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 42.The secretary the foreign minister an interview he was to give that afternoon.

  A) reminded … of

  B) reassured…about

  C) consulted…about

  D) questioned…to

  43. The way other people behave towards us influences how we ourselves.

  A) conceive of B) consist of    C) confront with D) conform to

  44. I suppose some people create an idea of who they want to be and, they it.

  A) work …over B) bear…out C) live…out D) get over

  45.With the economy of the country growing strong, the mood is one of optimism .

  A) presiding B) circulating  C) floating D) prevailing

  46. These technological advances in communication have the way people do business.

  A) revolted B) represented C) adopted D) transformed

  47. The workers of the textile mill that trade union leaders be elected from the workshops .

  A) urged B) related C) combated D) adapted

  48. It is a of our company to give refunds if goods are faulty.

  A) policy B) discipline C) decision D) determination

  49. friends helped him to get appointed ambassador to France .

  A) Efficient B) Influential C) Impressive D) Effective

  50.Their ambitious schemes for making money quickly.

  A) took a chance

  B) came to nothing

  C) went into action

  D) got to the point

  51.She knew who wrote the letter, so without opening it she tore it into pieces.

  A) in excitement

  B) in disappointment

  C) in disgust

  D) in expectation

  52.He had always been the way Ruth looked, and had never once paid her a compliment .

  A) oblivious to B) guilty of C) wary of D) subject to

  53.Familarity with a wide range of idiomatic expressions, and the ability to use them appropriately, are among the distinguishing marks of a native like command of English.

  A) in context B) in practice C) in place D) in case

  54.We are still things here, but I can't guarantee the situation will stay that way.

  A) in memory of

  B) in search of

  C) in control of

  D) in need of

  55.Democratic government is a phrase that is notoriously hard to.

  A) credit B) defy C) modify D) define

  56.Bill is rich. His house is full of such as expensive high-tech video systems and all the latest computer equipment.

  A) luxuries B) festivities C) dimensions D) instruments

  57.She is quite capable, but the problem is that she is not.

  A) consistent B) insistent C) beneficent D) resistant

  58.Based on the that every business is now free to formulate its own strategy in light of the changing market, I would predict a market improvement in the efficiency of China's economy.

  A) guidance B) instruction C . premise D) eminence

  59.Nurses should do all they can to make their patients feel .

  A .on board B) at ease C) at leisure D) at heart

  60.The accused was to have been the leader of the plot to overthrow the government.

  A) reconciled B) blended C) alleged D) referred

  61. She the letter, put it in the envelope and handed it to her father.

  A) folded B) wrapped C) rolled D) slided

  62. In the last century, new drugs have improved health throughout the world.

  A) inconsistently B) supposedly C) notedly D) markedly

  63. Now a paper argues that organic chemicals in the rock come mostly from on earth rather than bacteria on Mars.

  A) configuration

  B) constitution

  C) condemnation

  D) contamination

  64. When he went to the airport for the ticket, Tom suddenly realized that his passport had for half a year.

  A) abolished B) expired C) amended D) constrained

  65. Since the information was easily, we found it immediately.

  A) acceptable B) accessory C) accessible D) possible

  66.There is no known cure for SARS, but doctors are developing ways to help sufferers it.

  A) retard B) eliminate C) dispense D) handle

  67. She was her brains to remember the man's time, but her bad memory failed her.

  A) hitting B) beating C) racking D) exhausting

  68. Many apartments have doors with a security window so that one may outside and observe visitors without being seen.

  A) peer B) peek C) peel D) pile

  69. French cars are more elegantly styled than their British .

  A) counterparts B) equals C) ones D) copies

  70. After failing his driving test four times, he finally trying to pass.

  A) gave up B) gave away C) gave off D) gave in

  Part  Ⅳ Error Correction (15 minutes)

  Directions:This part consists of a short passage. In this passage, there are altogether 10 mistakes, one in each numbered line. You may have to add a word, cross out a word, or change a word. Mark out the mistakes and put the corrections in the blanks provided. If you cross out a word, put a slash in the blank.

  The place of the child in society has varied for thousands of

  years and has been effected by different cultures and religions.In                   71___.

  ancient times unwanted children were occasionally abandoned,

  put to death, exploiting or offered for religious sacrifices, and in                  72___.

  any event a large percentage of them didn't survive their physi

  cally hazardous existence to reach to maturity.                                       73___.

  In western civilization within the last few hundred years,

  there have been many changes in attitude with the young. In agri                     74___.

  cultural Europe, and later with the beginning of the Industrial

  Revolution, the children of the poor work long hours for little or                   75___.

  no pay, and there was no public concern on their safety or welfare                   76___.

  punishment could be brutal and severe.

  By the eighteenth century the harsh and severe methods be

  gan to show any change. Society slowly accorded(给予) children                         77___.

  a role of importance. Books were written expressly for them and

  gradually laws were passing for their protection. Efforts were                         78___.

  made to create for them a life better than their parents!                              79___.

  In the past few decades parents have become more and more

  attentive for the needs of their children.Better health care is avail

  able and education is no longer reserving for the children from                        80___.

  wealthy families.

  Part Ⅴ Writing (30 minutes)

  Economic Development and Moral Decline

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