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2006-05-12 16:29

  1. What's the “first custom” in the international society?


  “Lady first”.女士优先。

  2.  What is the “Three A” principle in social communications? 社交中的“三A原则”指的是什么?

  Accept, Appreciate, Admire接受对方,重视欣赏对方,赞美敬佩对方。

  3.  What does TOP mean in the international etiquette? 在国际礼仪中,TOP指的是哪三个原则?

  Time, Objective and Place 时间,目的, 地点。

  4.  When you are talking with people from western countries, eight topics should be avoided. What are they? 和西方人交谈时,应避免哪八个话题?

  Age, marital status, salary, experience, address, personal life, religious belief, politics, and opinions about other people.年龄,婚否,收入,经历,住址,个人生活,宗教信仰,政治见解,以及对他人的看法。

  5.  Which three words are the most common ones in social life? 哪三个词在社交场合最常用?

  Thanks, Excuse me (sorry), Please. 谢谢,对不起,请。

  6.  What are the requirements for appearance in social communication occasions? 社交场合的仪容要求是什么?

  Natural, Harmonious, Beautiful自然,和谐,美观。

  7.  Could you tell us the general rules for greetings? 打招呼致意的一般规则是什么?

  * Gentlemen say hello first to ladies. 男性先向女性致意。

  * Young men say hello first to elderly men. 年轻者先向年长者致意。

  * The employees say hello to the employers.下级应向上级致意。

  8.  How would you ask the way politely? 怎样礼貌地问路?

  The basic principle is: Don't disturb the others. Before you ask the way, you should say hello to him or her politely. At last, you should say thank you.总的原则是不轻易打扰别人。询问之前要热情、礼貌地称呼对方,之后要诚挚道谢。

  9.  What should be kept in mind for a couple to have a nice marriage? 夫妻间应做到的礼仪要求是什么?

  Be equal, respect each other, take care each other, forgive each other and understand each other. 夫妻平等、互相尊重、互相关心、互相宽容和相互谅解。

  10. How to be polite when you watch the sports competition? 观看体育比赛时应遵守哪些礼节?

  Be polite, be sensible no matter win or lose. Talk politely, wear suitable clothes, and be warm and generous. Don't throw anything.Take care of the public stuff and keep the place clean. 文明观赛事,理智对输赢,语言文明,着装得体,热情大度。不乱抛物,爱护公物和环境卫生。

  11.  You want to visit a foreign friend, and what will you do first? 你想要拜访一位外国朋友,首先应该怎么做?

  You'd better make a phone call first to make an appointment. 你最好打电话预约一下。

  12.  To attend a formal party, how will you dress yourself? 参加正式晚会,应如何着装?

  An evening dress or a suit 晚装或套装。

  13.  On formal occasions, how many colors of all your clothes should be? 在正式场合,一个人全身服装的颜色应该多少种?

  No more than three. 最好不超过三种。

  14.  On formal occasions, what kind of shoes should a man wear? 在正式场合,男士应穿什么样的鞋?

  Black leather shoes.黑皮鞋。

  15.  On formal occasions, can a man match the black shoes with white socks? 在正式场合,男士的黑皮鞋可以和白袜子搭配吗?

  No, he can't. 不可以。

  16.  If the suit is buttoned, where should be the stickpin? 西装系着扣时,领带夹应在衬衫的哪两粒钮扣之间?

  Between the second button and the third button of the shirt.夹在衬衫的第二和第三粒钮扣之间。

  17.  If the suit is unbuttoned, where should be the stickpin? 西装敞着穿时,领带夹应在衬衫的哪两粒钮扣之间?

  Between the third button and the fourth button of the shirt.夹在衬衫的第三和第四粒钮扣之间。

  18.  What kind of jewelry doesn't fit for men on the formal occasions? 一般情况下,男士不应该戴的饰物是什么?


  19.  When your foreign friend says, “Your new dress is so beautiful.”what are you supposed to say? 当你的外国朋友对你说:“你的新衣服真漂亮!” 你应该怎么说?

