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kidnapping Unlawfully taking and carrying away a person by force and against his/her will.
King's Bench power Extraordinary jurisdiction given some high courts, including Pennsylvania's Supreme Court, to assume adjudication of any case pending before a lower court which involves issue/s of immediate public importance. In Pennsylvania the Supreme Court can do this on its own or upon petition from any party.
knowlingly Willfully or intentionally with respect to a material element of an offense.
lack of jurisdiction Court's lack of power to act in a particular manner or to give certain kinds of relief.
lapsed gift Gift made in a will to a person who died before will-maker.
larceny Unlawfully taking personal property with intent to deprive owner of it permanently. Also called theft. Differs from robbery.
law Rules established by governing authorities to maintain order in a society.
law clerks Law students who assist judges and attorneys with legal research, writing, etc.
leading question Question which suggests the answer desired of witness. Generally may be asked only of a hostile witness and on cross-examination.
leave of court Permission received from a court to take a nonroutine action.
legal aid Professional legal services available for free or for reduced cost to those unable to afford them.
leniency Recommendation by prosecutor to judge for a sentence less than maximum allowed.
letters of administration Legal document appointing the administrator of an estate.
letters testamentary Legal document authorizing executor to settle estate.
levy Seizing property of a debtor for satisfaction of a judgment against him/her. Also, imposition of fine or tax.
liable Legally responsible for.
libel Published words or pictures that falsely and maliciously defame a person. Compare slander and fair comment.
lien Legal claim against another person's property as security for a debt, lasting until the debt has been paid.
limited action Civil action in which recovery of less than a certain amount as specified by statute is sought.
limited jurisdiction Courts limited in types of cases they may hear. In Pennsylvania these courts include district justice courts, Philadelphia Municipal Court, Philadelphia Traffic Court and Pittsburgh Magistrates Court. Also called minor courts. See inferior court. Compare general jurisdiction.
lis pendens (liss PEN DENZ) Pending suit. Also, legal notice that a dispute exists which may affect title to a certain piece of land.
litigant Party to a lawsuit.
litigation Lawsuit or process of carrying through a lawsuit.
living trust Trust set up and in effect during lifetime of grantor. Also called inter vivos trust. Compare testamentary trust.
locus delicti (LOW cuss deh LICK tye) Place where offense was committed.

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