths test, it was wrong to ____ at his efforts.

  [A] fake        [B] mock

  [C] scorn       [D] ridicule

  Unit 8 1. After a close physical examination, the doctor finally ____ that the man was mad.

  [A] certified     [B] secured

  [C] declared      [D] confined

  2. This oil is ____ from the seeds of several valuable plants, so it is very nourishing.

  [A] restored      [B] refined

  [C] manufactured    [D] extracted

  3. When I came into the factory, I saw workers ____ Skillfully the controls of the machines.

  [A] manifesting    [B] manipulating

  [C] managing      [D] ministering

  4. It gave me a ____ to know I had passed the examination.

  [A] thrill       [B] thorn

  [C] thirst       [D] sting

  5. Kate's ____ arrived every night to take her out for the evening.

  [A] participant    [B] escort

  [C] colleague     [D] delegation

  6. The discussion was so prolonged and exhausting that ____ the speakers stopped for refreshments.

  [A] at large      [B] at intervals

  [C] at ease      [D] at random

  7. When travelling, you are advised to take travellers, checks, which provide a secure ____ to carrying your money in cash.

  [A] substitute     [B] selection

  [C] preference     [D] alternative

  8. I never trusted him because I always thought of him as such a ____ character.

  [A] gracious      [B] suspicious

  [C] unique       [D] particular

  9. Changing from solid to liquid, water takes in heat from all substances near it, and this ____ produces artificial cold surrounding it.

  [A] absorption     [B] transition

  [C] consumption    [D] interaction

  10. I didn't say anything like that at all. You are purposely ____ my ideas to prove your point.

  [A] revising      [B] contradicting

  [C] distorting     [D] distracting

  11. They failed in their attempt to promote this new product for the ____ of the plan.

  [A] efficiency     [B] deficiency

  [C] lack        [D] defiance

  12. Don't worry about him. He is ____ enough not to make such a silly mistake.

  [A] passionate     [B] shrewd

  [C] proficient     [D] initiative

  13. The young doctor ____ the difficult operation of kidney transplant.

  [A] reflected     [B] conspired

  [C] represented    [D] contemplated

  14. The fat woman felt embarrassed when the chair gave a ____ when she sat down on it.

  [A] moan        [B] wail

  [c] howl        [D] groan

  15. When I asked her about her examination result, she just ____, saying that she didn't know and didn't care.

  [A] waved       [B] nodded

  [C] shook       [D] shrugged

  16. His ____ were forgiven by the employer, who was a generous and lenient person.

  [A] defenses      [B] annoyance

  [C] offences      [D] jealousy

  17. The small countries joined together into a ____.

  [A] coalition     [B] corporation

  [C] federation     [D] company

  18. The doctor in the hospital wore a ____ over his ordinary clothes.

  [A] garment      [B] dress

  [C] cloth       [D] gown

  19. The newly published review on the book has ____ much controversy.

  [A] entailed      [B] extracted

  [C] evoked       [D] prompted

  20. The sick child ____ a little, and then fell asleep.

  [A] complained     [B] groped

  [C] moaned       [D] murmured

  21. ____ gradually caused the sliding box to slow down and stop.

  [A] Fraction      [B] Fracture

  [C] Conflict      [D] Friction

  22. We should made laws to curb the ____ of our forests, which is a very bad conduct to harm our environment.

  [A] rap        [B] rape

  [C] smuggle      [D] rash

  23. Wearing plain clothes, the king____ with the people in the streets.

  [A] wove        [B] associated

  [C] mingled      [D] fused

  24. We hope to ____ new life into our business, our working atmosphere is so dull these days.

  [A] project      [B] inject

  [C] incorporate    [D] insert

  25. We are conducting a ____ to find out how many people are in favor of nuclear power.

  [A] poll        [B] test

  [C] quiz        [D] experiment

  26. A man who doesn't like to talk about himself or to make his feelings known to others is called a ____ man.

  [A] reserved      [B] tolerant

  [C] conservative    [D] preserved

  27. He reads so ____ that he knows almost everything about various fields of learning.

  [A] extensively    [B] intensively

  [C] closely      [D] exclusively

  28. When a fire broke out in the gallery, at least twenty ____ paintings were destroyed, including two by Picasso.

  [A] worthless     [B] priceless

  [C] valueless     [D] inexpensive

  29. It ____ me that there might be some fault on my part.

  [A] struck       [B] flashed

  [C] occurred      [D] happened

  30. I never see this picture without ____ my early days in the countryside.

  [A] reminding of    [B] being reminded of

  [C] reminding to    [D] having been reminded

  Unit 9 1. I was in the ____ of washing when she came to visit me and brought me a couple of books.