  You should say, “Thanks, I am glad you like it.” 你应该说:“谢谢,很高兴你喜欢。”

  20.  If three people, a child, a middle-aged man and an old lady, are walking together, who should walk in the middle? 三人并行,儿童、中年男子、老妇人,谁走中间?

  The old lady.老妇人。

  21.  Four persons are walking, how should they go? 四人同行,应该怎样走?

  Walk in pairs. 两两并行。

  22.  A man and a woman are walking, on which side should the man walk? 一对男女走在街上,男子应该走哪一侧? The outer side.外侧。

  23.  When taking a taxi, where should the passenger sit? 乘坐出租车时,乘客应坐在哪? The back row.后排。

  24.  When taking the escalator, which side should you stand on? 坐手扶电梯时,应站在靠哪边的位置?

  You should stand on the right side. Leave the left side for someone in rush. 应靠右侧站立,为有急事的人空出左侧通道。

  25.  In big parties, how do people get to know each other? 在大型聚会上,人们怎样相识? By making self-introduction.通过自我介绍。

  26.  When making self-introduction, how many minutes should it take? 做自我介绍时,多长时间为宜?

  Half a minute, no more than one minute.半分钟,不能超过一分钟。

  27.  When introducing people to each other,in what way is one supposed to do: 如何给朋友作介绍?

  We should introduce the younger, less- distinguished or male one to the elder, distinguished, or female one first. 先把年轻的介绍给年老的,级别低的介绍给级别高的,男士介绍给女士。

  28.  When shaking hands, can a man wear gloves? 握手时,男人能带手套吗? No, he can't. 不能。

  29.  When a man shakes hands with a woman, what's the correct order?

  男女握手,正确的顺序是什么? The lady gives her hand first. 女士先伸手。

  30.  When shaking hands with each other, who is supposed to give his or her hand first,the younger one or the elder one? 相互握手时,谁应该先伸手,年轻者还是年长者?

  The elder one.年老者。

  31.  In international social life, how should we address a man and a woman? 在国际交往中,对男子和女子的称呼分别是什么?

  We should address a man as Sir and a woman as Madame, Lady, or Ms. 对男子的称呼是先生;对女子的称呼是夫人或女士。

  32.  How do you address foreigners? 如何称呼外国人?

  Generally, to men, you can call him “Mr.” To an unmarried woman, call her “Miss.”no matter how old she is. To a married woman, call her “Mrs.” If you don't know whether she is married or not, call her “Ms.” You can call senior women “Madam.”In later years, “Ms.” has become more and more popular to women. 在涉外交往中,对男子一般称先生。对未婚女子,无论年龄大小,都称小姐。对已婚的女子称太太,对不了解婚姻状况的女子称女士。对地位较高、年龄稍长的已婚女子称夫人。近年来,女士已逐渐成为对女子最常用的称呼。

  33.  How do Americans address each other in daily life? By first name or by last name? 美国人在日常生活中怎样称呼对方?名还是姓?

  By first name.名。

  34.  How do you call a Chinese boy named Robin Zhang? 你如何称呼一个英文名叫Robin且姓“张”的中国男孩?

  Mr. Zhang or Robin.张先生或 Robin。

  35.  In America, are business cards exchanged on business occasions or on social occasions? 在美国,交换名片是在商务场合还是社交场合?

  On business occasions. 商务场合。

  36.  When exchanging business cards with the guests, what is the preferred action you will take? 交换名片时应注意的礼仪是什么?

  You should give your card with both hands, with the upper side facing to the receiver. 名片应双手呈递,将正面朝向接受方。

  37.  What should you do after you take a business card? 接受对方名片后你应该做什么?

  After you get it, read it carefully before keeping it well.接受名片后要仔细看一遍,再把它放好。

  38.  If you are invited to dinner in Britain, when should you arrive? 10 minutes

  earlier, on time or 5- 15 minutes late? 如果在英国你被邀请吃饭,你应该什么时候到?提前10分钟,准时还是迟到5到15分钟?

  5-15minutes late.迟到5-15分钟。

  39.  When you visit an English man's home for the first time, what ki

  nd of gift should you bring? 第一次去英国人家里做客,你应带什么样的礼物?

