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2006-06-30 19:24


  As one of the famous philosophers ever writes,“the dream leads our sights toward the future, and the practice make our sense recognize how far away we still have to strive for.”During the recent decades, experts gradually have been divided into two opposite cults respectively holds their own belief of idealism and empiricism, and through thousands of fervid controversies the latter seems having dominated the optimal status after showing the corroborative evidence stems from the practical exemplar in the process of society constructions. But, in my point of view, in this practical and competitive world, being practical is essential to one's survival, yet ideals give us a direction in our pursuit of success.

  We can with no difficulty to find out the obvious fact that any human undertaking irrespective of the hard facts and rules of reality is destined to failure. Under the nib of Cervantes,the well known Spanish fiction writer, we clearly see the antic portrait of an eccentric man named Don Quixote equipped with mid-aged sword and lance just like a cavalier following by his allegiant servant. Severe fantasy of warfare separated from the bucolic reality drives him to the desirous aspiration to shape himself to be a hero, which ultimately catalyzes his ingenuous thoughts into the abysmal hallucination that cannot be dispelled by anything directly results in his tragedy. The similar case also can be found in the early time of last century, when the efficient use of energy has been evolved to the most popular issue and its immense profits prospect incites thousands of top scientists devoted their life-long research into the study of“permanent mobile machine”, something that once being given even a minor ignorable energy can it operate eternally to produce endless energy as feedback, which at last after a long-range frustrated trials scientists find immediately contradicts the energy-permanence law, the natural principles applied to any existence in the world. Having realized the source of the failure, more attention should be threw onto the disciplines of action that focus on the conditional reality.

  However, ideals give us hope and enthusiasm, lifting us to new heights and helping us to overcome self-imposed limitations. Today, most of the nations who embrace the world's most sophisticated scientific technology ought to, in a sense, thank for the scientifically idealistic writers' sharing their affluent wisdom and imagination with the vast populace. The super-acoustic airplanes, the man-seated spaceship, and the artificial intelligence now all steps out of the exotic episodes of fictions into our everyday life, in that inspirations themselves cannot automatically drop off from the empyrean but be quarried from the deep soul of everyone, not just only the scientists because that's the common obligation for all members of community who are equal to them at this point of exploration. Scientists' contribution lies with the gift that using those descriptive originally materials in their efforts in trying to put them into actuality. Without the idealistic raw materials given by our writers or even ordinary citizens, I believe that even though we had much more experienced scientists no break-neck innovations would be worked out abruptly change every facets of human life.

  Since the both paths surely in certain directions overlap, the theory castle filled with a person or a nation can be both idealistic and pragmatic at the same time is thus surrounded by the untenable fosse. As a student, as soon as the beginning day of the semester my tutor always inculcate the pedagogy to me that any successful student should establish a further progress goal according to his or her own actual situation then you will know where you are intended to go and how much you have to go through for this attainment, as a typical case in point.

  In sum, idealism and pragmatism cannot be arbitrarily secluded as absolute contrary but indeed the seemly explicit boundary between them is somewhat flexible rather than unutterably rigid. The most effective measure we should take in our practical action is then taking the former as the fundamental blueprint while the latter as the conditional base on which the former design can fulfill. (685 words)

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