  [A] amid        [B] center

  [C] course       [D] midst

  2. The ____ death of the revolutionary, at his twenties, is a great loss to our party.

  [A] premature     [B] forthcoming

  [C] advanced      [D] hasty

  3. He took the ____ by asking the first question to the visiting scholar at his lecture.

  [A] injection     [B] rejection

  [C] orientation    [D] initiative

  4. She's very ____ ——she spends all her money on clothes.

  [A] generous      [B] extravagant

  [C] extreme      [D] unreasonable

  5. A ____ of interest in the matter came into her eyes but soon extinguished.

  [A] glitter      [B] drizzle

  [C] dazzle       [D] gleam

  6. These who can ____ difficulties on their way to success may keep calm when they really appear.

  [A] anticipate     [B] expect

  [C] promise      [D] foresee

  7. The constant ____ between the young couple finally caused divorce.

  [A] conflict      [B] collapse

  [C] resistance     [D] friction

  8. We have several difficulties in foreign trade transactions. Now the excess of imports over exports became another ____.

  [A] compliment     [B] intricacy

  [C] complication    [D] compensation

  9. Mohammed is the ____ of the Muslims, who established his teachings, which formed the basis for Koran.

  [A] infant       [B] genius

  [C] puppet       [D] prophet

  10. With no pictures at hand, the police artist made a ____ picture of the murderer.

  [A] composite     [B] sophisticated

  [C] competitive    [D] mechanical

  11. What causes emotional problems for children of divorce is generally the events that ____ the break up.

  [A] prevailed     [B] presided

  [C] proceeded     [D] preceded

  12. Found in all parts of the country, pines are the most ____ trees in this country.

  [A] ordinary      [B] average

  [C] usual       [D] common

  13. Swarms of ants are always invading my kitchen. They are a thorough ____.

  [A] nuisance      [B] disturbance

  [C] trouble      [D] annoyance

  14. The head office of the company has been ____ from HongKong to New York for the sake of business expansion.

  [A] transported    [B] transplanted

  [C] transferred    [D] transmitted

  15. You should make certain that everyone understands what is required and how to ____ the procedures.

  [A] impose       [B] implement

  [C] reinforce     [D] rectify

  16. ____ circumstances compelled him to close his business. Now he had to find other ways for a living.

  [A] Opposite      [B] Adverse

  [C] Opposed      [D] Favorable

  17. He works as a ____ for this community, delivering letters and newspapers everyday.

  [A] messenger     [B] passerby

  [C] preacher      [D] burglar

  18. Our new director is much younger than his ____, who is already 50 years old.

  [A] successor     [B] precedent

  [C] predecessor    [D] offspring

  19. She is so ____ ——she won't let anyone help her when she is in such a dilemma.

  [A] willful      [B] abnormal

  [C] obstinate     [D] ardent

  20, The woman is in a sorry ____, unemployed and with no one to support her.

  [A] surrounding    [B] environment

  [C] plight       [D] embarrassment

  21.They work long hours but do not earn enough to ensure a ____ living for themselves and their families.

  [A] reticent      [B] decent

  [C] innocent      [D] descent

  22. There are few areas of our lives in which tools do not play an ____ part.

  [A] indispensable   [B] independent

  [C] indistinguishable [D] indiscriminate

  23. Britain's Channel Four television sent him to New York to do a ____ interview for its “The Word” programme.

  [A] lively       [B] live

  [C] living       [D] alive

  24. In one of the most high-tech countries in the world, the process applied by an animator is surprisingly ____.

  [A] physical      [B] manual

  [C] mental       [D] sensual

  25. It might be ____ noting that while words last a long time, sensitivities do change.

  [A] deserved      [B] worthwhile

  [C] worth       [D] worthy

  26. My shoes have been worn out. I'll have to buy____.

  [A] some new pair   [B] a new one

  [C] some new ones   [D] a new pair

  27. If ____ letter arrives for me, can you send it to this address?

  [A] no         [B] some

  [C] any        [D] some more

  28. Taxes and death may come to____, but they never come with impartiality.

  [A] all men      [B] all of man

  [C] all men      [D] all of men

  29. Miss Green contributed fifty dollars, but she wished she could contribute____.

  [A] one other fifty dollars [B] the same amount also

  [C] more fifty dollars   [D] another fifty

  30. Our monitor is always ready to do good to____.

  [A] the other     [B] the others

  [C] other       [D] others

  Unit 10 1. When any non-human organ is transplanted into a person, th

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