  Chocolates or flowers.巧克力或鲜花。

  40.  When you receive a westerner's gifts, should you open them directly in front of him or after the guests leave? 收到西方人的礼物时,你是应该当面直接打开礼物

  还是等他离开后再打开? Open the gifts directly in front of him. 当面打开。

  41.  In western culture, can people touch or kiss a child freely? 在西方文化中,人们能随便触摸或亲吻孩子吗?

  No. Except the family members or close friends. 不能,除了家庭成员和亲密的朋友以外。

  42.  In America, on meeting and leaving, a hug or a small kiss on the cheek is not appropriate between two men, two women, or men and women who have known each other for a long time? 在美国,见面或离开的时候人们会相互拥抱或亲吻面颊,但这种行为不适合于男子之间,女子之间还是相互认识较长时间的男女之间?

  A hug or a small kiss on the cheek between two men is not appropriate.


  43.  When in groups, do Americans tend to talk with those opposite them or those seated or standing beside them? 一群人在一起时,美国人是倾向于和对面的人交谈还是倾向于和坐在或站在身边的人交谈?

  They tend to talk with those opposite them. 美国人是倾向于和对面的人交谈。

  44.  When you are talking with people from Western societies, which part of face should you look at? 和西方人交谈时,你应该看他们脸的哪个部位?

  You should look at them in the eye. 眼睛。

  45.  When you have western food, which hand do you use to hold the knife and which hand do you use to hold the fork? 吃西餐时,哪只手拿刀,哪只手拿叉?

  The right hand is for the knife and the left hand is for the fork. 右手拿刀,左手拿叉。

  46.  Who, because of religious and social traditions, eat and do other things with the right hand? 什么人由于宗教和社会传统使用右手吃饭,做事?

  Muslims. 穆斯林。

  47.  During dinner, if you are mouthful, what should you avoid doing? 用餐时,如果口中有食物,应当避免什么? Talking.说话。

  48.  Many Chinese like to talk with full-mouth food at table, and how do you like it, especially when you're dining with foreign guests? 许多中国人吃饭时喜欢满嘴食物说话,你认为如何,尤其是与外国客人共餐时?

  It is a bad manner. 这不礼貌。

  49.  If the host makes dinner herself, what should the guests do? 如果主人亲自烹调食物,客人应该做什么? Giving complements.给予赞扬。

  50.  When entertaining a foreign guest, is it good or not for you to do your best to persuade him to drink a lot? 在款待外国客人时,适宜劝酒吗?

  No. 不适宜。

  51.  When serving wine, how much should you fill the guests’ glasses? 上酒时,倒多少给客人为宜?

  Half the glass is okay. 酒杯只倒二分之一满。

  52.  When drinking with a Korean, what should you pay attention to? 与韩国人喝酒时,应注意什么?

  The younger should turn to the side when drinking with an old Korean to show his respect. 晚辈跟长辈一起喝酒时,晚辈必须将身子侧向一边喝酒,以示对长辈尊敬。

  53.  When dining with some friends, you want to add some salt to your food, but the salt bottle is quite far from you, on the other end of the table.What will you do then? 当你与朋友共餐,你想要给食物加盐,但盐瓶放在桌子的另一端,离你较远,你应该怎么办?

  You may ask someone who is near the bottle to pass it to you with a sentence like “Maggie, would you please pass me the salt?” 请靠近盐瓶的人递给你,可以说类似的句子,如:“Maggie, 能把盐递给我吗?”

