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  If winter at Lake Tahoe is spectacular, then summer at the Lake is glorious! And, there is no better way to experience all the Lake has to offer than a trip to the Top of the Tram. At 8,200 feet, the Top of the Tram lodge offers unparalleled[1] scenic views, unique high-altitude dining, complimentary[2] guided hikes, a full service retail shop, as well as an opportunity to get away from it all, take a deep breath and breathe in the air the angels breathe!

  At Heavenly, our summers begin with the re-opening of the Monument Peak Restaurant and Aerial Tram. After a short ride five-minute ride to the top of Tahoe, you'll understand why the local saying, "I came for the winters, but continue to stay for the summers," holds so much truth.

  Whether it's the views of the sun sparkling[3]on the waters of Lake Tahoe or the lush green meadows, recently transformed snowfields more than ten feet deep, you'll marvel at the beauty of the summer side of Heavenly! Once at the top, visitors of all ages enjoy hiking on the Tahoe Vista Hiking Trail. The two-mile nature walk winds along the ridgeline 2,000 feet above Lake Tahoe providing awe-inspiring views at every step. Listen closely and you'll hear the Mountain Chicadee singing its famous cheeseburger song. Or, keep your eyes open and your binoculars[4] close, you may catch a glimpse of the Red-tail Hawk sailing on a wind sheer. The Tahoe Vista Hiking Trail makes for a complete mountain adventure that is easily accessible to all visitors.

  For an in-depth close-up look at the Lake Tahoe environment, Heavenly offers three complimentary Interpretive Guided Hikes departing from the sun deck daily. Heavenly trail guides feature natural flora, fauna and animal species of the Lake Tahoe area while providing you an insider's perspective to summer at Lake Tahoe.

  When all that hiking stirs up your appetite, the Monument Peak Restaurant and outdoor sundeck offer one of Tahoe's most unique dining experiences in a Tahoe casual atmosphere. Open daily, the restaurant features a variety of entrees from 11:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. Whether it's lunch on the deck or dinner at sunset, the Monument Peak Restaurant is an experience you won't soon forget. Heavenly Sports at the Top of the Tram lodge has a wide variety of gifts that reflect the very essence of the Tahoe mountain lifestyle.

  Heavenly Sports offers everything from walking sticks to wind chimes to birdhouses to pinecone[5]candles. If you're looking for a Tahoe-style gift, you'll find it at the Top of the Tram Heavenly Sports.

  Native Americans knew it, Mark Twain knew it and now, you know it. Heavenly and Lake Tahoe are very special places. There are only 17 Saturdays from May - September, and with sunshine practically everyday during the summer months, Heavenly is ideal for any special occasion. And, if you're looking for the most beautiful spot on earth for your wedding - Heavenly has several, as well as an entire team dedicated to making your special day effortless and worry-free.

  When the snow melts the adventures really start heating up at Heavenly Day Care. Children participate in numerous activities including educational field trips, water-play, nature hikes, mountain biking, treks to the library and more. The day care center, at Heavenly's California Lodge, remains open through the summer season with day and evening childcare available by reservation.

  So, whether you choose to dine 2,000 feet above Lake Tahoe at the Monument Peak Restaurant, do a little shopping at Heavenly Sports, take a leisurely stroll or participate in a complimentary Interpretive Guided Hike, Heavenly offers something for everyone. The Heavenly Aerial Tram and Top of the Tram activity center are 'must see and do' attractions for all visitors to Lake Tahoe. Join us at Heavenly this summer and see Tahoe like you've never seen it before.


  [1]unparallel adj. 无比的, 空前的

  [2]complimentary adj. 免费赠送的

  [3]sparkling adj. 闪烁的, 闪闪发光的

  [4]binocular adj. 用两眼的

  [5]pinecone n. 松球, 松果

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