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2006-07-16 12:17

  1. It‘s a long time since I had the pleasure of seeing you……


  2. You must be tired from the long flight. Please take a rest today.长时间地搭乘飞机您一定累了,今天就请好好休息吧。。

  3. Since it is hot today, I‘m sure a beer after work will taste wonderful.既然天气这么热,我觉得结束工作后喝一杯啤酒将会特别爽快。

  4. There is nothing I enjoy more than going on a hike.没有一样事情能够像足球那样让我入迷。

  5. I must admit I don‘t take a great deal of interest in cooking.我得承认,我的承认我对烹调一点不感兴趣。

  6. Going and looking around the suburbs is a marvellous way to spend a day off.休息日到郊外走走看看 不失为一个好方法。

  7. What sort of work do you do at X?


  8. It‘s really very kind of you to come to see me off.您能来送行真是太好了。

  9. I‘ll be looking forward to our next meeting.我期待我们下一次的会面。

  10. Thank you for your kind invitation, but I just learned I have to go on a business trip tomorrow.谢谢您的邀请,但正好我明天出差。

  11. Can you give me a price list with specifications?


  12. The price depends on quantity.价格依数量而定。

  13. Can you offer a quantity discount?


  14. what would happen to the price if we doubled the order?


  15. If you order in large quantity I think a discount would be possible.若是惠于大量采购,本公司尚可酌情降低价格。

  16. I can‘t say offhand exactly how much.我不能立即告诉您多少钱。

  17. Raw material prices have risen, so we can‘t sell our product at that price.原料涨价了,这样的价钱没办法卖。

  18. We‘re selling at cost already.我们已经是按成本价卖了。

  19. To start business, I‘ll try to talk them into accepting a 3.5% reduction, if you agree.为了做成生意,如果您同意的话,我试着说服他们接受3.5%的降价。

  20. The freight rates and the insurance premium are not included in the price.这个价格还不包含运费和保险费。

  21. This price is F.O.B. New York.这是纽约离岸价。

  22. Can we meet each other halfway?


  23. We are anxious to know your usual practice in giving commission.我们急于了解你方关于支付佣金的惯例。

  24. In that case we may consider giving you a 8% commission.如果是这样的话,我们可以考虑给你8%的佣金。

  25. Don‘t deduct the commission from the value of the consignment.不要从货物的价值中扣除佣金。

  26. I suggest a 4 percent reduction on the C.I.F. price you first quoted.我建议在你方第一次报的到岸价的基础上降价4%.

  27. It would help me greatly if you would accept D/P or D/A instead.如果你们能接受付款交单或承兑交单,这会对我们有很大帮助。

  28. What do you say to our old terms, confirmed and irrevocable L/C?


  29. As the manufacture of the equipment involves sums of money to be advanced, we have to ask for payment by L/C payable at sight.由于我们需要向设备的生产厂家去付预付款,因此我们不得不要求你方开具即期付款信用证。

  30. Could you supply us with initial stock on three months credit?


  31. We usually accept payment by irrevocable letter of credit payable against shipping documents.我们通常只接受不可撤销的信用证,凭装运单据付款。

  32. Traveler‘s check need countersigning.旅行支票要复签。

  33. The appearance of a package that catches the eye will certainly be of much help in promoting the sales.外观引人注目的包装肯定大大有利于促销。

  34. Each is lined with waterproof paper, so that it can‘t be spoiled by dampness or rain.每个纸箱都有内衬防水纸,因而不会被潮湿和雨水侵蚀。

  35. I think the inner packing is good enough. And what about the outer packing?


  36. Solid packing and overall stuffing can prevent the cases from vibration and jarring.坚固的木箱和箱内严密的填充可防止木箱受震、开裂。

  37. We want deliveries on time, not excuses我们需要的是按时交货,而不是借口。

  38. I apologize for the late delivery, but the carrying vessel had an accident.对于货物的迟交我深表歉意,原因在于运输船舶出了事故。

  39. Did you get the bill of lading for you last shipment?


  40. Your quotation is on C.I.F. basis. What risks are you usually covered against?


  41. Another thing, you‘ll please cover W.P.A. and War Risk, which are the general clauses of marine insurance, won’t you?


  42. Another thing, I‘d like to have the insurance of the goods covered at 130% of the invoice amount.另外,我希望按这皮货发票金额的130%来投保。

  43. Therefore I regret very much we can‘t bear you to file a claim on us.因此,我非常抱歉我们不能接受你方的索赔。

  44. We‘re filing a claim with our insurance company.我们正向保险公司提出赔偿要求。

  45. After the draft is completed, we can work out any minor problems.草案拟好后,我们就可以处理细节了。

  46. I‘m afraid you can’t get a refund, but you can pick and choose still you find the most satisfying goods.很抱歉不能退款,但您可以挑选更换,知道您满意。

  47. Now show me your receipt and let me check it.给我收据核对一下。

  48. I‘d like to show you to see our showroom. Please look at our display products.我带您到展示中心观看我们的产品。

  49. Do you have any printed material on this product?


  50. I‘m sorry we can’t give this as a sample but we‘ll make a sample discount of twenty percent.很抱歉,我们不赠送样品,不过样品可以打八折出售。

  51. You‘ll understand our products better if you visit the plant.看看工厂,你就会比较了解我们的产品。

  52. We check each component before we install it.每个组件在装配前都要经过检验。

  53. Our rejection rate is less than two percent.不良率不到2%.

  54. We always pay attention to improving our quality.我们一直用心于提高质量上。

  55. We have some questions about after-sale services.我们对售后服务有几点疑问。

  56. The main mechanism carries a three-year warranty. Within the warranty periods, all repairs are free.重要的机器有三年保修期,在保修期间,所有的维修都是免费的。

