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2006-06-30 12:51


  "What can you tell me about yourself?"

  This is not an invitation to give your life history. The interviewer is looking for clues about your character, qualifications, ambitions, and motivations. The following is a good example of a positive response. "As a college student, I worked in a clothing store part-time and found that I could sell things easily. The sale was important, but for me, it was even more important to make sure that the customer was satisfied. It was not long before customers came back to the store and specifically asked for me to help them. "

  "Why do you want to work for us?"

  This is an obvious question and, if you have done your research on the company, you should be able to give a good reason. Organize your reasons into several short sentences that clearly spell out your interest. "You are a leader in the field of electronics. Your company is a Fortune 500 company. "

  "Why should I hire you?"

  Once again, you should not be long winded, but you should provide a summary of your qualifications. Be positive and show that you are capable of doing the job. It can be"Based on the internships that I have participated in and the related part-time experiences I have had, I can do the job. "

  "How do you feel about your progress to date?"

  Never apologize for what you havedone. "I think I did well in school. In fact, in a number of courses I received the highest exam scores in the class. " "As an intern for the X Company, I received some of the highest evaluations that had been giv en in years. "

  "What would you like to be doing five years from now?"

  Know what you can realisti-cally accomplish. "I hope to be the best I can be at my job and because many in this line of work are promoted to area manager, I am planning on that also."

  "What is your greatest weakness?"

  You cannot avoid this question by saying that you do not have any, everyone has weaknesses. The best approach is to admit your weakness but show that you are working on it and have a plan to overcome it.

  "What is your greatest strength?"

  This is a real opportu nity to toot your own horn. Do not brag or get too egotistical, but let the employer know that you believe in yourself and that you know your strengths. "I feel that my strongest asset is my ability to stick to things to get them done. I feel a real sense of accomplishment when I finish a job and it turns out just as I'd planned."

  "What goals have you set and how did you meet them?"

  This question examines your ability to plan ahead and meet your plan with specific actions. "Last year, during a magazine drive to raise money for our band trip, I set my goal at raising 20 percent more than I had the year before. I knew the drive was going to begin in September, so I started contacting people in August. I asked each of my customers from last year to give me the names of one or two new people who might also buy a magazine. I not only met my goal, but I also was the top sales-person on the drive. " No matter what question you are asked, answer it honestly and succinctly. Most interviewers are looking for positive statements, well-expressed ideas, persuasiveness, and clear thinking under pressure.

  Always maintain eye contact with the interviewer. Show that you are confident by looking straight at the person. Most interviewers greet the applicant with a handshake. Make sure that your clasp is firm. Being jittery about the interview can result in cold, clammy hands, which create a negative impression. Therefore, make sure your hands are warm and dry. Before leaving, try to find out exactly what action will follow the interview and when it will happen. Shake hands as you say good-bye and thank the interviewer for spending time with you.

  "关于你自己, 你能告诉我些什么?"

  这一问题并非在请你大谈你的个人历史。雇主是在寻找有关你性格、资历、志向和生活动力的线索。下面是一个积极正面回答的好例子:"大学期间, 我曾在一家服装店打工, 我发现自己能轻而易举地将东西推销出去。销售固然重要, 但对我来说, 更重要的是要确保顾客能够满意。不久便有顾客返回那家服装店点名让我为他们服务。"


  这个问题是显而易见的。如果你对该公司做过调查研究, 你应该能够给出很好的理由。你要将你的理由归结为几句简短的话, 清楚地表明你的兴趣。如可答:"你们在电子领域是领头人。你们公司是《财富》杂志评选的500强之一。"


  同样, 你不应长篇大论, 而应提供有关你资历的扼要说明。要肯定自己, 表明你能胜任此项工作。如答:"根据我参加过的实习和与此相关的打工经历。我能胜任。"


  绝不要对你以前的所作所为表示内疚。如可答:"我认为我在学校表现不错。事实上, 有好几门功课我的成绩居全班第一。" "在某公司实习时, 我获得了该公司数年来给予其雇员的好几项最高评价。"


  你要清楚你在现实工作中能取得什么样的业绩。如可答:"我希望能在我的职位上尽力做得最好, 由于在同一领域工作的许多人都被提为区域负责人, 所以我亦有此打算。"


  你不应该说你没有任何弱点, 以此来回避这个问题;每个人都有弱点。最佳策略是承认你的弱点, 但同时表明你在予以改进, 并有克服弱点的计划。


  这是你"展示自己" 的最佳机会, 不要吹嘘自己或过于自负, 但要让雇主知道你相信自己, 你知道自己的优点。如可答:"我认为我最大的优点是能够执着地尽力把事情办好。当做完一件工作而其成果又正合我的预想时, 我会有一种真正的成就感。"

  "你确定过什么目标, 你又是怎样达到那些目标的?"

  这一问题在考查你预先计划和以具体行动完成计划的能力。你可答:"去年在为我们乐队旅行集资而开展的一家杂志促销活动中, 我定下的目标是比我前一年达到的再多20%。我知道促销将于9月份展开, 于是我在8月份就开始联系客户。我请求我前一年的顾客给我提供一个或两个可能会买杂志的新客户。我不仅达到了目标, 还成为促销活动中销售量最高的人员。" 总之, 不管你在面试中被问到什么问题, 回答都要诚实而简明。雇主大都希求明确的陈述, 表达良好的想法, 有说服力的言谈和压力之下清晰的思路。

  和雇主要一直保持目光接触。直视对方说明你有自信。面试的雇主大都会与应聘者握握手。要确保你的握手有力量。情绪紧张地来参加面试会使你伸出的手冰冷潮湿, 会给雇主留下负面印象。所以, 要让你的手温暖干燥。临走之前, 争取问问面试后下一步该是什么, 何时开始。道别时要握手感谢雇主花时间对你进行面试。

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