  54.  What is the proper way to eat bread?  吃面包的正确方法是什么?

  The proper way is to first break it into small pieces and then butter one piece at a time. 吃面包的正确方法是将其掰成小块,然后一次吃一片并涂上黄油。

  55.  When you drink soup for western food, what is the proper way to use the spoon? 西餐中喝汤时的恰当方法是什么?

  You should use the spoon to take the soup from the edge of the bowel to the middle, not the other way round. 汤匙由身内向外舀出,并非由外向内。

  56.  While drinking soup, what should you pay attention to? 喝汤时应当注意什么?

  Don't make any sound. 不要出声。

  57.  When eating salad, you should use a spoon or a fork? 吃沙拉时,你应该用勺还是用叉?

  A fork.叉。

  58.  After drinking coffee, where should you put the spoon? 喝完咖啡,你应怎样摆放咖啡匙?

  To place it on the saucer.放在碟子上。

  59.  Is it appropriate to place your elbows on the dinner table? 将双肘置于餐桌上合适吗?

  It's appropriate to place your elbows on the table only after dinner when

  there is no food in front of you. 只有餐后桌上没有食物时方可如此。

  60.  How to show that you don't want any wine? 如何表明你不需要续酒?

  A simple “No,thank you.” to your waiter will suffice. 直接告诉侍者无需添酒,并表示感谢。

  61.  Within how many hours a thanks letter should be sent? 感谢信应在多少小时内发出?

  24 hours is the rule so that the message is not forgotten. 24小时之内。该原则是为了避免双方忘记此事。

  62.  How does a good host or hostess normally do to welcome a guest? 主人应如何接待客人?

  The host should stand up and receive the guest, offer a chair and a cup of coffee. He shouldn't sit down until the guest takes a seat. 主人要起身接待客人,给他让一个座位并且倒上一杯咖啡,在客人落座之前主人不能坐下。

  63.  When the guest rises to leave, what does the host should do? 当客人起身告辞时,主人需做什么?The host should go with him as far as the door of the house or the elevator.主人需将客人送到门口或者电梯口。

  64.  When a match comes to the end, how should you leave properly? 比赛即将结束,你应如何正确退场? You should leave after the formal end of the match. 等比赛正式结束后和大家一起退场。

  65.  If you are late for the performance, and also you find somebody else is sitting on your seat, how should you do politely?看演出时你迟到了,并且发现被人占了座位,你应该怎么办?

  Find another absent seat in the corner and sit there quietly. 悄悄在边角找个空位坐下。

  66.  Marathon is a kind of completely outdoor sport, and as an audience, can you offer drinks to the athletes when necessary? 马拉松是一种全程的露天公开比赛中,在观看中你可不可以适时给运动员递水?

  No.They can only get water at the specified stop. 不可以,运动员只能从已经设置的站点取水。

  67.  If you are going to enter a formal golf course, can you dress yourself with a T-shirt without collar and short pants? 进入正式的高尔夫球场,适宜穿无领T 恤和短裤吗?

  No.You should wear long pants. 不适宜,你应该穿长裤。

  68.  After a celebration of a winning in a match, how should you dispose of the used national flag? 庆祝比赛胜利过后,对于使用过的国旗我们应该如何处理?

  You should keep it well, for it's the symbolization of the sovereignty of the country. 你应该好好保管它,不要随处乱扔,因为国旗是国家主权的象征。

  69.  Will the British bar staff be happy if you give them some tip? 如果你给英国酒保小费,他们会开心吗?

  No. The correct behavior is to offer them a drink. Pubs pride themselves on their egalitarian atmosphere. A tip in cash would be a reminder of their service role, whereas the offer of a drink is a friendly gesture. 不会。正确的做法是请酒保喝一盅。酒吧为自己的平等气氛感到自豪。现金小费会使人想到酒保是伺候人的,而请喝一杯则是友好的表示。

  70.  Working in a company, how should you answer the phone call? 在公司工作,你应如何接听电话?

  You are supposed to say the following first: “Hello, this is XX Company. Is there anything I can help you?” 你应该说:“你好!这里是某某公司,请问有什么可以帮得了你的吗?”

  71.  When making a phone call, which side should hang up first? 打电话时,应由哪一方先挂断?

  Generally speaking, the one with higher social status will hang up first. When they share the same social status, the caller hangs up first. 一般来讲,由地位高者首先挂断电话。当地位相同时,则由主叫(打电话给对方的人)先挂。

  72.  If you have an interview, when should you arrive? 如果你有个面试,何时到达?

  You'd better arrive ten minutes earlier than the appointed time. 你最好比约定时间提前十分钟到达。

  73.  If you want to give some flowers to a Japanese friend staying in hospital, what color of flowers shouldn't you buy? 如果你要送花给住院的日本朋友,什么颜色的花不能买?

