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The mud keeps the mark

2006-06-03 11:13

  There are two same trees beside road, one in fence, the other out fence. It is very good and with luxuriant foliage and spreading branches that the tree in the hedge is protected well; the tree outside fence is picked off and on and dredges one crosswise. They put forth same blossoms in spring and yield same fruit in autumn. However, what is different is that the tree outside yield countless rich fruits and the tree inside only have little of spores fruits.泥泞留痕路旁有两根一样的数。一颗在篱笆在,一颗在篱笆内。篱笆内的受到保护,枝繁叶茂;篱笆外的常被人攀折,树枝横斜。春天它们都开同样的花,秋天它们都结同样的果。不同的是,外面的年年硕果累累,里面的总是稀疏几枝。

  When I am young and ignorant,I didn't understood why something came out like this. Now l realizes that our life is just the same.当我年少无知的时候,总觉得很诧异。现在终于明白,我们的人生恰如此。

  Turning out the book of reminiscence, the lives that were in smooth water and had no turns disappeared from scene long along. but the lives that after coming across adversity failure and hit, stand up and head up then made success again often flash in the my brain. What's more, the experiences of that are just like ancient bell that experienced the vicissitudes of life and gives forth an breath providing food for thought strike from time to time, which urges me to sum up the past, grasp the present and look forward to the future.翻开往事的回忆录,那些在风平浪静,毫无波折中度过的日子早已在脑海中销声匿迹。而那些一次次经历挫折,失败,打击的时光人就是不时地洒汗在脑海中。同时那些经历的本身就如一颗饱经沧桑而又散发一股股发人深思的气息的古钟一般,在我的心中不提敲响,催促我总结过去,把我现在,展望未来。

  A traveler can't be brought up in the broad smooth highway; a seaman full of valour and vigor can't be trained in the calm and unruffled sea. It is person who experiences difficulties are rapidly follow by; failures are as changeable as the winds and signs of dangers appear everywhere can reach the shore of success.平坦的大路培养不出出色的旅行家,风平浪静的海面锻炼不出勇猛的水手。唯独那些经历过困难接踵而至,失败反复无常,险象环生的人们才能通向成功的彼岸。

  MengZi said: biengs' virtue, wisdom, skill and knowledge often come into being in the calamity. And the subject who became estranged and those sons given birth to by low-priced concubine had to worry about their safety and be anxious deeply that disaster would come down, therefore, can understands the affair. No doubt can suffering from infantile paralysis make ones grieve to the extent of wishing to die, but it strengthen Roosevelt's confidence and will further more, which made him march toward the White House and became the first person reelected four sessions president in the American successfully; no doubt can the status that only one finger of whole body can be moved make ones unable to face, but Stephen Hawking proves to the whole Hume beings that he till can use his high thinking brain to inquire the secret of the great explosion and black hole; no doubt can fails in a competitive examination down to for ten years to persevere in study turn out to be meaningless made ones' heart full of dark clouds, but under the awaken of Han mountain temple's, ZhangJi wielded the bush and a popular poem lively appeared on paper.孟子云:“人之有德。慧。术。知者,恒存疚疾孤臣孽子,起操心也危,其虑患也深,故达。”身患小儿麻痹症固然能叫人痛不欲生,可是阿赫更坚定鲁斯夫的信心和毅力,使他成功迈向白宫,成为美国历史上唯一一个连任四届的总统。全身瘫痪,唯一能懂得只有一根手指的现状固然能让人无法面对,但史蒂芬霍金向全世界证明了,他依旧可以用他那思维敏捷的大脑去探索大爆炸和黑洞的奥秘;名落孙山,十年的寒窗苦读终因此变得毫无意义已固然能然人心头乌云漫步。但在寒山寺钟声的启迪下,张继大笔一挥,一手脍炙人口的名诗跃然纸上。

  “The treasured sword front from whets, plum blossom fragrant from bitter cold”。 After the sand in the river calm's body experience the test of time and the hardening of suffering, ferment out the pearl flamboyant finally. Stop to watch, muddy road no doubt ones weary, lost heart and even never to recover from a setback, but when you tough it out step by step ,you will find that footmarks of yourselves are carved deep in the road, Moreover, when you feel that the muddy road ,which you can't forget for good, have no different from the broad smooth highway, in that case, the value of yourself gain distillation and your soul gain baptism.“宝剑锋从磨砺出,寒梅香自苦寒来”河蚌体中的沙粒经过痛苦的磨砺和时间的考验之后,最终酝酿出光彩夺目的珍珠。泥泞的道路固然能使人疲惫不堪,心灰意冷甚至一蹶不振。但当你一步一步挺过来的之后,你会发现自己的脚印已深深刻在上面。而当你感觉以前让你一生都难忘的泥泞之路原来和平坦的大陆毫无区别时,那么你的自我价值已得到升华,你的灵魂已得到洗礼。



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