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2006-05-10 09:43

  Mr. Hamilton Green

  Green Recruiting, Inc.

  Three Broad Hunt Road RE: Opportunities in

  Burlington, VT 09876 Market Research

  Dear Mr. Green:

  We spoke on Wednesday afternoon and, as promised, here is a copy of my resume. Since it has been AGES since I've circulated one, I would welcome any suggestions or advice.

  I'm also enclosing copies of:

  —— Comparative market analyses of male fine apparel purchasers in New York and Chicago, which I conducted for a French clothing retailer.

  —— A report I compiled for an organic foods company exploring the efficacy of expanding into the South.

  —— A proposal for a focus group to help a major airline assess the popularity of new routes and frequent flyer program enhancements.

  Call me whenever you like with questions. I can be reached at either phone number this weekend. (I work from home.) My work number is also an automatic fax.


  Martha C. Tchetynkya

  (555) 456-7890 Home

  (555) 765-4321 Work/Fax


  Ms. Debora Crain


  Crain Employment Agency RE: Opportunities in

  Fort Collins, CO 09876 Product Management

  Dear Ms. Crain:

  Your work and reputation within the advertising/marketing industry suggest that you continually update your roster of highly qualified executives to fill positions on both the agency and the client side of the business.

  For this reason, I am writing to introduce myself: a marketing pro who has spent the last 10 years promoting a cross section of consumer and business-to-business services. My work at the Holmes & Richards advertising agency has equipped me with the following skills, all of which are essential to an effective Product Manager:

  —— The promotional perspective produced by a decade-long career on the agency side of the business, now complemented by a desire to join the client side.

  —— The ability to master complex product details and identify related benefits for each of several diverse target market segments.

  —— The communication and presentation skills critical to articulating these benefits clearly and accurately to co-workers, sales representatives, creative staff, senior management, and prospective customers.

  Each of these qualities is integral to the Product Manager who will build sales and profits for her agency and its client. Combined, they produce a proven professional with the experience and creativity to explore and exploit every opportunity for growth.

  In your clients' searches for managers to champion their companies' products, why not recommend a proven marketing expert like myself? Because I would welcome the opportunity to meet you, I will call early next week to see if we might get together.

  Thank you in advance for your consideration.


  Erica Hamilton-Brown

  (555) 765-4321

  Enc: Resume


  Mr. Presently Hiring

  Vice President

  The Successful Company

  P.O. Box 1111

  Business City, ST 09876

  RE: Your ad for a (position) , City Times, 11/20/9X

  Dear Mr. Hiring:

  With responsibilities and deadlines that won't wait, why spend valuable time interviewing unqualified candidates?

  As you'll see on the enclosed resume, I have the educational background, professional experience, and track record for which you are searching. In addition, I am motivated and enthusiastic, and would appreciate the opportunity to contribute to your firm's success.

  I can promise that meeting with me will not be a waste of your time梐nd I will make myself available at your convenience, during or outside of normal business hours.



  Work Telephone

  Home Telephone


  Ms. Elizabeth DeMario

  Mr. Jake Williams

  DeMario & Williams Advertising

  143 Congress Street

  Baltimore, MD 09876

  Dear Ms. DeMario and Mr. Williams:

  Welcome to Baltimore!

  The West Coast's loss is our gain. With nontraditional marketing avenues rapidly expanding, these promise to be exciting times for those prepared to identify and creatively exploit new opportunities in new markets …… as DeMario & Williams does. As I do.

  Enclosed, therefore, is my resume and more: the profile of a successful marketing pro who has produced, literally, tens of millions of dollars in the last ten years …… who has experience with agencies and clients of all sizes and specialties …… who has developed business where none appeared to exist …… who is creative, self-motivated, and hungry for a new challenge.

  Because I've worked in New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore (my home town), I can offer DeMario & Williams an intimate perspective of East Coast thought processes, likes and dislikes, and the hot buttons that must be pushed to get things done.

  I would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate my strengths and talents in person and look forward to hearing from you.


  I. Claire Reston

  (555) 456-7890


  Director, Human Resources

  DGM Corporation RE: 1/7/9X City Times ad

  P.O. Box 1111 Senior Marketing Associate

  Vienna, VA 09876

  To the Director of Human Resources:

  Happy New Year! Throughout my 8 years in marketing, the start of a new year invariably produced fresh ideas and renewed excitement for launching marketing initiatives —— and now I can offer your firm a new perspective, as well.

