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  1) ace: She is an ace dancer.


  2) all-nighter: I felt very tired after an all-nighter.


  3) beemer: That girl is driving a beemer.

  BMW, 宝马。气人的是,我们停车场里一辆牛款beemer的主人不是官最大的,当然不是最有学问的,而是一个有钱人的小千金。

  4) booze: I'm going to bring a bottle of booze to your party.


  5) bummer:

  坏事,不好的方面。别人要跟你说开车撞了电线杆子,你就要说 Oh, bummer!一表感同身受。

  6) chicken: He is really a chicken.


  7) cool:


  8) cop:That crazy driver was pulled over by a cop.


  9) couch patat My roommate is a couch patato.


  10) deep pockets: I don't want to buy it, it's for people with deep pockets.


  11) flip side: Don't watch the flip side, it's too personal.


  12) foxy: Look at that foxy lady!


  13) nuke: That country is working seriously on nukes.

  北韩,说你呢。 核弹。

  14) pain: That's a pain in the neck.


  15) psych That psycho scared me.


  16) rock: You wanna your coke on the rocks?

  冰块, 注意介词

  17) shot: Do you wanna another shot?


  18) yukky: That dish was yukky.


  19) get it: Did you get that joke?


  20) glitch: We shut the pc down since there was a glitch.


  21) goofy: They were worrying about their goofy kids.


  22) grand: Give me two grands and the car will be yours.


  23) groovy: His Mom made some groovy art.


  24) gross:


  25) guts:


  26) vibes: I have bad vibes about that person.


  27) up: He has been up since married.


  28) veg: He veg out in front of TV all the time.


  29) 好吃叫"yummy".鬼子喜欢听好话,他们要做点啥请你吃你可一定要装一装说"yummy".

  30) fishy 可疑的。

  That sounds fishy.

  31) drag 没劲的事

  It's such a drag to deal with them again and again.

  32) roll 走,离开。(今天还听一人说Ready to roll?来着)

  Are you ready to roll? Let's roll.

  33) nuts 疯

  Are you nuts? The trafic drives me nuts.

  34) freak out 紧张害怕

  Don't freak out if cops pull you over.

  35) rip off 骗了(钱了)

  I realized I was ripped off after payed $200 for these shoes.

  36 bug 讨厌

  Stop bugging me with your plan. I won't do it with you

  37 shrink: A psychotherapist 心理医生

  38 airhead: A silly, rather unintelligent person.

  His girlfriend is an airhead.

  39 a-yo 比较随便的打招呼,近似于"What' up?" "Hey!"

  40 buzz 打电话 Give me a buzz when you reach home.

  41 bread: money. breadwinner 养家的人

  42 booty 屁股 Check out her booty!

  43 boob 乳房

  44 cheesey 很没品味,很土=corny

  The gift I receieved from Ryan is cheesey.

  45 cig: cigarette的缩写 You got a cig?

  46 crap: nonsense

  What he said is crap. Don't believe a word of it.

  47 fucked up 可以表达很多意思,比如"糟透了,笨死了"

  You are pretty fucked up.

  48 freaky: weird

  He's a freaky guy.=He is a freak.

  49 flick: movie

  That was a good flick.

  50 get on (one's) nerves: to annoy

  You really get on my nerves.

  51 goof 笨蛋 goofy=silly

  52 hang out (和朋友)出去消遣

  53 hooker 妓女

  54 hot 迷人

  Man, that girl was hot!

  She is such a hottie!

  55 juicy 桃色八卦的 a juicy scandal

  56 jerk 粗蠢之人

  57 jerk off: to masturbate

  48 jackass "公驴",说人就是"蠢驴"的意思, MTV台就有一档叫JACKASS的节目,专门表演一些无聊又愚蠢的玩意儿逗乐

  49 pimp 拉皮条的

  50 puke: vomit

  There's puke on the floor.

  51 pussy: vagina

  52 redneck (美国的)乡巴佬

  53 sassy: styling. 时髦的

  Those clothes are sassy!

  54 nifty 棒,一流的

  Here's a list of all-around nifty things that we've found over the years.

  55 screw up : err;mess up

  They screwed up that paint job.

  56 suck 讨厌,烦人

  Final exams suck.

  57 twisted: displeasing; MESSED UP

  That's twisted!

  twisted mind 奇思异想;怪脑筋

  58 meth Methamphetamine的缩写,即"冰毒"

  59 tweaker: a person who uses meth

  60 MDMA 摇头丸,也叫"Ecstasy"/"XTC"

  61 pot: Marijuana;joint 大麻烟

  62 crack 强效可卡因63 whiz 小便

  I just took a whiz.

