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2006-06-03 13:08


  痴迷者 addict

  持币待购 wait to buy with cash in hand

  持平 hold the line

  持续、稳定、协调发展 sustained, stable and coordinated development

  赤潮 red tides (which appear on the ocean)

  赤贫人口 people living in absolute poverty; destitute population

  充电 recharge one's batteries; update one's knowledge; brush up

  充分调动积极性和创造性 give full play to the initiative and creativity

  充分利用两个市场,两种资源 fully utilize both domestic and international markets and resources

  充值卡 rechargeable card

  冲动性购买 impulse buying; impulse shopping

  冲剂 dissolved medicines; instant herbal medicines

  冲浪艇 surfboat

  冲帐 strike a balance; counter-balance accounts; reverse an entry

  崇洋媚外 worship things foreign and fawn on foreign countries

  宠物医院 pet clinic

  抽调 transfer a portion

  抽检 spot check

  抽检 lucky draw

  抽杀成功 hit through

  抽样调查 sample survey

  筹备委员会 preparatory committee

  筹划指导委员会 steering committee

  筹资 raised capital/proceeds

  筹资渠道 fundraising channels

  臭老九 stinking ninth category (of class enemies next to landlords, reactionaries and even spies, etc. , a term of abuse by ultra-Leftists for teachers and other educated people in the 1966-1976 Cultural Revolution)

  出风头 show off;in the limelight

  出国热 craze for going abroad

  出家 pravrajana; cloister

  出境签证 exit visa

  出口创汇能力 capacity to earn foreign exchange through exports

  出口创汇型产业 export-oriented industry

  出口加工区 export processing zones

  出口卖方信贷 seller's credit on exports

  出口退税率 export rebate rate

  出口退税制度 the system of refunding taxes on exported goods; export (tax) rebate

  出口押汇 bill purchased (B/P); outward documentary bill

  出口转内销 domestic sales of commodities orginally produced for exports

  出笼 release a bad publication, plan, etc.

  出难题偏题 raise out-of-the-way and catchy questions

  出气筒 punching bag

  出勤率 attendance rate

  出入平安 Safe trip wherever you go

  出台 unveil fresh policy

  出租业务 leasing

  除“四害 ” eliminate the four pests——rats, bedbugs, flies and mosquitoes

  除草剂 weed killer

  储备基金 reserve funds

  储币待购 save for purchases

  储运 storage and transport

  处理存货 sell-off

  处理价格 bargain price; reduced price

  处理品 items for disposal

  触摸屏 touchscreen

  穿梭外交 shuttle diplomacy

  穿小鞋 make it hot for; make trouble for

  穿新鞋走老路 wearing new shoes to walk on the old path; change in form but not in content; put old wine in new wineskins

  穿针引线 act as go-between

  传媒 media

  传统产业 conventional industries

  传销 pyramid sales; multi-level marketing

  船务公司 shipping service company

  窗口行业 various service trades

  创建卫生城市 build a nationally advanced clean city

  创利 generate profit

  创业精神 enterprising spirit; pioneering spirit

  创业园 high-tech business incubator; pioneer park

  创业者 start-up

  创意 create new ideas or concepts

  吹风会 (advanced) briefing

  垂直管理 vertical management

  垂直贸易 vertical trade

  春蕾计划 Spring Buds Program

  春运 passenger transport around the Chinese lunar new year

  春运 (passenger) transport during the Spring Festival

  纯净水 purified water

  辞旧迎新 bid farewell to the old and usher in the new; ring out the old year and ring in the new

  磁卡电话 magnetic card telephone

  磁悬浮列车 Maglev train (magnetically levitated train), magnetic suspension train

  此地无银三百两 A guilty person gives himself away by consciously protesting his innocence.

  次大陆 subcontinent

  次新股 sub-new stock

  从粗放经济转变为集约经济 shift from extensive economy to intensive economy

  从零开始 start from scratch

  从群众中来,到群众中去 from the masses, to the masses

  从众心理 group psychology

  凑份子 club together

  粗放经营 extensive operation

  粗放式管理 extensive management

  粗放型 extensive form

  粗加工产品 rough-wrought product

  促进对外贸易多元化 diversify our trading partners; promote the diversificationof foreign trade

  促进全球经济一体化 foster integration with the global economy

  促销 promote sales; promotion

  催泪弹 tear gas

  存储能力 storage capacity

  存款保证金 guaranty money for deposits

  存款单 Certificates of Deposits

  存款准备金制度 reserve against deposit system

  存量资本 stock of capital

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