  With the rapid evolution of the financial services industry, my role as a marketing and advertising manager exposed me to a range of promotional challenges previously unknown in banking. I mastered the ability to identify and quantify objectives, refine them in response to market research and develop detailed plans and budgets. I learned to think in entirely new ways, to motivate creative talent and produce campaigns, promotions, and individual sales pieces that added significantly to my employer's bottom line.

  These are the skills that define the successful Senior Marketing Associate in any industry. I offer them to your firm —— along with my in-depth experience in strategic planning for retail, commercial, and business-to-business advertising.

  I look forward to hearing from you.


  Anita Sharfin

  (555) 456-7890


  Mr. Abraham D. Kingford

  President, CEO

  King Information Systems RE: Your ad for a

  765 Rumson Road Senior National Sales Consultant

  Medford, NJ 09876 City Times, 11/20/9X

  Dear Mr. Kingford:

  As the current top biller for a major publisher of electronic reference information products, I am writing to you because I am eager to expand from a regional sales territory to the national level —— and can deliver several advantages that my peers may not offer you.

  Eight years in sales and electronic technologies have equipped me with the following unique capabilities:

  Strategy development and implementation: to promote electronic products and services to over 125 major academic institutions and businesses throughout the Northeast.

  Proven ability to initiate, maintain, and build ongoing relationships with key accounts in academia and corporate markets: to help maximize opportunities for revenue growth.

  Exceptional expertise in a full range of electronic reference media including CD ROM, multimedia, online, and diverse electronic database applications.

  In addition, I am able to work effectively and independently in the field without requiring costly, time-consuming supervision. Perhaps most importantly, I have developed strong presentation and sales closing skills that I can put to work immediately with the solid base of contacts I will bring to your organization.

  My resume, which is enclosed, details my career, accomplishments and my education (BA in Economics/MBA.) Currently, my total compensation approaches six figures including base salary, commissions, bonuses, and expenses. I would be pleased to discuss my qualifications and salary/commission requirements in greater detail when we meet in person.

  Because I operate from the field, please leave a message for me at (555) 456-7890 and I will contact you at once to schedule a meeting.


  K. Stuart Linnahan

  (555) 456-7890


  Name, Title

  Company Name

  Company Address

  City, State ZIP

  Dear Mr./Ms. (Name):

  I appreciate your willingness to assist in my job search. As promised, I have enclosed my resume to provide background on my professional experience. To bring my resume to life for you, allow me to tell you more about myself, and what sets me apart from other candidates against whom I may compete.

  You see, through my tenure at two advertising agencies, I've been exposed to every facet of the marketing and advertising process. As I have for Fortune 500 companies and TelNet, a growing long-distance telecommunications firm, I can help your clients develop sound marketing strategies, innovative ad campaigns, targeted direct response programs, and a wealth of original promotional activities.

  My current involvement in the development of innovative consumer product lines will be of value to your clients. I have been personally instrumental in engineering successful promotional programs that produced annual sales well over $3 million each.

  These are the skills that define the successful Marketing Associate in any industry. I offer them to your clients —— along with my in-depth experience in strategic planning for retail, commercial, and business-to-business advertising.

  I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you. If you will call or leave a message on my home answering machine, I will return your call promptly.





  Mr. Robert L. Gorchin

  Boston Transportation Authority

  24 Manchester Place RE: Job Posting No. M75-4AB-96

  Boston, MA 09876 Engineer, L&P Training

  Dear Mr. Gorchin:

  While many candidates may possess the engineering background necessary to fill the opening in your training department, I am able to offer more. My unique mastery of diverse, advanced computer applications equips me to create and implement state-of-the-art training programs that reflect the latest technological developments.

  For example:

  —— I am fluent in Basic, Hp Basic and COBOL languages; experienced working within DOS, Windows, Novell Netware environments; using WordPerfect, Pagemaker, Harvard Graphics, Paradox, Autocad, Photoshop, Flowchart, PowerPoint, multimedia, and other technologies to create interesting, informative programs for trainees at every level of sophistication.

