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2006-05-30 13:35

  1. 开业 Opening of new business

  Dear Mr. / Ms,

  We have opened at the above address a sales office for our products here in New York. We employ a staff of consultants and a well-trained service department which makes routine checks on all equipment purchased from us. We would be pleased if you would take full advantage of our services and favourable shopping conditions. We fully guarantee the quality of our products. Yours faithfully


  我们已在纽约上述地址为我们的产品开设了一家办事处。我们雇有一个谘询人员和一支受过良好训练的服务队伍,可以为从我处购买的设备进行日常检查。 如果你能充分利用我们的服务和良好的购物环境,我们会很高兴。我们全面保证产品的质量。 你诚挚的

  2. 建立办事处 Establishment of new branch

  Dear Mr. / Ms,

  Owing to the large increase in the volume of our trade with this country we have decided to open a branch here, with Mr. Wang Lo as manager. The new branch will open on 1st March and from that date all orders and inquiries should be sent to Mr. Wang Lo at the above address, instead of to our London office. We take this opportunity to express our thanks for your cooperation in the past. We hope the new arrangements will lead to even better results. Yours faithfully


  因在该国贸易额大量增加,我们决定在这里开设一家分支,由王洛先生任经理。新办事处将于三月一日开业,今后所有的订单和询价请按上述地址送到王洛先生那,而不是伦敦办公室。 我们籍此机会向您过会与我们的合作表示感谢,我们希望新的安排能产生好的结果。 你诚挚的

  3. 歇业 Discontinuation of business

  Dear Mr/Ms,

  With the demolition of our premises at the above address under a redevelopment scheme, the part of our business carried on there will be discontinued after the end of October. On Monday, 1st October, we are holding a closing-out sale. Stock on hand will be cleared regardless of cost. There will be substantial reductions in all departments and in some cases, prices will be marked down by as much as one half. Stock to be cleared is unrivaled in both variety and quality. As the sale is likely to be well attended, we hope you make a point of visiting the store as early as possible during the opening days. Yours faithfully


  随着在经营重组计划下而取消的上述经营场所,该处的业务将于十月底后停止。在十月一日,星期一,我们将组织一次清仓销售,现有库存不论成本都将清售。所有部门都将大幅消价,有的商品折价会达一半。 清仓商品无论种类还是质量都无可挑剔。因此次销售参加人员可能较多,我们希望您在清仓销售期间尽早来。 你诚挚的 Back to Top

  4.更改名称和地址 Change of name and address

  Dear Mr. / Ms,

  At our company meeting on 4 September, it was decided that the name of our company would be changed to CNMIEC Lee Co. At the same time, it was decided to move the company from the above address to No3-6 Broadway Street. We will appreciate your informing the appropriate departments of these changes. Yours faithfully

  尊敬的先生/小姐, 在公司九月四日的会议上,我们公司的名称已决定改为CNMIEC李氏公司。同时公司由现在地址移到百老汇街3-6号。 如能把这些变化通知相关部门,我们将不胜感激。 你诚挚的

  5. 新的任命 New appointment

  Dear Mr. / Ms,

  We wish to notify you that Mr. Robert Smart, who has been our representative in Southwest England for the past seven years has left our service and therefore no longer has authority to take orders or collect accounts on our behalf. We have appointed Mr. Fred Peterson in his place. Mr. Peterson has for many years been on our sales force and is thoroughly familiar with the needs of customers in your area. We trust you will have good cooperation from him. Yours faithfully


  我们在此通知您,过去七年在英格兰西南任我们代表的罗伯特斯马特先生已离开我们公司,他不再代表公司接受订单收款。 我们已任命弗莱德彼特森代替他的位置。彼特森先生已在我们的销售部门任职多年,完全熟悉你地区顾客的需要。我们相信您和他能有好的合作。 您诚挚的

  6. 公司的建立与重组 Establishment or reorganization of company

  Dear Mr. / Ms,

  We are pleased to announce that as of 1st June our firm will merge with D & W Co. of this town to form the new firm of CN/CW Co. The new firm will carry on business at 6 Rue de Toqueville, Tripoli, to which address please send all communications after 31st May. We appreciate the confidence you have placed in us in the past and look forward to continued dealings with you. Yours faithfully


  我们高兴的宣布,由于六月一日我们公司将于该镇的D&W公司合并,成立新的CN/CM公司。新公司将在Tripoli的 Rue de Toqueville六号办公,五月三十一日后所有信息请寄新地址。 我们感谢您过去对我的信任并希望继续与您来往。 您诚挚的

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