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2006-05-10 09:36


  For this part,you are allowed thirty minutes to write a letter on the topic On Friendship in at least 150 words. Suppose you are Smith,an editor in a newspaper.Write a letter back to a reader who asked for advice about making friends.The original letter is here for reference:

  Dear editor,

  I'm writing to you for tips about making friends.I'm a studentin a junior high school and I'm eager to have friends in my life.Ihave no ideas about it.Will you please tell me how despite your hard schedule?

  Yours ever,








  On Friendship

  Dear Nina,

  I'm now writing to you in response to your letter about friendship.As to this topic,you are required to take the next two fundamental factors into account.

  Firstly,to handle friendship one is supposed to respect his friend from beginning to end.It is always the case that people who have been close friends for years would not be courteous to each other.Eventually there will be mockery and bantering between close friends.Friendship can be easily destroyed in this way.If close friends can respect each other all the time,this kind of thing will never happen.

  Simultaneously,one is supposed to notice the good sides of his pal.One should realize that there is no pure gold and that there is no perfect person in the world.It is natural for any of your friends to have his or her own faults,even if he or she is a person with high morals.In making friends,one should avoid his friend's shortcomings and focus on his friend's good points.In this way,friendship willlast longer.

  Of course friendship involves many parts,but the two above are central and essential.With the great eagerness and good skills,you will be popular anywhere.And I do hope so.

  All the best wishes!

  Yours sincerely,


  Directions:For this part,you are allowed thirty minutes to write a congratulatory letter in at least 150 words. Suppose you are Xiao Wang.Write to Xiao Li,your former classmate,about two points given below in Chinese:




  Dear Xiao Li,

  I'm now writing to you mainly to congratulate you on your success in your studies.I have been informed that you won a 1000-yuan scholarship recently for your good grades.Firstly,I am so excited at the news that I haven't slept well for several nights.Secondly,as an age-old friend of yours,I do take pride in your achievements, which result from investment in books to a great extent. Finally,I would like to share your happiness with you.

  In addition to the congratulations above,please allow me to talk about the 300yuan you borrowed from me last year.I have been poor in my studies recently,so much so that I need to buy books for improvement.To make it worse,I am now crisis-stricken in finance.I have problems in filling my stomach with food,let alone pastime and recreation.If I have recovered someday and I can support you,I will not think twice to give you a hand when needed.All in all,mail the money as soon as you can.

  All the best!

  Sincerely yours,

  Xiao Wang



  首句开门见山明确信的主旨,很多考生在这里出错,他们先要寒暄一番。如:“Hello,how are you?Do you have heavy workload?Take care.”这些均不符合英文书信特点。英文书信的首句一般是:“I'm now writing to you...”范文该句中的“mainly”说明,祝贺是主要目的,友谊第一,而催款是次要的。第二句使用了被动语态,因为消息的渠道无关紧要。加上“recently”表明还钱的可能性。“good grades”采用了压头韵的修辞格。“Firstly”一句说自己听到对方好消息的兴奋反应,既说明二人关系密切,同时暗示300元钱有着落了。“Secondly”一句中“do”强调写信人的反应,紧扣祝贺。“investment in books”表明对方成绩的取得也许得益于写信人借的钱,同时也呼应下文中写信人要买书。“to great extent”避免了判断的片面,因为成绩优秀取决于多方面。本段最后一句“share your happiness with you”的潜台词是“share your scholarship with you”。

  第二段首句:“In addition to the congratulations above”是承上启下的过渡,保证两段之间的连贯。“please allow me to...”是地道的英文句型,避免了直来直去的尴尬。接下来列举了写信人急需钱的原因,理由充足。然后又谈到日后如需要还会鼎力相助,既说清问题,又不伤感情,不伤面子。段尾句“mail the money as soon as you can”总结全段。

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