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2006-06-30 19:23


  There are some children do indeed have some gift perhaps cannot be made sense properly by scientists and educators aggregating around ourselves and needing some special care especially for their cultivation regarding the education process. Some experts ever declared against separating the talented children from the ordinary group after quite a substantial cogitation involving the impact of such seclusion, the influence exerted on their germinal heart, and the probable arrogance may it produce lacerate their later lives. However, weighing the benefits of the special care, I am apt to support the idea of providing special education to those who embrace great potentials on some subjects like arts, music, and natural science, in moral principles.

  What impels and shocks me most onto such suggestion is the great waste reported thousands of times on journals and television media, which almost every time took place under the background of the innate special children performing exceptionally the first year staying with the ordinary packs but when came the graduation ceremony as far as the rear of the arrangement of transcripts he may stands, who, somebody ultimately scorned as, was a“mediocre”man. That should be, in my thought, the greatest blasphemy to these gifted children, who ought to be showed adequate respect and attention far different from other scanty of these brilliance. Most of them would surely be aggrieved just in that they step by step follow what the teacher told and instructed they lost the precious self-probity opportunities and make themselves awash under the surface of the ordinary and the banal. On the contrary, another report recently seen from yesterday's evening paper now come into my memory is an elated story about a poor boy who was imbued with the supernal talent of playing violin was disinterred from the poor district by an experienced professor and then he was taken to the college for free and given the special face-to-face personally instruction from the best maestro group. With the auspicious chance, finally he now has grown up as a shining star above the music territory. All of these, albeit may still not enough to make any authoritative assertion, can to some extent reflect the fresh fact that the potential covered under the soul stone of our cherubic talented children are somewhat like the natural fuel source, once exhumed in the sun, it can produce astounding power but while keeping it dormant, no good but a dead wish of the god.

  Taken some experiment schools adopting such children for instance, the splendid records elucidate nothing but the beneficial recommendation. In China, the famous“teenage class”constituted inside the eminent Chinese Scientific Technology University founded in Anhui province have cultivated hundreds of prodigies to be the pundits of what they excel in. As well known to the world, most of the gold medals of the Mathematic Olympic Games and other similar scientific tournaments are obtained by our Chinese teenage prodigies derived from this class. Also, quit a few top academician of the national scientific institution are the graduates of it, the immense function can be evinced from this academician's speech,“I gained what I am looking for and the priceless courage of fumbling in the dark here, the tribute complemented to my talent and the honor paid off back to my gift refinery.”

  Meanwhile, we should take care of the well-rounded education towards those gifted children avoiding the formation of the ill and biased personality. Special educations do mean some extent to distinguish from the ordinary routine but do not necessarily cut down the communication with the ordinary world we confront with every breath. Even the best technicians should also be the good civilian of the community, no exclusive person can survive longer and normally no matter how intelligent he or she is, the reason is so simple that once deprived of the opportunity of communication no exchange of emotional feels and academic ideas will consequently take place, which is essential for the sense of alive. Hence, possibly more important to appeal people's approbation, the normal channel for communication should not be barricaded by human's deliberately benevolent actions.

  In sum, the phenomenon of the treatments to these gifted children is such a controversial one that certainly some of us, of course, might still cast some doubt on my analysis, but at least what I discussed above to some degree shake the adamantly held reverse belief, which is one of my main purposes writing such a frank issue. The other one is something na?ve that I hope more and more experts should excise to discern the talented ones and emancipate them out of the tragic drop, just because every one should share the same sense that they are no doubt the unique resources the God bestowed to us and once missed no measure can be compensated for the huge loss, left only silent cries. (809 words)

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