  —— Demonstrating my ability to operate effectively with outside agencies, I worked closely with the Department of Defense, the Federal Aviation Administration and commercial vendors to create CBT programs that train end-users to become completely familiar with a product. Of particular relevance to BTA is my development of a simulator that saved my employer more than $75K in training costs.

  —— Through 17 years' engineering experience, I have dealt successfully with test equipment, troubleshooting electronic circuitry, computers, and personnel training.

  I am currently involved in developing troubleshooting aids, documenting test procedures, and systems specifications.

  My experience with electronics, computers, program development, and training equips me to make a significant contribution to your training capabilities. I would be happy to meet with you at your convenience.


  Benjamin Ciryto

  (555) 765-4321


  Ms. Alexandra Samora

  Human Resources Director

  Americana Corporation Regarding: March 23 City Times ad

  12 Richardson Plaza for Director, Management

  Blue Grass, IA 09876 and Quality Training

  Dear Ms. Samora:

  To move forward powerfully, effectively, and rapidly, today's employees must align themselves with common goals and with common ways to achieve these goals.

  Invariably, in promoting the concept of goal-oriented performance management, the organizations with which I have worked were pleased to discover that what's missing in many other quality initiatives is precisely what I have learned in over 16 years of building high-performance teams. I have combined my methodology with the tools of quality and process management to create a synergy that is far superior to either approach standing alone.

  As Director of your Management and Quality Training program, I will successfully lead your staff members to challenge the traditional "not my job" orientation. Instead they will:

  —— Adopt a broad view, questioning and looking beyond existing methods of operating, in order to invest in the future.

  —— Raise the overall level of their commitment (despite setbacks, lack of support, and the passage of time) through the creation and nourishment of a vision of quality.

  The rewards are profound. The process is painless when you have the proper training and commitment at the helm. Let's get together so that we can discuss this in person. I will call you shortly.


  Samuel H. Wong

  Work: (555) 765-4321

  Home: (555) 456-7890


  Dr. Louis Dresser-Smythe

  Director of Administration

  State University

  St. Albans, VT 09876

  RE: Director of Human Resources and Administrative Services

  Dear Dr. Dresser-Smythe:

  The position described in your advertisement seems to have been written for me. I possess the precise qualifications you seek, and have been searching for just this opportunity to apply my business background to academic life.

  Allow me to elaborate on the enclosed resume to demonstrate the strengths I can bring to your institution.

  Human Resources Expertise: My employee relations responsibilities have made me skilled at conflict resolution, staffing, development, and personal counseling. For administrative hiring and staff recruiting, I develop position profiles, direct and provide input for employee evaluations and compensation, supervise training and benefits administration, ensure legal compliance and advance policy.

  Administrative Expertise: Acting as the de facto Director of Administration, I supervise office and facilities services, marketing administration, and the research library. Because I have successfully directed projects involving the structuring and implementation of a library catalogue, office redesign, equipment planning and acquisition, marketing database design, and planning a newsletter series, I can spearhead these and other initiatives on your behalf.

  Exceptional Written Communication Skills: My ongoing work creating policy statements, project summaries, and correspondence for myself and the company's senior management provides you with a valuable on-staff resource.

  Throughout my successful career, I have maintained my connection to academia through my graduate studies in the sociology of education. The university environment is one in which I am well-versed, challenged, and entirely comfortable.

  I would welcome the opportunity to apply my skills and expertise in an academic setting such as yours. I offer you, in return, a colleague with the focus and ability to perform effectively under pressure —— talents refined through 12 years in a fast-paced corporate setting.


  B. Martha Gordon

  (555) 456-7890 work


  Mr. Jonathan Bates

  Americana Corporation

  9500 Corporate Drive

  Detroit, Michigan 09876

  Dear Mr. Bates:

  The fact that you have advertised for a Quality Management Director (City Times, January 5) demonstrates your commitment to realign the corporate culture. It is this same commitment that has defined my career.

  Indeed, over the past 25 years in corporate training and human resource development, my focus has been on supporting innovation and leadership —— on designing rather than adapting to the future.

  I am certain that my past achievements augur similar productivity improvements for Americana. For example, I have led corporate management teams to:

  -Commit themselves entirely to the goal of superior quality in every aspect of service and performance.

  -Drive this commitment into every level of the organization's culture and operations so that it becomes the everyday way of working.

