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Sample Attorney Opinion Letter

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  Sample Attorney Opinion Letter


  (Name of Client)


  *** Co., Ltd

  City, State, ZIP code

  Re: Opinion Letter Regarding (name of employee, e.g., fictitious ** **)

  Dear (Name):

  After our initial meeting, I reviewed the papers you sent me regarding the ** **matter. As I understand the situation, Ms.** signed a written employment

  agreement with your company. The agreement stated that in the event of

  termination or resignation from her job as your sales associate, Ms. ** would

  not call upon or sell goods to any of your customers for a period of one year.

  You have asked me to advise you about your rights, the chance of success, the

  amount of damages that may be recoverable, the costs involved, and my ability to

  represent you in this matter.


  When Ms. ** signed a written contract with your company, she agreed not to call

  upon any of your customers for a period of one year. This is called a

  restrictive covenant. To enforce your covenant against Ms.**, you must bring

  an action against her and prove your case. You have a choice of forums in which

  to bring the action: federal district court or a state court. Since it is easier

  to obtain an injunction (an action to immediately stop her from selling to your

  customers) in a state court rather than a federal court, I would suggest the

  state court.

  I must advise you that injunctions are largely discretionary with the court, and

  there are several factors here that might lead it not to grant one on your

  behalf. Since you waited eight months before threatening to sue Ms. **, my

  guess is that you have about a twenty percent (20%) chance of obtaining an



  Your chances of obtaining money damages against Ms. **are much greater than

  your chances for an injunction. From our discussion and the facts and evidence

  suggested in your papers, it appears that the amount of recoverable damages

  would be measured by the profits you have lost since the time Ms. ** began

  selling competitive products to your customers.

  It should be understood that if we win our case, however, Ms.** may not

  voluntarily pay the judgment. Thus, it may be necessary to enforce the judgment

  by having a sheriff or marshall seize and sell assets not exempt from execution.

  However, if Ms. ** does not own assets, such as real estate, money in bank

  accounts, stocks, etc., but owns only personal items exempt from execution under

  the laws of our state, then any judgment you obtain may not be worth much.


  Besides the fact that you may lose a lawsuit against Ms. ** or that any

  judgment obtained may be uncollectible, there are other negative factors you

  should consider before bringing a lawsuit. These include court costs and

  attorney fees. Court costs are recoverable, but other costs, such as travel, the

  time lost when you are called to testify (or required to help us develop the

  case), and attorney fees, are not recoverable.


  I am familiar with the nature of your manufacturing business and am qualified to

  represent you in this matter if you choose to proceed. My fee would be based on

  my normal hourly charge of $250 for myself and $150 for associates. Trial time

  is billed at $1,000 per day. The initial services of preparing a complaint and

  serving same would cost approximately $300. Preparing a request for an

  injunction and attending a hearing on the injunction would cost approximately


  It is quite possible that Ms. ** would not retain her own counsel and not

  answer the complaint. This means that a default judgment could be taken without

  the necessity of a trial. Here attorney fees would probably amount to no more

  than $1,000.

  I require a $1,000 retainer to open a file and commence an action.

  If you wish to proceed with this matter, I will need to know the full names and

  addresses of your customers to whom Ms. ** is presently selling and the

  estimated sales volume which you have lost.

  If you have any questions, please call me.

  Very truly yours,

  Name of Attorney

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