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(August 12, 1992)
颁布日期:19920812  实施日期:19920812  颁布单位:国务院

  The vast numbers of students studying abroad love their motherland and are willing to devote themselves to the prosperity and might of the Chinese nation. They study hard and many of them have achieved remarkable success and won honour abroad. Students studying abroad are the treasures of the State. The Party and Government have always earnestly cared for, united with and educated the mass of students studying abroad. The motherland wishes that they can succeed in their studies and come home to make contributions and achievements. With a view to implementing the spirit of the instructions of the Party Central Committee on the work for going abroad to study, further stepping up the work and serving better the cause of the socialist construction of our country, a circular concerning matters relating to students studying abroad is hereby made as follows:

  1. Students studying abroad are welcome to come home for a job. Those studying abroad at public expense shall have an obligation to return to and serve the country after succeeding in their studies. All students studying abroad are welcome to come home regardless their political positions in the past. They may have a short stay for academic exchange and cooperation, or visit relatives and friends, or take a holiday. All those who made improper remarks or did wrong things abroad are exempt from investigation. Even if those who participated in the anti-Chinese Government organizations and were engaged in activities of endangering the security, honour and interests of the State, so long as they can withdraw from such organizations and no longer be engaged in the anti-Government activities which violate the Constitution and laws of our country, all of them are also welcome to come home for a job.

  2. Students studying abroad who hold an expired common service passport or a common service passport for one exit-entry trip may be permitted to extend or renew their passports. Applications to change a common service passport into a common private passport may be accepted. Those who have acquired foreign nationality shall offer an application to renounce their Chinese nationality, which shall be handled in accordance with the Nationality Law of our country, and they shall be regarded as Chinese of foreign nationality.

  3. Applications submitted by students studying abroad for extension or renewal of their passports, or for renunciation of Chinese nationality shall be accepted. If they are involved in financial and other unsettled affairs with the originally sending departments or units, the students studying abroad shall seek a settlement through consultation with such departments or units. This will not affect the completion of the above-mentioned formalities.

  4. Students studying abroad may leave the country again after a short stay home without renewing the formalities for approval, provided that they hold our country's valid passports bearing foreign re-entry visas.

  5. Sending units shall keep in close contact with students studying abroad and take the initiative to care for their work and lives. Returned students may, according to the principle of “mutual choice”, go back to their original work units or seek jobs for themselves, may work in enterprises with foreign investment, or establish their own enterprises. Exchange and cooperation with foreign countries is encouraged. Returned students may concurrently hold other positions abroad with the content of the units to which they belong.

  6. Family members of students studying abroad shall be allowed to visit them abroad if they so apply for. The public security organs shall examine the applications according to the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Control of the Exit and Entry of Citizens.

  7. Each locality and each department shall, in the spirit of this Circular, adopt specific measures to make it convenient for students studying abroad to come home, simplify entry and exit formalities and make proper arrangements for work and lives of returned students.

  8. In places where returned students live concentratedly, local governments, departments concerned or social organizations concerned shall, in the light of actual need, set up service institutions for students studying abroad, which help students studying abroad deal with relevant affairs and provide them with various services.

  9. Our country's embassies and consulates abroad shall represent the State in handling matters relating to studying abroad. They shall protect the legitimate rights and interests of students studying abroad, help them in their study, research, work and daily lives, relieve them of worries and solve their problems and timely introduce our country's condition. Education shall be given to students studying abroad for the purpose of urging them to observe the laws of the residing countries, studying hard, respecting themselves, getting on well with people in the residing countries, loving the motherland, maintaining the honour and interests of the country and wining glory for the country.

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