  -Free managers from their traditional focus on authority and control so that they can embrace critical leadership ideals.

  -Build these transformations into an existing infrastructure, thus avoiding costly and time-consuming changes that erode success.

  Undoubtedly, these are the objectives you seek to realize at Americana —— and I would consider it a privilege to explore them further with you. I feel certain that my background and expertise (described in detail on the enclosed resume) would be a singular asset to your organization.

  I can be reached at (555) 456-7890.


  T. Wilson Johanson


  Mr. Joseph Runnell, Senior Vice President

  Boston First Financial Corporation

  1343 Boyleston Street

  Boston, MA 09876

  Dear Mr. Runnell:

  With the financial services industry breaking new ground every day, there is no time to waste in your search for a Director of Corporate Marketing. So I won't waste yours.

  I am a Strategic Marketing Planning/Program Manager with 20 years experience in services marketing —— the most recent 8 years in telecommunications and, prior to that, in international transportation.

  As head of Marketing Services for The New England Telephone Company, I function as an internal Marketing Consultant to the organization's Strategic Business Units —— managing a staff of 14 marketing professionals and a $2MM annual marketing budget, coordinating all advertising, research, direct mail and sales management initiatives.

  Marketing program improvements that I introduced raised the visibility of the organization and its products while simultaneously trimming Marketing Department overhead by 50%.

  Complementing my broad marketing background is my experience as Controller at an $80MM division of TransInternational Airlines, at that time a $2 billion, Fortune 500 international transportation company. In addition to macro production-revenue forecasting, I directed complete product costing/pricing and overall government regulatory agency (CAB) financial reporting and compliance.

  Advances I introduced at TransInternational significantly enhanced the competitiveness of the airline's product and, in the

  (please turn)


  process, I became a recognized expert in airline operations and economics, demonstrating the depth of my commitment to product.

  The success of my marketing programs during the last dozen years is directly attributable to several unique talents I can offer Boston First:

  —— I leverage my strategic planning skills to successfully convert Management's business plans into achievable marketing initiatives.

  —— I maximize my financial controls experience to ensure that those same marketing programs are firmly grounded in economic reality.

  —— I creatively empower subordinates with increasing program management responsibilities.

  —— Through strict adherence to a process of Total Quality Management, I guarantee that all marketing programs managed by my department are completed on time, within budget, to the client's satisfaction.

  These are the proven achievements and talents I can bring to Boston First. Let's get together to discuss this opportunity in greater detail. I can be reached during the day at (555) 456-7890 or in the evening at (555) 765-4321.


  Arthur L. Lewis


  Mr. Abraham Silver


  U.S. Manufacturing Corporation

  23-34 Winton Way

  Madison, WI 09876

  Dear Mr. Silver:

  In your search for a Director of Productivity Improvement, you are focusing on, fostering, generating, expanding, and repeating results. But first you have to find someone who has achieved them.

  My resume presents my background and qualifications. Allow me to introduce myself via the results I have achieved. In the '80s at Eagle Steel, and now at DVC Equipment, I designed and implemented programs to foster breakthrough thinking. Learning to turn everyday obstacles and interruptions into innovation and success, our task teams:

  -Increased both short- and long-term ROI by more than 38%.

  -Improved cross-functional and cross-organizational teamwork by distinguishing interpretation from fact in order to take decisive actions.

  -Realized quantum leaps in productivity performance, exceeding 80% in some cases, that went well beyond typical incremental improvements.

  These are real, measurable, and profitable results. And they are reproducible at U.S. Manufacturing.

  I'd like very much to meet with you in person. Please give me a call at (555) 765-4321. I'll alert my assistant to put your call through at once.

  Best regards,

  Jennifer Forsythe


  Dr. Andrew Milhouse, President

  The State University at Aurora

  Campus Circle

  Aurora, SC 09876

  Dear Dr. Milhouse:

  $500 million is not the most. It's the average amount of money my fund raising programs have generated for hospitals, private secondary schools, government programs, colleges, and universities.

  This figure, attained through 22 years of intensive fund raising experience, equips me to assume the responsibilities of Aurora's Director of Development as rapidly and effectively as your needs demand.

  I have enclosed summaries of my background and those projects that are most germane to your situation. As you'll see, I have regularly built the coalitions of citizens, alumni, business and community leaders with the power to make significant contributions, and to attract major funding from others.