  64 gig: job

  I just do these gigs as a cover.

  65 dump 甩了某人(比如女朋友)

  66 get high 爽一下

  Do you get high?

  67 piss off: should be "pissed off". the world-dictionary has explained this phrase as below:

  pissed off (adjective)

  annoyed, irritated, miffed, nettled, peeved, pissed, pissed off, riled, roiled, steamed, stunng

  aroused to impatience or anger;

  "made an irritated gesture";

  "feeling nettled from the constant teasing";

  "peeved about being left out";

  "felt really pissed at her snootiness";

  "riled no end by his lies";

  "roiled by the delay"

  68 get a crush on somebody 迷上某人

  69 thirtyish: thirty something 三十多岁的

  70 bent: angry

  It's OK. Don't get so bent.

  71 booze: alcohol

  He promised to bring two bottles of booze to the party.

  72 call: prediction

  The weatherman made a good call about when the storm would come.

  73 chintzy: cheap

  That really was a chintzy present you got him.

  74 cut out: leave

  It is late. I have to cut out.

  75 dope: drug

  There are a lot of dope dealers around here.

  76 freebie 免费品

  The pillow was a freebie

  77 get it: understand

  I listened to the joke twice, but I still don't get it.

  78 grubby: unclean and untidy

  Those clothes are too grubby to wear to the party.

  79 hairy: dangerous

  That was a hairy plane trip. I am glad the storm is over.

  80 fag 是"faggot"的简写, 对同性恋男子的贬称

  81 street smart 知道在城市生活该怎么处置一些事情,应该如何应付各种不同的情况,比如如何保护自己。

  82 chill/chill out: relax 放松,休息

  Glad class is over! I'm ready to chill for the rest of the morning. I haven't had a chance to chill out these last few days, getting ready for school and all.

  83 ditch 做名词用是指地上的沟; 做动词to ditch表示要离开某个人,因为你不想跟他在一起了;或表示要马上离开一个不想再呆的地方。

  It's too noisy. Let's ditch this place.

  84 hit the spot 感到过瘾,觉得很痛快。比如你肚子饿了,吃得心满意足,就可以说That food really hit the spot.

  85 big gun 大人物,对决策有重大影响的人

  The company's big gun quarterbacked the meeting about their revenue report.

  86 quarterback 本意是美式足球的四分卫,做动词在可以表示"主持会议,或总管项目"

  The project leader quarterbacked the meeting.

  87 lame 无聊,没意思,或者不合适的

  Don't give me any lame excuses next time I want to do something!

  88 shot 是指什么东西坏了,或者人体的某个部位受伤了

  I think my engine is shot. This is not good.

  89 damage 是指为某样东西或某个交易付的钱, 通常用"bad/not bad"来表示价钱高低

  The damage for renting the car is pretty bad.

  90 choke 糟糕,失败的意思

  I think New York is going to lose. Knowing them, their going to choke.

  91 money 保持高水平,非常棒的意思

  Yao Ming is money.

  92 hard headed: stubborn 顽固,固执

  93 drained: exhausted 非常累

  You are full of energy. But I'm drained, I'm going to sleep.

  94 wired 一 精力充沛.

  After the next cup of coffee, I think I'm going to be pretty wired.

  to be connected to something, such as being wired into the Internet, or being wired into a discussion.

  95 kick back 休息,和某人一起玩

  It's a good time to just kick back and relax.

  96 one track mind 意思是脑子里光想一件事

  Geez, you have such a one track mind sometimes.

  97 ticked off 为了什么事情生气

  Crossing the streets in New York and Washington is dangerous. But getting ticked off about it won't do you any good.

  98 close call 差一点没发生的倒霉的事,或是差一点完不成的该做的事

  99 goof off (年轻人)一些无聊的事开玩笑

  No more goofing off!

  100. poop ——To defecate 拉屎

  昨天Fox台the 55th Emmy Awards Ceremony上,就有人说pooped his pants

  101. liplock 接吻 Madonna 和 Britney 那个French kiss大家都看见了吧

  102. snoozer: something tedious or boring 使人打瞌睡的东西

  103. sour-puss: A habitually gloomy or sullen person 扑克脸

  104 toss-up: even chance 原意为抛硬币,引申为"对半开的机会"

  It is a toss-up whether he will win or lose.

  105 pratfall: a comedy fall upon one's buttocks 屁蹲儿

  105a pick-up line: a prepared opening line of conversation intended to get someone interested in having a causal sexual relationship.

