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  薄利多売。Low margin, high volume.

  初めが大事。初め良ければ終わり良し。Well begun is half done.

  どんな仕事も傍で見るほど楽ではない。No job is as easy as it looks to a bystander.

  速い者勝ち。First come, first serve.

  上達の早道は弛まぬ努力だ。The shortcut to success is unflagging effort.

  彼女は早耳だ。She has sharp ears.

  彼女は口と腹は大違いだ。She says one thing, and means another.

  万物は生々流転す。Everything is constantly changing.

  彼は年は若いが考えはなかなか確りしている。He has an old head on young shoulders.

  彼女は年の割りに若作りだ。She's no longer young, but dresses as if she were.

  人の善し悪しは其の交わる友で判る。people is know by the company they keeps.

  女性は何とも解らない。You can never tell with women.

  男鰥夫に蛆が湧く。When a man is widowed he goes to the dogs.

  彼女は恋愛は恋愛、結婚は結婚と割り切っている。She clearly distinguishes between love and marriage.

  割れ鍋に綴じ蓋.Every Jack has his Jill.

  悪事千里を走る。The evil that men do is quickly known.

  此れは私が齷齪働いて稼いだ金だ。I worked my fingers to the bone to earn this money.

  悪銭身に付かず。Easy come,easy go.

  家では夫は上げ膳据え膳だ。My husband never lifts a finger to help in the house.

  明日は明日の風が吹く。Let tomorrow take care of itself.

  明日と謂う日も有る。Tomorrow is another day.

  焦ると損をする。haste makes waste.

  情けは人の為ならず。kindness does not go unrewarded.

  人生は七転び八起きだ。Life is full of ups and downs.

  怠け者節句働き。A lazy man has no time for holidays.

  なまじっか財産があると苦労が増える。Moderate wealth just brings problems.

  習い性と成る。Habit is second nature.

  習うより慣れよ。Practice makes perfect.

  老兵は死なず、唯消え去るのみ。Old soldiers never die; they just fade away.

  労多くして功少なし。Have a lot of trouble for very little profit.

  老化は足から始まる。Aging starts with one's legs.

  老骨に鞭打って一生懸命働いた。Despite his old age he drove his old bones unmercifully.

  羅馬は一日して成らず。Rome was not built in a day.

  六十の手習い。It's never too late to learn.

  論より証拠。Proof is better than argument.

  あの人とは何となくフィーリングが合わない。Somehow she and I don't hit it off very well.

  夫婦喧嘩は犬も食わない。Even a dog won't involve itself in an argument between husband and wife.

  河豚は食いたし命は惜し。Honey is sweet, but the bee stings.

  覆水盆に返らず。It's no use crying over spilt milk.

  痩せた女の子より太めの方が好きだ。I prefer plump girls to skinny ones.

  人の振り見て我が振り直せ。One man's fault is another's lesson.

  下手な職人ほど道具に難癖をつける。A bad workman blames his tools.

  知らぬが仏。Ignorance is bliss.

  あの男には中身が無い。There 's no subastance to him.

  人間の一生は泣き笑いの連続だ。Life is a round of laughter and tears.

  早起きは三文の徳。The early bird catches the warm.

  思い立ったが吉日。There is no time like the present.

  武士は食わぬど高楊枝。when a samurai misses a meal, he acts like he's eaten a feast.

  夫唱婦随。The husband leads, the wife follows.

  悪い事は続く物だ。Misfortune never come singly.

  子供は何処までも子供だ。Kids will be kids.

  隣の芝生は青い。The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

  私は友達運が上がった。I was lucky in my friends.

  彼は社長派だった。He was one of the CEO's insiders.

  馬鹿につける薬は無い。There is no medicine that can cure a fool.

  事を図るは人に在り、事を成すは天に在り。Man proposes; God disposes.

  掃き溜めに鶴.A jewel in a dunghill.

  断じて行えば鬼神も此れを避ける。Act with a will and even demons will avoid you.

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