  My success at The Broderick Group has been enormously gratifying. However, I am eager to sacrifice the rigors of city life for the pleasures of the country and academia, an environment I enjoyed years ago as a Professor of Economics.

  Rather than let my credentials speak for themselves, I would enjoy meeting with you in person. Business frequently brings me to your area so I will call you shortly to schedule an appointment.

  With best regards,

  Beth Daniels

  (555) 456-7890



  Ms. Regina Lin, President

  UniFex Corporation

  18 Southern Parkway

  Miami, Florida 09876

  RE:Your Ad for a CFO

  Dear Ms. Lin:

  You're looking at an actual demonstration of the results I can produce for you. At PSB, I've expanded profit margins to 70%. How? By cutting the cost of purchased goods by up to 25%. By cutting the cost of purchased services by up to 38%. By rigorously examining every expenditure to ensure maximum value at minimum cost. So why not hire me to do for UniFex what I do best? I increase margins. In fact, as you can see, I can't resist expanding any margin I can get my hands on.


  Richard C. Royce

  (555) 456-7890

  Resume enclosed


  Ms. Dianne Williams, President

  TWI International RE: Your ad for a CFO

  850 North Delaware Avenue City Times, May 5, 199X

  Philadelphia, PA 09876

  Dear Ms. Williams:

  Yes, a Chief Financial Officer must be an expert in cash flow planning and management, financial accounting, the preparation of tax statements, inventory pricing, contract negotiations, sales, and profitability projections —— and I am.

  But the superior CFO has also produced the following results —— as I have:

  -Completely restructured business liability insurance to reduce costs by 15% and increase coverage.

  -Solicited, selected, and managed a major lending bank to design cash management sweep/credit link to maximize overnight investment returns.

  -Cultivated a reliable source of nonbank capital to discount current accounts receivable to finance the acquisition of additional inventory.

  This is simply an overview of my most recent accomplishments. It should demonstrate the commitment I make to cost control and heightened return.

  Yes, I am currently employed and would appreciate your confidentiality when contacting me. But I will make myself available to meet at your convenience.


  E. Darrell Brighton-Fisk

  (555) 456-7890 office

  (555) 765-4321 home


  Ms. April Mendorff

  Mendorff Personnel Agency

  18800 Olive Street Road

  St. Louis, MO 09876

  Dear Ms. Mendorff:

  Thank you for your time and the information you gave me during our phone conversation this morning. I have enclosed my resume, as you requested, and appreciate any leads you can provide.

  Permit me to summarize what is on my resume. My training experience covers corporate personnel (for PrimeFirst Bancorporation) as well as automotive industry sales professionals (for General Motors).

  I have effectively:

  -Conducted needs analyses.

  -Designed specialized training programs.

  -Designed classroom instruction curricula.

  -Taught one-on-one.

  -Created and administered a Management Development Program to support PrimeFirst's domestic operations.

  I am outgoing and hard working. My natural enthusiasm supports my ability to teach, inspire, and motivate others from the entry level trainee to participants in Senior Management Training Programs.

  I will contact you shortly to see when we might get together. I look forward to discovering whether I can assist your clients in achieving their training objectives.


  Howard MacNeil

  (555) 456-7890


  Director, Human Resources

  P.O. Box 1000

  The City Times

  Lincoln, NE 09876

  To the Director of Human Resources:

  Your ad for an Entry Level position caught my attention as I prepare to begin my professional career upon graduation this spring from State University.

  I say "professional" because I have worked steadily throughout college, gaining valuable experience that equips me to present your firm with advantages others may not offer.

  For example, as a Resident Assistant for a 250-person coed dormitory, I acquired strong leadership and interpersonal skills. I am now able to think quickly on my feet in emergency situations, and in those requiring quick assessment of many factors in order to make appropriate decisions. Dealing with the diverse concerns of students, parents and faculty, I have become adept at operating with the proper mix of authority, diplomacy, and tact.

  While working in this demanding position, I achieved a 3.75 cumulative grade point average. My double major, Communications and Political Science, provided me with a thorough foundation in principles that affect businesses every day.

  I would welcome the chance to discuss openings at your firm. If you will contact me at (555) 456-7890, we can schedule a meeting.

  Thank you for your consideration.


