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My college life

2006-06-03 11:26

  As a sophomore, I am feeling the time flies. Recalling about the past one year, so many thoughts are flooding in my mind. At this time, I just can't tell my real idea. The memory is just like so fresh, and all the things happened yesterday!

  When first day I came to University, I really feel that the school is very good, but at the first sight of the dormitory, something disappointing come up to me! The condition of the dormitory is really very poor with only one room, no lavatory! I saw something sad in my father's eyes, maybe that time he thought of the poor condition! So with a big smile on my face, I told my father“ it doesn't matter, Dad. In this kind of condition, I will get myself better!” My father felt better. But when he was coming back, seeing his back, I just wanted to cry! I felt in this city I was just isolated, from that time, I said to myself, “ you have no others who can help you here, just depend on yourself”

  And then I came to my dormitory 303. I considered that I would spend four years here (in fact I moved to another one year later) and my dorm mates are all there. Most of them came from Sichuan and they were chatting with a happy voice, but I can't understand them! Again, I felt myself isolated! I hated that kind of feeling, and then I said to hello to them! To my surprise they are very friendly to me and warm-hearted! I no longer felt afraid. And I got along well with them. But at the first night here, I burst out to tears for that I was missing my family. I don't know why. Everyday when I was at home, I was just eager to go to school, to experience the wonderful college life but when coming here, I am just eager to go back! It's quite strange though, you must know this kind of feeling!

  Just spending about 2 days here, we were on our way to military train. To us, it's a fresh train and a kind of experience to know the life between the classmates. But to me, I was nervous but excited. This was my first and precious train life because before going to school I have been staying with my family. So, you know, it's just this kind of feeling I can't convey it clearly! The train life is impressive on everybody; we had a lot of activities, for example giving a speech on a stage or singing together or playing basketball. At that time, I felt myself so little among them. All of them have a special talent but not me. I admired them but meanwhile jealousy. Why don't I have this kind of talent? Am I stupid? I always said to myself. So that time I was also very ambitious, just eager to catch up with them. Except the classmates, the trainer in our team also left a deep impression on me! He was not very handsome and very kind. Just because of his kindness results in my laughter when training. He always said to me that I should be serious in the team but I didn't listen to him. So after a long time, when investigating the training result, I gave them a disappointing answer. The highest trainer sent me to clean the toilet, although, it didn't means insulting to my dignity, but I was really sad about myself and my heart was hurt. That was a small thing but told me that I need to be serious to one thing. And unhappiness passed, the happy and funny time recalled me that folding the blanket. Yeah, it's really very funny. Most of us had never folded the blanket and naturally we can't accomplish the task well. When the monitor came, we pleased him to help us to fold the blanket. To our expect, we managed to persuade the monitor. After the monitor finished the task for me. I dared not to touch the blanket again and just used the clothes instead of the blanket. Of course, I felt very cold in deep night, so to my instinct, I crashed into my classmate's blanket. And we were scratching the single blanket fiercely, just like a war. (Writing here I can't help laughing out loudly)。

  So many interesting things in the train, I can't list them all. Individually, I feel the train life is hell unforgotten. I think I will never forget it, cherish it as one bell in the sea.

  Time virtually flies like a rocket; the train life was over in a flash. We came back with the good memory and deep friendship (there we knew each other well and became good friends)。 In our imagination, some of us burst out tears when leaving but not me (am I very cruel? Hehe)。 I know the whole new life is welcoming us to go back. What we can do is just putting the memory away.

  As a girl, all the fresh things can attract their eyes. Yeah. This time curiosity can't kill a cat. When coming back, the first thing we want to do is chatting. “Talking about all the things in high school.” From the talk, I know all the dorm mates are ambitious and they are eager to achieve their own goals. In fact, all the days are almost the same, we didn't know if there were any fresh things in college life except making boyfriend (Just joking here, of course, we have never been so simply)。 Everyday, except chatting just chatting, maybe some study for the scholarship. And the term passed quickly. You must be strange “ isn't there any contradiction among you and your dorm mates?” It's true that we do have. But it won't last several days. (Very happy, isn't it?)

  In the final examination, four of us got the scholarship (7 in all)。 To be honest, I should have been proud of them, but not, because I didn't get it because of the bad train scores. In this aspect I am selfish. At the same time it's a motivation for me to work hard. The atmosphere of studying in our dormitory is good, and we encourage each other! This is a very positive aspect. And negative one, maybe there is no. So I consider our dormitory perfect.

  The next term, not very different with the first one, only one difference is that we work harder and harder and so many exams for us to prepare. We were always worried about the scores after taking the examination. Sometimes we can know our scores about some subjects very early, but if low, we are certainly disappointed. The life is not like the first one funny but duller.

  Saying goodbye to the freshman, we become sophomores now. There are some feelings different. Mature a bit and puzzled with the future. In this term, let me see, we have several conferences about the job after graduating from the school. Yeah, although, it's a little early about us to talk about this problem; we are facing so many problems. Maybe the influence of the graduates' information is one of important factors. They are facing all kinds of pressures especially the job-finding pressure. So we are, and something other…

  I can only think of these things. This is my college life not like the imagination of us, but it's real. I have no other thoughts. The future is unforeseeable. Nobody can tell out what will happen in the future. Good or bad or other things? What we can do is to master now; today is our hope. There is a song can tell the truth well, which is “ grasp each minute in our life, try your best to let your dreams come true.”

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