  White flowers mean bad luck in Japan. 白色的花在日本表示不吉利。

  74.  Where are the two suitable places to put your mobile phone? 哪两处是携带手机的合适位置?

  One is to put it into your briefcase; the other is in your upper pocket.一是公文包里,二是上衣口袋之内。

  75.  In which public places shouldn't you use your mobile phone?在哪些公共场所不应使用手机?

  In the hospitals and gas stations.在医院和加油站。

  Forbidden zone of etiquette礼仪双黄线How to be a welcomed guest?做客之道76. Guests shouldn't keep silent for a long time. 做客不可始终不做声。

  77. Don't touch or play with precious things without the owner's permission. 未经主人允许,勿要拿起耍弄别人的贵重之物。

  78. For the first visit, don't stay too long. 初访,不宜久坐。

  79. Don't often look at your watch. 不要时常看表。

  Seven DON'Ts during business dinner会议聚餐七不可. 80. Don't stand up when trying to get food. You can ask others to pass the food to you. 取食时不要站起来。拿不到的食物请别人传递。

  81. Don't refuse to drink when cheers. You can drink a little. 饮酒庆祝是不可不喝,你可以只喝一点点。

  82. Don't eat a whole fruit. You should cut it into pieces and use a fork to get it. 不可拿着水果整个咬。应先将其切成块, 再用叉子叉着吃。

  83. Don't leave during the dinner. If it's necessary, you should tell your table neighbors in a low voice. 不可中途退席,如需要离开,应向左右的客人小声打招呼。

  84. Don't unbutton or take off your clothes. 不可解开钮扣或当众脱衣。

  85. Don't dress yourself up at the dinner table. 不可在餐桌边化妆。

  86. Don't use facial tissues to clean your nose. 不可用餐巾擦鼻涕。

  How to be a civilized audience? 怎样做文明的观众? 87. Arrive at the place and find the seat in advance. If being late, you should

  wait for the interval. 应提前到场入座, 如迟到, 应等幕间休息入场。

  88. Never wear a hat or a cap when watching performance. Don't eat nuts or some food which produces noise. 观看演出时, 不戴帽子, 不吃带壳或带响的食品。

  89. Respect performers. After performance, you are expected to give applause to them to show thanks. 尊重演员,演出结束后,向演员鼓掌表示感谢。

  What's the etiquette of touring? 旅游观光有什么礼节? 90. Respect the foreign culture. 尊重异域文化。

  91. Protect the environments and preserve the historical relic. 保护环境,爱护文物。

  92. Volunteer to give a way among crowded people. 人多时要礼让。

  93. Don't wear ties and high heels in the scenery spot. 不要打领带,穿高跟鞋。

  Etiquette of paying bill in the restaurant结账礼仪须知:

  94. Paying bill in the restaurant is the man's patent. Is that true

  or false? 结账的工作绝对是男士的专利, 这种观点是否正确?

  Yes. Whether it's a lady's treat or ‘Going Dutch', the lady should give the money to the man, and then the man pays the bill. 正确。 因为即使是女士请客, 或大家平均分摊消费额,女士亦应将钱交给男士,男士再去结帐。

  95. On mothers'day, what kind of flowers are usually given by the children to their mothers?


  Carnation. 康乃馨。

  96. What is the most suitable time to pay a visit to others? 拜访他人应选择什么

  间? In the afternoon of holidays or after supper in common days.节假日的下午或平日晚饭后。

  97. What is the best distance when talking with familiar people?与熟人交谈时,应相距多少米左右?

  About 1 meter. 约1 米。

  98. How often should a man shave? 男士应多久剔须?

  Everyday. 每天。

  99. Which one is the seat of honor when the host drives the car? 如果主人亲自驾驶汽车,哪个座位应为首位?

  The right one just behind the host. 后排右侧。

  100. How long is the best time to stay when we pay a common visit to others? 一般性的拜访通常以多久为最佳交往时间?

  Half an hour. 半小时。

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