  Bert L. Vymer, Jr.

  (555) 456-7890

  Resume enclosed


  Name, Title

  Company Name

  Company Address

  City, State ZIP

  Dear Mr./Ms. (Name):

  Because I have long admired your achievement in building a successful company, I was dismayed to learn of your recent layoffs. In today's economy, such a situation presents the vexing conundrum: how to maximize opportunities for growth with diminished human resources?

  To move forward powerfully, effectively, and rapidly, today's employees must align themselves with common goals and with common ways to achieve these goals.

  Invariably, in promoting the concept of goal-oriented performance management, the organizations with which I have worked were pleased to discover that what's missing in many other quality initiatives is precisely what I have learned in over 16 years of building high-performance teams. I have combined my methodology with the tools of quality and process management to create a synergy that is far superior to either approach standing alone.

  This background arms me to lead a firm such as yours in generating results as impressive as those I helped my current organization achieve:

  -Margins surpassing industry averages by 23%.

  -Operations productivity 45% over previous levels.

  -Domestic market share growth exceeding 30%.

  Having recently engineered the downsizing of our business-to-business Marketing Services area, I am now anxious to apply my expertise to situations in which the pace of growth and opportunity represents more of a challenge.

  I will be relocating to the Seattle area shortly. It would be a privilege to meet with you personally to discuss the opportunity to add to your team. I will follow up by calling you soon to schedule an appointment.





  Name, Title

  Company Name

  Company Address

  City, State ZIP

  Dear Mr./Ms. (Name):

  Your advertisement addresses my qualifications so ideally, one would think we've met. And we should —— because I can offer you the precise skills for which you're searching.

  As you'll see on the enclosed resume, the depth of my experience in sales offers you the opportunity to hire a real pro who needs little or no training, and is comfortable and successful with cold canvassing.

  Solid sales experience is only the first of my qualifications —— I have a successful track record and the recommendations to back it up.

  Proven ability to translate consumer desires into purchase decisions is only the second of my qualifications —— I have sold effectively within religious, upscale, and ethnic markets.

  Superior customer service delivery is only the third qualification I possess —— I project warmth, enthusiasm, and a pleasant attitude.

  In addition, I am able to work effectively and independently in the field without requiring costly, time-consuming supervision. Perhaps most importantly, I have developed strong presentation and sales closing skills that I can put to work immediately with the solid base of contacts I will bring to your organization.

  My resume, which is enclosed, details my career, accomplishments, and my education (BA in Economics/MBA.) I would be pleased to discuss my qualifications and salary/commission requirements in greater detail when we meet in person.





  Director, Human Resources

  P.O. Box 1000

  City Times

  Wynfair, PA 09876

  To the Director of Human Resources:

  Enclosed with this letter is my resume, which details my education, work experience, and computer capabilities —— all important criteria in your search to fill the entry-level position that you advertised.

  Allow me to introduce the person with whom you and your colleagues will work, should you choose to interview and hire me.

  I possess strong moral and ethical principles, which led me to put in long, hard hours at school and part-time jobs in order to succeed in a challenging educational environment. These values also motivate me to perform diligently and loyally to contribute to my employer's profitability. Unlike others, I do not expect to begin as a Vice President. I know that it takes commitment, dedication, and intelligence to rise within a firm, all of which I offer you.

  As one of six children, I also possess an active sense of humor, which has been useful in defusing difficult situations. I have the patience to see an assignment through to completion. I am comfortable delivering presentations to a group, working as part of a team and helping others succeed.

  It would be an honor to meet with you personally to discover more about the opening at your firm and how I can assist your organization in its growth. Please contact me at the address or phone number listed above. I will make myself available at your convenience.

  Thank you.


  Noreen Schimmer


  Director, Human Resources

  P.O. Box 1000

  City Times

  Boulder, CO 09876

  To the Director of Human Resources:

  For the entry-level opening at your firm, why not consider someone like me with a strong academic background and real world business experience? As you'll see on the enclosed resume, I have recently completed my undergraduate studies at State University. My perseverance and consistent effort enabled me to maintain my Dean's List status while working on a part-time basis.

  Rather than work at a mindless job that might pay the bills but teach me little of practical value, I chose to open and operate my own painting company. I selected and trained crew members, developed an advertising program, borrowed the money to cover start-up costs (which was repaid in full after just 6 months); and handled scheduling, payroll, and tax reporting. Over the five years I've been running my business, I have served more than 80 different customers, 54 of which have called us back to complete other jobs.