  不知道中文里面又没有对应的词,我头一回听说这个词是看Will & Grace, Grace抱回一只小狗结果Will着了魔,吃饭睡觉都舍不得放下狗狗,Grace明白Will同志是太寂寞了,于是劝他go on a date,Will很不自信,她就鼓励道 You still have a pick-up line.

  106 poofter/pooftah/poufer: (Derogatory) 1. a male homosexual. 2. an effeminate male. ——adjective 3. homosexual. 对男同性恋的贬称,尤其是对sissy的男同,我看过一个澳大利亚电影Head On,里面一个被激怒的的父亲对女装打扮的儿子就用了这个词儿。同意词还有pansy

  107 party animal: 1. a person who parties hard. 2. a person who is always going to parties. 派对动物

  108 party pooper: a person who has a discouraging or depressing effect, especially at a party. 冷场人物

  109, on the money


  110, sabbatical


  111. nerd: If you call someone a nerd, it means you think he is weird and not cool.

  A typical nerd is someone who wears glasses and carries a lot of books.

  As a matter of fact, when I was growing up, a lot of kids called me a nerd because I didn't fit in.

  112. cheesy 就是很俗气,质量很次,很愚蠢。人们经常用cheesy 这个词来形容电视节目,电影或者某个人说的话。

  Cheesy means tacky or dumb. It's usually used to describe a TV show, movie, or something someone says.

  I think the new TV soap opera on Channel 6 is so cheesy. It is fake and the things they say on the shows are so weird. I don't know why these shows are so popular.

  113. wimp 软弱的人,胆小鬼,或者是怕痛的人

  A wimp is a weak person, a coward, or someone who can't take pain.

  114. guts 勇气

  You only had enough guts today because I was here to support you. Usually you are a wimp!

  115. take a hike: to tell someone to leave, or to tell someone to leave you alone.

  If I were you, I would have told him to take a hike.

  116. blow off: 取消约会,或者是不做自己不想做的事

  Bob and I did make plans to go out last night. But he blew me off. He decided to go out with his girlfriend. It wasn't the first time he blew me off.

  There are some things in life you just shouldn't blow off.

  117. uptight: tense, irritable, or unable to relax.

  Sometimes if I feel a bit uptight, I have a few beers. That helps me relax.

  118. busted: 做坏事被抓到

  The police just busted someone for trying to steal my neighbor's car.

  119. creeep: A creep is someone who looks and acts in a way that makes people suspicious and uncomfortable.

  He was always frowning, and wouldn't say hello to people. That's one reason I thought he was a creep.

  120. wasted: 喝得大醉

  Last night a friend and I went out to a bar and got wasted, so I don't feel very good right now.

  We were so wasted that we couldn't even stand up straight.

  121.to get a kick out of something: 为某件事感到很高兴

  I said you get a kick out of watching me suffer. That means, you enjoy watching me suffer.

  122. whatever 表示说话的人对对方说的话很不以为然

  123. peanuts 数量很小,价值很低

  A:How much money do you earn as a teaching assistant, if you don't mind my asking?

  B:Eight dollars? That's peanuts!

  124. laid back: 形容一个人个性比较随和,不会轻易发脾气

  Wanted: friendly, laid back female roommate to share a two bedroom apartment.

  125. to play hooky: 逃学,或者装病不去上班

  I may play hooky once in a while, but I usually study hard.

  126. to snap at somebody: 对某人嚷嚷,很生气地对某人说话

  I'm sorry, Mikey. I didn't mean to snap at you. It's just that right now I'm so stressed.

  127. chip in: 凑钱买什么东西,或者是凑钱付大家一起吃饭的钱

  The guys and I usually each chip in a few dollars when we go out for pizza on Friday nights.

  128. snail mail: 通过邮局寄的信

  Ever since e-mail became popular, people have used "snail mail" to talk about paper mail, because it is slower than e-mail.

  Everyone is so busy nowadays, no one seems to have time to write snail mail anymore.

  129. to rule: 很棒

  I said I rule the pool table. That means that I dominate the game.I can defeat anyone.

  Chinese food rules!

  130. to blow one's money on something: 把钱都浪费在了某样东西上

  When we were at the mall the other day, you blew a whole week's pay on shoes

  131 techie 技术专家,尤指电子电脑方面的高手

  132 honcho 上司,老板

  133 weirdo/weirdie/weirdy 怪人

  134 mumbo jumbo: speech one doesn't understand

  135 sleep around: have sex with many people

  He's never at home because he sleeps around so much.

  136 funky:strange; weird

  137 indie film: 独立电影

  138 fool around: play around; kill time 游荡;鬼混

  139 pussy: a physically weak person; wimp

  140 high-maintenance: 费钱费工夫的

  He considered beautiful girls too high-maintenance.

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