  57. I‘d like to talk about an exclusive agency agreement.我想谈谈有关独家代理权一事的合同。

  58. What is the total annual turnover you could fulfill?


  59. I‘m thinking of offering you a sole agency in Australia on the following terms and conditions.我考虑在下列条件下指定你们作为我们住澳大利亚的独家代理。

  60. I would like to receive from you a detailed report on current market conditions every month in the future.今后,我想每月收到你一份详细的现时市场行情报告。

  61. We are experienced in marketing products similar to yours and quite familiar with customers‘ need.我们在销售类似你们的产品方面很有经验,很熟悉顾客的需求。

  62. We have good connections with all the leading importers and wholesalers in our country.我们与我国所有的主要进口商、批发商有着密切的联系。

  63. You are driving a hard bargain.你固执己见,不肯让步。

  64. Very often in a campaign, two or more media are used together.一般情况下,在广告宣传过程中,常常是两种或更多的媒体一起使用。

  65. We should get to know who are the audience for the selected advertising media.我们应该了解对于(我们)选定的广告媒介哪些人是真正的听众。

  66. We approach the retailers directly, without any middleman.我们直接和零售商打交道,不经过任何中间人。

  67. Before fixing our prices, we have to know what your service charges will be.在我们定价之前,我们的了解你们将收取多少服务费用。

  68. My biggest concern now is business promotion. Can you give me some tips?


  69. Would you like to leave a message for Mr. Smith?


  70. I‘m sorry, Mr. Smith is speaking on another line. Will you wait?


  71. Well, if you leave your name and number, I‘ll tell him to call you back when he is free.那么,您留下您的姓名和电话号码,我会告诉他让他有空时给您回电话。

  72. I‘ll get in touch with him and call you back later.我会与他联系,过一会儿给您回电话。

  71.He is not available now.她现在不在。

  72. Please tell me how to format a floppy disk. I use Windows 98.请告诉我如何把磁盘格式化。我使用的是视窗98操作系统。

  73.If you install more memory, you can use it fairly well.如果增加内存的话,你的电脑就还可以用。

  74.E-mail seems to have reformed the organization of companies.电子邮件似乎已经改变了公司的组织形式。

  75.Since opened our homepage one week ago, our access number has grown to over one thousand.自一星期前我们有了自己的网页以来,上去浏览的人数已经超过1000人了。

  76. The most remarkable difference of the Internet from TV and video is that it is “interactive”, that is, it allows two-way communication.互联网和电视、录影带最明显的不同在于它是“互动的”,也就是说它允许双向沟通。

  77. The number of people who quit their jobs and begin SOHOs should increase more and more.为了从事SOHO而辞去在公司的工作的人数应该会越来越多。

  78. We have pleasure insending you our catalogue, which gives full information about our various products.所寄我方目录,提供了各类产品的详细情况。

  79. We have large quantity of …。 in stock.我方可大量供应……现货。

  80.Payment is to be made against sight draft drawn under a confirmed, irrevocable, divisible and transferable L/C without recourse for the full amount.付款方式为保兑的、不可撤销的、可分割的、可转让的、无权追索的全部金额即期信用证支付。

  81.We cannot accept L/C available by draft at 30 days‘ sight.我方不能接受见票30天后信用证方式付款。

  82.The quality of the order must be exactly the same as that of our sample.所定货物的品质必须与我方样品完全一致。

  83.I made a reservation. This is the confirmation slip.我预定了,这是预定确认书。

  84. How much do you charge for a single room with breakfast?


  85. Could I pay with traveler‘s checks?


  86. I‘d like to reserve a seat on Flight number GJ2 to Beijing.我想预定飞往北京的航班号为GJ2的一张机票。

  87. Id like to change/reconfirm my reservation on Flight number AR880 on the 16th of this month.我想更改/在确认一下我预定的本月16日机号为AR880的航班。

  88. we expect payment in advance on first orders.第一次订购我们希望预付货款。

  89. Please pay us within sixty days from the invoice date.请从发票开票日算起,60天内付款。

  90. This order shall be packed in cartons with polyethylene tops.这批货的包装是用顶部带有聚乙烯的纸箱。

  91. Our packing charge includes $1 for the drum, which sum will be credited on return.包装费中1美元是包装桶的费用,该项费用再还桶时可退回。

  92. The insurance covers All Risks at 110 percent of the invoice value.按发票面值的110%投保一切风险。

  93.And the extra premium involved will be for your account由此所产生的额外保险费应由你方支付。

  94.We‘re going to have to put your account on C.O.D.今后我们不得不将您的户头改为C.O.D.(交货付款)

  95.We can quote you either C.I.F. or CFR plus commission, if you prefer.如果你愿意的话,我们可以在C.I.F. (运费、保险费在内价)或C.F.R.(运费在内价)的基础上,加上佣金给你报价。

  96.Could you agree to payment by D/A? This is a sample order.您能否同意通过承兑交单的方式付款?这是订单样品。

  97.As you know, it doesn‘t pay to open an L/C with a bank for such a small amount.你是知道的,为了这么一小笔钱开一个信用证账户并不值得。

  98.We have an easy-payment plan. One-third down, and the balance in six months.我们有分期付款的方法。首期付三分之一,其余的分6个月付。

  99.It‘s just a formality but for hire-purchase, we usually require references.按照手续,记账购货我们通常是需要担保的。

  100.Drafts drawn under this credit must be negotiated in China on or before July 20, 2001. after which this credit expires.依此信用证开的汇票必须在2001年7月20日前在中国议付,过期无效。

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