  My experience has prepared me to meet the demands of the business world, and I am anxious to apply my strengths and talents in the corporate environment. I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to explore this possibility.

  Thank you for considering me.


  Joseph E. Reed

  (555) 765-4321

  Resume enclosed


  Director, Human Resources

  American Business Machines

  46-890 St. Andrew Road RE: Your Ad for an

  Baltimore, MD 09876 Entry Level Position

  To the Director of Human Resources:

  When my mother and father sent me from our village in China to America, I was fortunate to live with relatives who encouraged me to excel —— and I have. I quickly mastered English, a new culture, acquired exceptional computer skills in high school, achieved and maintained a 3.50 average at State University.

  When I was granted a full scholarship, I was fortunate to have the time to devote to volunteer work in addition to my studies. I served for four years on the University's Community Relations Board as a liaison between the school, neighboring politicians, residents, and businesses. This valuable experience prepared me to deal effectively with consumers, business clients, shareholders, co-workers, and executives at every level of management.

  When I graduate this May, I will be fortunate once again if I have secured employment with a firm such as yours. My ability to work productively with others, drive to excel, and unique cultural perspective equip me to become a valuable member of your organization.

  I hope you will contact me to arrange an interview so that I can provide you with additional information to supplement what appears on my resume (enclosed).

  I look forward to hearing from you.


  Dawn Cheung

  (555) 123-4576


  Mr. John Brunella

  Vice President

  First Federal Savings of Boston

  7650 Revere Street

  Boston, MA 09876

  Dear Mr. Brunella:

  Your associate, Amy Levin, advised me that she has sent you my resume so that you may consider me as a 199X participant in First Federal's training program. I have enclosed another copy of my resume for your convenience.

  On May 25, I will graduate from State University with a major in Economics, a minor in Business Administration, and a concentration in Mathematics. I am planning a career in financial services, for which my education has ideally prepared me.

  Ms. Levin and others have spoken highly of your firm's training program. It is precisely the type of challenge I seek. In return, I offer First Federal a loyal and hard working employee who already possesses a solid foundation of relevant knowledge. Unlike other applicants who may have a more general education, my training would allow me to be a highly productive member of your training program. As a banker, I would be able to more quickly put this supplemental training to profitable use for the Bank.

  I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you. I can be in Boston any Friday this semester, or any day after graduation.

  I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your consideration.


  Gloria Ashford-Washington

  (555) 456-7890

  cc: Amy Levin, Assistant Treasurer

  First Federal Savings of Boston


  Vice President

  Bernstein Enterprises RE: Your ad for a

  P.O. Box 1111 Customer Representative

  Newark, NJ 09876 City Times, 1/20/9X

  To the Vice President:

  As a State University senior who will be graduating in May of 199X, I am answering your ad because I believe I can offer your firm an unusual mix of abilities, talents, and enthusiasm.

  For instance:

  —— My double major (Economics/English Literature) demonstrates my willingness to assume more than the typical level of responsibility and to achieve in a challenging environment.

  —— Through my coursework, I acquired in-depth computer proficiency and a profound belief in the importance of effective communication on today's growing entrepreneurial endeavor.

  —— To finance my education, I planned, launched, and operated a highly successful catering business. I gained hands-on experience in properly managing revenues, time, and employees.

  As you can see, I am goal-oriented, driven, and not afraid of hard work —— qualifications vital to anyone who will be a productive staff member for your firm. As I would like to be.

  I look forward to hearing from you so that we may schedule an interview.


  Bill T. Pasini

  42 Chestnut Street



  Mr. Presently Hiring

  Vice President

  The Successful Company RE: Your ad for a

  P.O. Box 1111 (position)

  Business City, ST 09876 City Times, 11/20/9X

  Dear Mr. Hiring:

  I urge you not to hire anyone until we've met. That's because I possess every one of the seven qualifications you list in your ad —— and more —— as the enclosed resume reveals.

  The sooner we meet, the sooner I can begin producing results for you, your team, and your company. Why not give me a call at (555) 456-7890 during the day or evening? I will be pleased to meet with you at your convenience.

  Let's get together!



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